Challenge Ethics Greco


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Marco Greco's submission to the 2008 ILS Challenge

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Challenge Ethics Greco

  1. 1. Marco Greco University of Rome “Tor Vergata” Faculty of Business Engineering
  2. 2.  Ethics depends on several principles that are specific of each person’s social background.  In distributive negotiation, each choice might be brought back to three principles: a. Equity / Meritocracy: the more you contribute, the more you should receive b. Equality: everyone must have the same, regardless of the contribution c. Necessity: who needs more, must receive more
  3. 3.  Write a background in which two players (A & B) have to divide among them an amount of money (X)  In the background it must be clear that:  A has contributed more than B to the creation of X  B needs X more than A  Take note of the outcome of the negotiation  Change the background text, the couples of players, the amount of money to be split, until you have enough data to make a significant study on the correlation among each player’s characteristics and the outcome of the negotiations.
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