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MATIMESTales and Traditions: Generosity                                                         “The manner of giving is w...
MATIMESPhilosophy: Generosity             “Generosity is giving more than you can, and pride is taking less than you need....
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November 2011 News Letter


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November 2011 News Letter

  1. 1. December 2011 ©2011 AMSMATIMESMARTIAL ARTS TIMESFocus On: “There is overwhelming evidence that the higherGenerous the level of self-esteem, the more likely one will be to treat others with respect, kindness, and generosity.” ~ Nathaniel BrandenIn the Martial Arts, there are many once you experience repercussions 2. Make time for yourself: to relax, toways we can extend our generosity. and impacts that these can have on just read a book, to have some quiet time,We can offer our time to assist a one individual or even a whole society. or to simply go to a movie.peer or underclassman with his Give a bit of yourself not just duringor her training without asking for the season, but also everyday of the 3. Eliminate the word, “should.”anything in return. We can help year. A kind gesture, a smile, or simply Every “should” statement is ladendefend those who are unable to by holding the door open for someone with unnecessary guilt. If you say thatdefend themselves. As a group, we is being generous. you “should” do something, that meanscan coordinate fund-raisers to help that someone else expects you to,underprivileged people. As martial Being generous does not mean to perhaps even yourSelf. If your “should”artists, there is the ICG Fundraiser give everything you have away. You is something that you honestly don’tthat is held usually once a year to must also remember to be generous want to do, then don’t do it. You alwayshelp the under privileged children with yourself as well at times. Often have a choice.around the world to raise funds for we forget, with our responsibilitiesbooks and schools. We can even put to others, to remember that we must 4. Feed your body good andon a Martial Arts demonstration at take time to be generous to ourselves! healthy things to eat and drink. Takeretirement communities to entertain That is first and foremost! Because supplements as well. A healthy bodyour seniors. Especially in this season in order to to be able to be generous make a healthy mind. Your body willof giving, we can do many things out to others, we must be generous to thank you for it!of the kindness of our hearts. We also ourselves first to share the wealth! Ifmust remember to do this everyday at we neglect ourselves, we could never These are just some samples of thingssometime in some way. be able to be generous with others. It you can do for yourself to get you started simply would be impossible. Keep an to make sure you do not neglect yourself. Being equal balance between the two if you Then being generous to others will come generous can. Concentrate on your studies, your easier to you than you think. You might is the best arts, your physical fitness and try not find a way to make someone’s life easier feeling you to judge others for their shortcomings. by helping them run an errand or even can have Always keep your thoughts within. Do as little as letting them in front of you on what is necessary to better yourself at the road. It could be simply a smile to leisure. Steps you can take to be sure someone you care about that could mean you remain generous to yourself during a whole difference in that person’s day. the stressful holiday season: Remember, generosity is not just a choice, it is a lifestyle! 1. Make sure you do not neglect your Martial arts lessons. Being INSIDE THIS ISSUE good to your body is always a Focus On: Generous . . . . . . . . 1 great thing to do! Relieving your stress at your martial arts class Tales and Traditions . . . . . . . . . 2 can help tremendously during Food for Thought . . . . . . . . . . . 2 the holiday season. Philosophy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3
  2. 2. MATIMESTales and Traditions: Generosity “The manner of giving is worth more than the gift.” ~ UnknownOne day in an ancient village, “What is that for?” Hyo asked with “Well, Jae will just have to understandthere was a villager great inquisitiveness. that. We will wrap up what ever itnamed Jae that lived is at the time or something. He willwith his brother Jung “This is going to be for Jae’s understand.” Jung reassured Hyo.and his sister Hyo. new bow! I found a treeJae’s birthday was that had tumbled over Jung kept working on the bow and thecoming up and Jung and it was easy getting arrows too, without Jae’s awarenessand Hyo did not have any the proper wood and finally Jae’s birthday came. Jungmoney to buy anything for pieces to make some had wrapped up the bow and theJae. They just did not know bows!” arrows for the unveiling but theywhat to do so they decided to were far from ready for hunting. Jaebe creative about the gift that “Are you crazy? That is unwrapped his present and Jung andwas going to have to be made not going to be ready by Hyo explained to Jae that it was notand what? So, Jung went into the Jae’s birthday! How much do quite ready yet, but wanted to giveforest to gather some leaves and you have to do before he could him something. Jae thought the bowtwigs and berries. Hyo stayed in even use it? You have to cut it, and the arrows were wonderful! Heto clean the house while Jae was shape it, sand it, oil it, soak it couldn’t wait until he could use them,out hunting for dinner. Jung came with deer fat and deer brains to but he would! He knew the bow mustback with lots of things, even a make it so it won’t break! It will be made properly to have the rightbig piece of wood! take weeks or months!” snap! It was the best gift ever!You Are What You Eat: Fruit Jello Christmas ShapesEnjoy your holiday season with some with it, add fresh fruit, and enjoy the to the boiling point. Pour hot juice intodelicious Jello shaped desserts. Simple, generous portions you can have. cold juice mixture. Stir until all gelatinyet perfect for the season. You can deck is dissolved, about 5 minutes. Lightly oilthe halls with bell shaped Jello. Perhaps Prep Time: 15 minutes two 9 x 13 pans or two jelly roll may want shout “Ho! Ho! Ho,” Pour half of hot gelatin mixture intoaround the Christmas tree with Santa Cook Time: 3 hours each pan and place in refrigerator untilshaped Jello. The fun thing is you can firm, at least 3 so much with these simple treats! Total Time: 3 hours, 15 minutesThey’re quick and easy by using theinstant Jello. If you are a naturalist, it Yield: About 2 dozenwill take longer. You will want to try thefruit juice and an unflavored gelatin and Ingredients:make Jello shapes with your traditionalChristmas cookie cutters. 4 cups fruit juiceYou will want to avoid any food 4 envelopes unflavored gelatincoloring, so using juice like grape juiceor fruit juice of your choice will work Preparation:GREAT! You can even choose from Place a single cup of cold juicea diabetic stand point and get sugar into a large bowl. Stir gelatinfree juice. The juice recipe is free of all into juice and allow to stand.major allergens. Remember have fun Heat the remaining 3 cups of juice2 MA TIMES • December 2011 • ©Amerinational Management Services, Inc.
  3. 3. MATIMESPhilosophy: Generosity “Generosity is giving more than you can, and pride is taking less than you need.” ~ Khalil GibranGenerosity is one of the generosity and the selfishnessgreat virtues of martial within oneself. Martial artsarts. We must give to have teaches us a way to ensuregoodness. Goodness only an ethical generosity. In othercomes from the human- words, the knowledge ofheart. In ancient times, the knowing when to the rightConfucians would say to things at the right time. Itbe truly good, one must is said that a gentlemen ofhave Ren. Ren is translated Ren is more concerned aboutas human heartedness, doing the right thing at thegoodness, benevolence, right time. He is also morealtruism, and authoritative adept with his own characterconduct. than belittling the characters of others. This would be beingMartial artists develop a generous in your thoughts ofstrong talent for many others and more stringent onthings. The Yin and your thoughts of yourself.the Yang between the CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!- 2011 Las Vegas International Taekwondo Open - Nov. 05, 2011* GOLD MEDALIST - Natalie Richards* SILVER MEDALIST - Camryn Amaya* BRONZE MEDALIST - Karlee Flaig CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!- TO ALL NEWLY PROMOTED STUDENTS! - Nov. 19th, 2011 MERRY CHRISTMAS TO EVERYONE!!!!- Please attend to our Christmas Party on December 9th, 2011 at 6:00pm here at our studio.* Potluck - this is your chance to show off your favorite food by bringing them on our Party.* Exchange Gift - $ 5 dollars minimum for children 12 years old and under.* - $ 10 dollars minimum for 13 years old above and thats include the parents andvisitors. GIVE A GIFT THAT WILL CHANGE THE LIFE OF YOUR GRANDMA,GRANDPA, PARENTS, BROTHERS, SISTERS, RELATIVES, FRIENDS, SCHOOLMATES,CO-WORKERS.* M.O.D. TAEKWONDO ELITE is pleased to offer you a SPECTACULAR PACKAGE! A CommunityAppreciation Program. ONLY $10.99 - 5 weeks of unlimited classes & FREE T-SHIRT*Visit our studio for more information regarding this promo. MA TIMES • December 2011 • ©Amerinational Management Services, Inc. 3
  4. 4. O FE A R Ut, 84015 USA Sh ow N ! s Dagpins Martial Arts year bullie ar of No fe work home this ➠ ar of No fe ice ➠ pract ar of M.O.D. TAEKWONDO ELITE No fe ise 2465 N. Main St. #12A Sunset ➠ exerc ar of line No fe ➠ discip ar of No fe ➠ GAIN CONFIDENCEAddressee Name GAIN SELF CONTROL321 Martial Arts WayAnywhere, USA 54321 GAIN WISDOM ts arti al Ar M Sign up Learn now and receive 2 weeks of martial arts lessons FREE! M.O.D. TAEKWONDO ELITE Dagpins Martial Arts Call 801-776-0190 • Visit