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eCommerce session by Omar Soudodi in StartWithGoogle

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Google ebda2 - eCommerce -

  1. 1. MENA Region
  2. 2. MENA Region
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  8. 8. Reach millions of buyers locally and regionallyVarious marketing activities converting users to buyersShowcase your products depending onrelevancy and seasonalityHelping your brand createawareness, sales and distribution
  9. 9. MENA Region
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  13. 13. 60% UAE 40% 70% Egypt 30% 85% KSA 15% 70% Kuwait 30% 75% Jordan 25%MENA Region
  14. 14. MENA Region
  15. 15. MENA Region
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  17. 17. ?MENA Region
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  19. 19. Communication channel Customer Behavior Delivery Channel Channel Retail outlet Selection Print ads Frequency Wholesale of Order Catalogs Size of Call Centre Order TV & Radio Buying more Website Online Electronic Channels* American Marketing Association 2008
  20. 20. Degrees of digitization: Virtual Product The Product (Service) Delivery Agent The Process Partial electronic Pure electronic product product Electronic Partial electronic Pure electronic Product product product Traditional Virtual Process Product or service E-Commerce Physical Traditional E-Commerce Electronic Process product Product or service Physical Process Virtual Player Physical Electronic Agent AgentMENA Region
  21. 21. Analysis Stage & Information Architecture Workflow Design Criteria of your e-channel interface Start finish Navigation Is it easy for visitors to find their way around your application Business Process Consistency Is the look & feel consistent from page to page? Performance How long does it take for page to appear? Engineering Appearance Is the site aesthetically pleasing? Quality Assurance Does the site algorithm work properly? Interactivity Does the application encourage the user to play continue? Security Does the customer feel safe while using the application? Privacy Is customer information protected? Scalability Will the application increased usage will be supported by Business Vendor/ Process Architecture Consumer initial infrastructure and is it upgradeable? the Partner Employees Supplier Customized for various Users and markets Target A Target BMENA Region
  22. 22. Functionality Outcome Positive Landing Customize Messages Customer Page Content Status updates Experience Action Subscribe Submit Goal Buttons Now Application Setting Product Effective How-to Channel Design Content Demo Loyalty ToolsMENA Region
  23. 23. MENA Region