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Modrika : Finance Partner Presentation


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A decade before we literally relate finance to the banking sector. The import and quality of finance has transformed and has been evolved dramatically by the period. This is primarily due to technology integration and evolution of myriad hues of financial structures and domains globally. Modrika helps you to take at the ground layer of these domains and sub domains. Thus, it helps you to get deeper perception of the financial complexity, giving you financial wisdom and enlightenment to attractive and accomplish meteoric career.

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Modrika : Finance Partner Presentation

  1. 1. Next Big Thing in Finance driven by technology
  2. 2. Table of Contents2 Copyrights@ Modrika Finance
  3. 3. Financial IndustryThe financial services sector includes broking firms, investment services, national banks, private banks, mutual funds, loans, and equity market. Financial Services in India - Key Drivers:- India’s high savings rate offers significant opportunity to put resources into the financial markets. The country has a favourable demographic profile with a large segment of the population under 30 years. The Census 2011 shows that 56.9 per cent of India’s total population comes in the age group 15-59 years. The country will witness a sharp decline in the dependency ratio over the next thirty years – which will be a great dividend. As the dividend begins to pay off, with the working age-group population rising disproportionately over the next two decades, the savings rate is likely to rise further, according to Mr Pranab Mukherjee, Union Finance Minister – A large, untapped domestic market, with a huge growth potential. – Per capita income and PPP being on consistently in upward trend. – Presence of financial and capital market mechanisms – A large and continuously growing intellectual capital – Healthy rate of economic growth, substantiated by robust GDP, untouched in Global recession. Source :-
  4. 4. Market Overview Private Sector •Estimated worth Rs 14.6 bn in 2008 •Growth of a% pa to reach USD YY bn by 2012 •English Language training is the largest segment followed by financial services, Retail and IT •Government Encouraging private sector participation although latter are not regulated. Drivers: Demand for skilled labor in service and IT/ITes Industries ; inefficient public education system; competitive business environment Challenges: Poor perception and lack of support from financial institutions •Partnerships between corporate and vocational training institutes •Public private partnerships (PPP) for government-owned Industrial Training Institutes (ITI) •Rising demand for online training modules and correspondence courses in language training •PE/VC firms bullish on Indian education sector; Investing in vocational institutes as well A highly competitive market with players focusing on specific areas and expanding across India English Finance Retail IT & ITeS Aviation/Hospitality Veta None None NIIT Frankfinn Inlingua None None Aptech AHA
  5. 5. Why learning finance must in current scenario?
  6. 6. As an Individual• How many times has someone asked you, “Where do you see yourself in the next 10 to 20 years?” And, you were not sure exactly what to say.• To become financially independent, it is imperative that we develop a vision for where we want to go and devise a strategy that will enable us to see our dreams come true.
  7. 7. As an Individual• To survive and prosper in today’s economy, you need to know what your financial goals are, stay focused on them, and not be easily thrown off course when the economy takes a sharp turn up or down.• Volatility comes with the territory, and it is extremely difficult to predict what is going to happen from day to day. But if you stay focused on your goals and remain committed to seeing them through to completion, you can be in a better position to succeed.
  8. 8. As an Individual• Inflation is higher than fixed deposit rates.• Multiple assets class available to Invest• Confused with lot of financial Jargons• Media and Broker biases• Illiquid investments in real estate• How to analyze to get right decision for investment.
  9. 9. Finance as a Global career opportunity
  10. 10. Finance as a Global CareerThe financial sector worldwide hasbecome stronger in terms of capitaland the number of customersbecause of technology integration.It has become diverse aiming andglobally competitive, at higherefficiency and productivity. Thedominance of US over financialworld has passed away.Emerging markets like India andChina will increasingly define thenew global order. Now we get anopportunity to make “global”careers.
  11. 11. Finance as a Global CareerFinance have long histories of attractingenergetic and ambitious people who arelooking for the best career opportunities.There are several opportunities as newbusinesses get set up because oftremendous growth in the economy.The financial sector is growing rapidly andthe challenges are so vast that they willfulfill the aspirations of the innovators, thetechnologists as well as the researchersfrom all streams of society. Visit who become part of finance worldin its take off stage will dominate businessand trade worldwide for decades to come.
  12. 12. Planning a career in financePlanning a career in today’s fast paced world isa great challenge. And finance as a careeroption is a very wide term. Today it is differentcareer as a finance professional than it used tobe years ago.The foundation of financial activities willdepend on study and analysis of today’smarkets, financial products and otherfinancially related sectors of the businessworld.Career as a finance stockbroker, investmentbanker and financial planner are examples ofjobs that may be chosen. Profile driven withtechnology are among the highest paidprofessions in the world.
  13. 13. Job and Career ProfilesFinance has been one of the most popular choices forambitious young people. We help aspiring professionalsbuild meaningful connections to the real world of businessand become successful leaders of the future. There aremany job opportunities in this field including-
  14. 14. Table of Contents14 Copyrights@ Modrika Finance
  15. 15. Consulting Services1. Custom Financial Software For Sell Side For Buy Side For Technology Companies Risk Management Software2. Other Custom Solutions3. Trading Platform Development4. Offshore Financial Software Outsourcing5. Portfolio Management Services
  16. 16. Consulting Solutions• Electronic Trading• Automated Trading• Trading Infrastructure• Market Connectivity• Back/Middle Office• Portfolio Management Software
  17. 17. Consulting Solutions :- Algo Trading Platform First of it’s kind trading platform in the world to do trading intelligently
  18. 18. Career programs
  19. 19. Programming Skills for finance
  20. 20. Mathematics Skills for finance
  21. 21. Sales & Marketing Skills for finance
  22. 22. Preparatory Programs
  23. 23. Table of Contents23 Copyrights@ Modrika Finance
  24. 24. About Modrika The company is a leading globalfinancial services firm withmanaging assets over $1 Billionand 200 people working across 5countries promoted by alumniof IIT, IIM, Chicago University,John Hopkins University, ISB.Company serves the interests ofclients with complex financialneeds, from the world’s mostprominent hedge funds,corporate, institutional andgovernment clients to charitiesand private individuals
  25. 25. Modrika Offering25
  26. 26. Modrika Offering Cont…26
  27. 27. Modrika Offering Cont…27
  28. 28. Modrika Offering Cont…28
  29. 29. Modrika Offering Cont…29
  30. 30. What will you receive?
  31. 31. Table of Contents31 Copyrights@ Modrika Finance
  32. 32. Revenue Projection (in Rs L)32
  33. 33. Table of Contents33 Copyrights@ Modrika Finance
  34. 34. Financial Model• A one time commitment fee is charged against a products, training and services in Business proposal that follows this presentation.• The Partner pays and all inclusive year license of software and per student amount averaging 19% - 70% of revenue. No other fees is paid to MODRIKA.• Partner can buy a monthly pass that enables them to get free marketing material. Also a Partner can qualify for credit of up to USD 1000 / Rs 50,000 where they can payment by 45 days to MODRIKA.
  35. 35. Financial Model• Partner agreement is for 3 years and renewed based on mutual acceptance. There is no renewal fee, only an annual commitment of business.• Revenue can be collected in cash, cheque, credit card or wire by the Partner directly and retained by the Partner.• MODRIKA fees can be paid in cash, cheque or wire transfer• Partner has freedom of choosing bank accounts, taxation planning with other businesses, accounts management, discounts in range not affecting other centers – basically MODRIKA offers advice when it comes to your center; not financial control.
  36. 36. Table of Contents36 Copyrights@ Modrika Finance
  37. 37. Unique Selling Propositions37
  38. 38. Table of Contents38 Copyrights@ Modrika Finance
  39. 39. Steps to become Modrika Partner– Telephonic or Physical Conversation with Business Development Executive– Attend remote or face-to-face presentation– Receive Business proposal with complete details– Fill Modrikas Partner Application form– Application Screening by board of directors including professors and Alumni of IIT and IIM– Approval/Rejection letter– Partner agreement & Partner fee– Training center setup and hiring– Batches start–
  40. 40. Eligibility– Self Involvement or full time dedication by a family member or a trusted employee in day- to-day operations– Should have a space of 200 – 800 sq ft carpet area– Running training center or an investment capacity of Rs 5 – 8 lakhs– Zeal for entrepreneurship– Previous business experience or work experience a plus
  41. 41. For details and visit Initiatrix Educational Services LLP Contact us Suite 138, 3rd Floor, Tower A, A-41, The Corenthum Corporate Park, Sector-62,Noida -201301, Uttar Pradesh, India Mobile:- 09654569500 Phone: +91-120- 4105043 Email: partner@modrika.com41