Don't Let The Wrong Google Adword Keywords Take You Broke During The Holidays!


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Don't Let The Wrong Google Adword Keywords Take You Broke During The Holidays!

  1. 1. Dont Let The Wrong GoogleAdword Keywords Take You Broke During The Holidays!
  2. 2. Sure, youre looking to get as much bang for your buck from the holiday PPC traffic as possible, and who could blame you? Just make sure that the "bang" you hear is that of the cash register drawer slamming shut, and notyour hand slamming against your forehead because of all the money you wasted on ineffective keywords.
  3. 3. Holiday shoppers will click on anything that even remotelylooks interesting without necessarily having any intent of buying once they get to the site.
  4. 4. This means if you have hot Holiday keywords, but yoursales copy doesnt convert well, you could end up goingbroke depending upon the cost per click of your holiday key words.
  5. 5. Thats why it is so important to hone your keywords so they match exactly what it is you are selling.
  6. 6. Lets say that you sell holiday gift baskets that containbath oils and lotions. If you choose "holiday gift baskets",you would get hammered by every person who is looking for a fruit basket, sausage and cheese basket, and any other kind of gift basket you can imagine.
  7. 7. Unless your price point is so good, and your sales copy is so compelling that it can convince Aunt Agnes that UncleBernie would rather have a basket full of lotions instead of deer meat jerky, then you have a problem and your PPC costs are going to be through the roof.
  8. 8. Heres a good strategy to follow during the holidays when PPC traffic goes through the roof.
  9. 9. Watch your click-through and sales conversion rates carefully. for each keyword. If you are getting a highnumber of clicks, and a low number of sales, drop thatkeyword. Remember, the goal here is to make a lot of sales, not draw a lot of wasted traffic.
  10. 10. Choose keywords which reflect the needs of the holiday shopper. If you are currently advertising "jewelery" try"jewelry gifts" or "teen gift ideas" if you sell products forthat age group. The idea is to associate your product with the traditional gift-giving holidays.
  11. 11. If you have added seasonal items to your product line thenremember to update your campaigns to include these new products. If you have dropped inventory, or are out of stock, remember to pause those campaigns. It doesnt make any sense to pay for traffic if you cant deliver the product.
  12. 12. The most best tip of all is to find competitive "niche" keyword phrases that have a high demand and lowcompetition. With some diligence you should be able touncover keywords which are capable of generating good traffic but, because the "big boys" havent discovered them, the bid prices are still affordable.
  13. 13. The best way to accomplish this is to work down your list of current keywords, find synonyms, and then determinehow much traffic each of these words generate. It may bea lot of work, but, with a little bit of luck, it will lower your PPC costs and drive better targeted holiday traffic to your site.
  14. 14. If its too close to the holiday season, and you dont have time for the "lot of work" and the "little bit of luck"method, then you should consider getting your hands on a copy of Keyword Locator, the amazing PPC Keyword mining software program that eliminates both the hardwork as well as the need for luck. In fact, it pays for itself the first time you use it.
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