Moulding Machines


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Modern Plastics and Equipment offers superior quality Injection Moulding Machines and bale press machines. We design these machines to provide the economical substitute of expensive imported machines.Modern Plastics and Equipment has state-of-the-art infrastructure, which is located in Coimbatore – the die-casting and forging hub of India. Having integrated facilities for production, quality testing and shipment, the company is totally deadline oriented and strictly meets its delivery schedules.Our production unit is equipped with technically advanced production machines. Besides, Modern Plastics and Equipment has the services of experienced technocrats and managers with it.

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Moulding Machines

  1. 1. Tamil Nadu, India<br />MODERN PLASTICS AND EQUIPMENTS<br />Manufacturer & Exporter of <br />Hydraulic based Machineries<br />
  2. 2. Tamil Nadu, India<br />MODERN PLASTICS AND EQUIPMENTS<br />About Us<br /><ul><li> Established in 1993
  3. 3. Complete solution provider
  4. 4. State-of-the-art infrastructure
  5. 5. Experienced technocrats & managers
  6. 6. Brand “Modern” well accepted in the market
  7. 7. Vast and ever increasing global clientele
  8. 8. Substitute of expensive imported machines</li></li></ul><li>Tamil Nadu, India<br />MODERN PLASTICS AND EQUIPMENTS<br />Why Us?<br /><ul><li> Quality & durability
  9. 9. Diverse range of products
  10. 10. Total customer satisfaction
  11. 11. Custom fabrication & after-sales-services
  12. 12. Timely delivery schedules & competitive </li></ul> prices<br /><ul><li> Modern innovative products & unique </li></ul> designs<br /><ul><li> Integrated facilities for production & quality testing </li></ul>Membership<br />
  13. 13. Tamil Nadu, India<br />MODERN PLASTICS AND EQUIPMENTS<br />Products<br /><ul><li> Injection, Rubber & Blow Moulding Machine
  14. 14. Bale Press & Pet Stretch Blow Moulding
  15. 15. Plastic Extruder
  16. 16. Hydraulic Power Pack
  17. 17. Hydraulic Cylinders</li></li></ul><li>Tamil Nadu, India<br />MODERN PLASTICS AND EQUIPMENTS<br />Injection, Rubber & Blow Moulding Machine<br /><ul><li> Screw Type Moulding Machines
  18. 18. Four Machines In Single Power Pack </li></ul> {With / Without Plc }<br /><ul><li> Two-Four Machines In Single Power </li></ul> Pack -Lever Operated<br /><ul><li> Single machine in Single Power Pack
  19. 19. Hand Lever Operated Rubber </li></ul> Moulding Machines<br /><ul><li> Automatic Compression Moulding </li></ul> Machine {Bakelites}<br /><ul><li> Blow Moulding Machine</li></li></ul><li>Tamil Nadu, India<br />MODERN PLASTICS AND EQUIPMENTS<br />Bale Press & Pet Stretch Blow <br />Moulding Bale Press<br /><ul><li> Bale Press</li></ul> - Closed Type Bale Press<br /> - Bale Press for Fabric<br /> - Deep Drawing Press<br /> - Scrap Bailing Press<br /> - Pet Screw Blow Moulding<br /><ul><li> Semi & Fully automatic 1 ltr & 2 ltr capacity - Infrared Preheating System</li></ul> - Conveyorised Speed Variable Drive<br />
  20. 20. Tamil Nadu, India<br />MODERN PLASTICS AND EQUIPMENTS<br />Plastic Extruder<br /><ul><li> Re-Processing Extruders for </li></ul> LDPE/HDPE/PP/PVC Material<br /><ul><li> Blow Extruders with Necessary POT, </li></ul> KUDAM & GAN Dies<br /><ul><li> Rigid / Water Pac Pipes, Cable & Profiles Unit
  21. 21. Polythene Hose, HDPE/LDPE Pipe Unit
  22. 22. PP/HDPE Monofilament / Box strapping / </li></ul> Sutli Unit<br /><ul><li> Grinder & Mixer and All Kinds of Plastic </li></ul> Machinery Unit<br /><ul><li> Section & Garden Hose pipe unit</li></li></ul><li>Tamil Nadu, India<br />MODERN PLASTICS AND EQUIPMENTS<br />Hydraulic Power Pack<br /><ul><li> Gauge with isolator
  23. 23. Adjustable pressure valve
  24. 24. M S fabricated oil reservoir
  25. 25. Easy Maintenance
  26. 26. Varying Working Pressures
  27. 27. Good Output Flow Capacities
  28. 28. Both Manual and Solenoid Operation </li></li></ul><li>Tamil Nadu, India<br />MODERN PLASTICS AND EQUIPMENTS<br />Hydraulic Cylinders<br /><ul><li> Piston rod ground & hard chrome plated
  29. 29. Plating thickness: 15 to 20 microns
  30. 30. Made of EN Grade material
  31. 31. Up to 500 Tons
  32. 32. Cylinder Stroke : 50 mm to 3 Meters</li></li></ul><li>MODERN PLASTICS AND EQUIPMENTS<br />Contact Us<br />Modern Plastics And Equipment<br />Mr. V. Subramanian <br />345/3, Kalkatti Thottam, Periyar Nagar Via, GanapathyCoimbatore - Tamil Nadu- 641006, India <br />