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Abercrombie and fitch

  1. 1. HistoryAbercrombie and Fitch was founded in1892 in Manhattan New York by David T. 1892Abercrombie and Ezra H. Fitch. It was anoutfitter of sporting and excursion goods 1976such as shotguns, fishing rods, tent etc.Then in 1976 Abercrombie and Fitch filedfor bankruptcy, closing its Manhattan storein 1977. In 1978-79 The name was then revived when Oshman‟s Sporting Goods bought the name and mailing list. They re-launched A&F as a mail order retailer for hunting wear and novelty items. Finally in 1988, Oshman‟s sold the company name and operations to The Limited, a clothing chain based in Columbus Ohio. 1988 Now A&F sells mostly clothes instead of sporting and excursion products and describes its niche as an aspirational “casual luxury” lifestyle brand. ...2012
  2. 2. Brand ValuesAbercrombie and Fitch is alifestyle brand. In their wordsthey are „aspirational‟ theyc a t e r f o r o n l y t h e p r e p p y, I v yleague lifestyle with no realvariation in style these areall qualities that make thisbrand extremelyrecognisable... They live and breathe the lifestyle through every aspect of their brand. In their store the staff are really models. The black and white advertisements/photos of young people living the lifestyle they want you to buy into. The shopping theatre experience, dark lighting, iconic scent and so on all create that lifestyle and atmosphere...
  3. 3. Product Lifecycle Some products go out of fashion shortly after it going mainstream but some once increased in popularity eventually reach a plateau and stay in fashion and continues being worn by a certain demographic. This is exactly the case with almost all A&F products. The people wanting the „aspirational lifestyle‟ will always wear the brand and stay loyal. A while after the innovators have Abercrombie and Fitch has a quarterly began wearing an item small groups ill magazine in which they will promote new gradually find it acceptable and begin fashions and the loyal customer will roll with it to adopt the trend themselves and so and wear what they‟re told as they have on and so on, it becomes mainstream. bought into the brand.The beginning of Abercrombie and Fitchs productslifecycle often starts with something edgy, out thereand is advertised with „politically incorrect‟ ads. This isfor innovators to want and start making fashionable,they will pay more for a product to be the first one tohave it and set the trend.
  4. 4. Target AudienceAbercrombie and Fitch isaimed at both genders aged 18to 22.They are all about exclusivityand with that theysubconsciously limit who buysthere clothes buy promotingthe image of beauty andperfection and this givessupposedly „less attractive‟people a feeling that theyarent worthy of the brandtherefor the type of peoplethey want to come forward andbuy it do. These being thep r e p p y, i v y l e a g u e t y p edemographic who can affordthe clothes and will buy intothe brand lifestyle.They cater for the „cool kids
  5. 5. Pricing StrategyThere are three different brandsoperated by A&F• Abercrombie and Fitch• Hollister• Gilly HicksThere strategizing is charging morefor A&F products that are no betterproduct value than a Hollister itembut Hollister are half the price.Although the two brands cater for theexact same audience people willalways pay more for A&F knowingthat the same item can be purchasedfor a lot less.An Abercrombie and Fitch logo isworth a lot more than a Hollisterlogo.
  6. 6. Product Life CycleThe A&F brand name hasbeen used many times andhas gone through manystages includingbankruptcy but the currentA&F brand is at it‟smaturity stage.Its gone through all stagesin the US and was growinglargely within the Uk in2010. And now in 2012 itis still steadily growing inpopularity but not as muchcraze about it as it was ayear or so.Although loyal customershave stuck with the brandsince the start and stillwill.
  7. 7. Marketing And PRAbercrombie and Fitch use classicalconditioning within their marketing andthis is massively effective for theirbrand as associating their clothingwith perfection, beauty andsexualisation everyone who wants thatlifestyle see‟s the logo and thinks allthose things.
  8. 8. Place And DistributionMost A&F stores are located in the U.S but havesince branched out world wide and have manystores across the globe. Sister brands such asHollister are even more accessible.There clothing is also available online on all A&Fbrands websites.