Zte skate smartphone vs huawei ideos x5 u8800


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Zte skate smartphone vs huawei ideos x5 u8800

  1. 1. ZTE SKATE Smartphone VS HUAWEI IDEOS X5 U8800?Keyword: ZTE SKATE, HUAWEI IDEOS X5, HUAWEI U8800, ZTE Smartphone,Huawei Smartphone etcSummary: this article is mainly talking about the main function of these 2 featuredSmartphone from 2 leading ITC company, and compare them to let consumer knowwhich one is better for them, which is the best option for them.Mobile phone has become necessary as people nowadays need to contact othersanytime anywhere no matter what kind of job he is taken. Smartphone is the mainstream, and there are many operating system including Android, Symbian, Mac OS,Windows etc. and Android OS is accepted by more & more consumer & manufacturer.Now it has strongly taken the first place in mobile phone market share. And HUAWEI,ZTE the two companies from China have noticed it, and have already released someSmartphone models one after another. The latest models released recently are ZTESkate from ZTE & IDEOS X5 also with another name U8800 from Huawei whichare positioned as mid-high level products. Now let’s have a look & learn to knowwhat attract you to buy them.Appearance: At the first glance, you will consider it should be a mobile phonecustomized for man, coz ZTE Skate is equipped with a super large touchscreen 4.3inch which is usually can’t handle by women. Compared with ZTE Skate, HuaweiU8800 is supposed to be normal, one 3.8 inch capacitive touchscreen is ok no matterfor women or for men. I think it will gain one bigger group of clients, both of them
  2. 2. are with the same resolution & support auto-rotate functionSystem: Huawei U8800 is based on Android 2.2 OS which could upgrade in future,and ZTE Skate is equipped with the latest version Android 2.3 OSFeatured Function: Huawei U8800 has Qualcomm MSM 7230 chipset which is upto 800Mhz. it helps the phone run different application easily, at the meantime, ZTESkate also have one 800Mhz cpu. A-GPS supported makes you clearly know whereyou stay anytime, supporting flash 10.1 enables you to enjoy many applications same5M camera in front with LED flash could capture beautiful picture & high-definitionvideos, 1500mAH battery could support more than 8 hours for talking hour & 380Hours for standing by. 512M Ram is enough for you to run the application if you havebig file or movie need to store , do not worry, they are both supporting up to 32GBexternal memory card.Now they are both competitive Smartphone in the market. I find one online shopwhich could offer the two items, more info on www.modem3g.com