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Vodafone b1000 lte router


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Vodafone b1000 lte router

  1. 1. Vodafone B1000 LTE RouterNow next to the Samsung GT-B3740 . Vodafone also announced a router for LTE reception on offer Inthe Vodafone B1000 mentioned model is already known from Telekom and O2 Huawei B390s-2LTE router that supports LTE on the 800MHz band. The unit has over the LTE stick the big advantagethat other computers over LAN or WLAN can simultaneously surf the Internet via LTE. To the VodafoneB1000 with 4 RJ-45 LAN ports (100Mbit / s) and wireless features for the b / g standard.The other technical data of this Vodafone B1000: small LEDs on the front indicate signal strength andoperating condition, the Huawei B390s-2 receives radio signals with integrated antennas, the 2 × 2MiMo Support.Alternatively, it is by SMA jack on the back and external antennas, so that you can theneasily overcome more than 10km transmission path to the next LTE radio mast. When installed wirelesschipset it is a HiSilicon Hi6910 chipset, in Germany, Vodafone B1000 thanks to 3GPP Release 8 allowsspeeds of up to 50Mbit / s download and up to 25Mbit / s upload.The picture shows the identical Telekom Speedport LTE and the two SMA connectors for externalantennasThe price corresponds exactly to that of LTE fortunately sticks Samsung GT-B3740, it does so only forthe least sense to take the stick. The costs for Huawei B390s-2 and this Vodafone B1000 both at $399 on line store, just go to select if you need it.