Huawei B970B 3G Router FAQ


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Buy fast speed Huawei B970B, find below detail FAQ for Huawei B970B 3G Router.

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Huawei B970B 3G Router FAQ

  1. 1. Huawei B970B 3G Router FAQKeywords: Huawei B970B, unlock Huawei B970B, Huawei B970B 3G RouterSummary: Buy fast speed Huawei B970B, find below detail FAQ for Huawei B970B 3G Router.1.Why are the automatic installation and auto run of unlock Huawei B970B so slow?If host software has already been installed in the computer, it takes about 60s to recognize the CD-ROMimage, and then the dashboard will run automatically.2.How do I login to Huawei B970B 3G Router Management Interface?Open your web browser and in the address bar enter Enter your password to log in tothe router, and there are two account logins to choose from: Admin: This user type is authorized to viewand modify the configurations. The default password is admin. User: This user type is authorized to viewonly the basic status information. The default password is user.3.How do I change my Huawei B970B default login password?Login to the Router Management Interface, go to Advanced Settings, and then click on System->ModifyPassword. Your password can be between 1 and 15 characters.4.If I forgot my password, how can I restore the Huawei B970B Router back to its factory settings?To reset your Router Management Interface password, you must reset your Router to the factory defaultsettings. a) On one side of the router, there is a reset button. Press the reset button for five seconds andthe router will be reset to the factory settings. Please notice that: this will change all settings including anymodified Wi-Fi settings back to the factory presets. b) Please log into the management page, AdvancedSettings -> System -> Restore Defaults, restore the default settings.5.How do I change the SSID (network name) of my wireless network?The SSID is the name of the wireless network being broadcast from the unlock Huawei B970B. If youwish to change this, please log into the router, then select Advanced Settings—〉WLAN Settings—〉WLAN Basic Settings.6.How many PCs can I connect to my Huawei B970b router?You can connect your PC using Ethernet cables and also have multiple computers connected to theRouter using WLAN. Generally, the number of users accessing router simultaneously is no more than 32.7.Why is the WLAN (Wireless) speed of my router slower than expected?Check devices/objects that may block the signal such as other wireless devices (mobile phones forexample), any electrical cabling or large structures in the house like brick walls etc. And try to move therouter to combat these issues.8.How do I change the Encryption mode of my wireless Huawei B970B Router?The Router supports many configurations for Wi-Fi security. We do not recommend that you change yourRouter’s security settings. If you want to make modifications, log in to the Router Management Interface,
  2. 2. go to Advanced Settings—〉WLAN Settings—〉WLAN Advanced Settings. Here you will also see a briefguide to the security configurations available for the Router and other options for changing the settings.9.How many hosts can be specified as a DMZ host on Huawei B970B 3G Router at a time?Only one computer can be specified as a DMZ host at a time. The Demilitarized (DMZ) function allowsthe computer to be exposed to the Internet. You can modify it in "Security->DMZ Settings".10.What are the differences among manual, on demand and Auto modes of PPP connection? How do Iput them into application?You can modify it in "Advanced Settings->Dial-up Settings->PPP Settings" page, in "PPP Connection" listyou can select the dial-up connection mode. The differences among Manual, On Demand and Automodes are described as follows: a) On Demand: The gateway automatically dials to connect internetwhen you attempt to send data through internet. b) Manual: The gateway dials to connect internet byclicking "Connect" on the connection page of the management console. c) Auto: The gatewayautomatically dials to access internet when it is switched on.11. How can I enable the DHCP server in unlock Huawei B970B again if I disable it and cant log in themanagement page through the default IP address have two ways to restore it, and then log in the management page to enable DHCP server: a) Modifythe IP address of the local computer as a static IP which stands the same segment with the one ofgateway. the default IP is, so you can modify it as follows: IP address: Subnetmask: Default gateway: DNS primary address: b) Restorefactory default.12.What should I do if no networks found in the WLAN mode?1.Connect the router using the supplied Ethernet cable 2.Make sure that you have turned WLAN on inthe Management Interface 3.Make sure that SSID Broadcast is enabled in the Management Interface4.Reset the router13.what factors may interfere with it when we use FMC?1) Our FMC supports 802.11b/802.11g and it works at the 2.4GHZ frequency band which is for the ISMuse. For example, Bluetooth and Micro-wave oven working at the same frequency band with FMC may
  3. 3. interfere with FMC. 2) A building or a wall can also obstruct the transportation of radio signal and thestrength of signal would be attenuated.14. when PC accesses FMC through wireless LAN, can user modify relative parameters of FMC?If enabling the WLAN mode of FMC, users can access FMC through wireless mode. You can modifyparameters of it only when you access FMC firstly and gets the control right15.Does FMC support dynamic router protocol or static router protocol? If yes, how to work ?Our FMC doesn’t support dynamic router protocol or static router protocol because FMC is only a routerterminal and all packets from FMC would be sent to the control center of ISP, point to point.16.How do users access WLAN constituted by FMC if the SSID broadcast of WLAN is disabled?It is necessary for users to get the SSID of WLAN. Then he can configure and access the wirelessnetwork by entering the SSID, 802.11 authentications and the mode of encryption in the wireless networkconfiguration software.17.How do I configure APN parameter when setting PPP profile in Huawei B970B 3G Router?You need to input your APN and dial-up number before connecting internet. Contact your internet serviceprovider (ISP) to get the right APN parameters.18.How to set a password WLAN to keep out other users not having password?On the Web management page, click the “Advanced Settings” -> ”WLAN Settings ” -> “WLAN AdvancedSettings”, then you can set a password for WLAN by choosing “802.11 Authentication” and “EncryptionMode” options.19.Does FMC support Vista, Linux or Macintosh system in unlock Huawei B970B?Yes, all systems above are supported by FMC. But some browsers are not supported very well. Thebrowsers supported are shown as follows: IE6.0, IE7.0, Firefox1.5 and Firefox2.0.Hope the information provided here can be helped when you use Huawei B970B 3G Router, meanwhile,find this Huawei B970B on line hot sale now on, just visit and buy if you’re interested.