How to troubleshoot the connection issues of usb modem


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How to troubleshoot the connection issues of usb modem

  1. 1. How to Troubleshoot the Connection Issues of USB Modem?Keyword: 3g modem, usb modem, wireless usb modem, 4g modem, lte modem, hsdpa modem,hsupa modem, huawei modem, zte modemOutline: in this artile, it mains talks about how to find the common connection problem of theusb modem step by step and then resolve it.Do you have a USB modem, such as EDGE modem, GSM Modem, EVDO Modem orWCDMA/UMTS modem? Most people are enjoying the fantastic experience of surfing internet bywireless network from one USB modem with one SIM card. If you had never come across anyproblems and gained high speed connection, you are really very lucky to have a reliable modem.However, not all the users can connect network smoothly, they may face many many problems,something like this or that. And what’s worse, they don’t know how to do and who could help.That’s really a big headache if you need the network for urgent matters. In this artile, we takeHuawei USB modem as example to guide you to find the problems.Below the steps to how to troubleshoot the problem of your modem:1. Have you correctly inserted the SIM card into the USB Modem? Please ensure the SIM card is correctly inserted. The “gold plate” on the SIM card mustbe making contact with the pins on the modem.2. Have you correctly attached the USB modem to the USB 2.0 ports on the PC?
  2. 2. Although in most cases only one of the USB plugs will need to be plugged in, in some cases bothwill need to be put in. Please ensure your system meets the minimum system requirements (youmay check by clicking on ‘System Requirements’ on 3G Wireless Broadband page).3. Once the USB Modem is correctly attached to the PC, are there any lights flashing?Please ensure the SIM card is correctly inserted and USB connectors are plugged into a USB 2.0port (USB 1.0 will not work), also make sure the USB cables are plugged into the same ports thatinstallation took place on (you may need to swap ports). If you are still experiencing a problem,please try the modem on another PC to ensure it is workingOK.4. Confirm there are no USB / PC resource Port conflicts.Please check the modem / PC port status as follows:Windows XP:Start -> Control Panel -> System (may need to switch to classic view) -> Hardware Tab -> DeviceManagerWindows Vista:Start -> Control Panel -> System (may need to switch to classic view)-> DeviceManager (in the left menu)• Expand The "Modems" Section:Ensure "HUAWEI Mobile Connect - 3G Modem" is listed.• Expand the "Ports (COM & LPT)" section:Ensure "HUAWEI Mobile Connect - 3G PC UI Interface (COM [port#]) is listed.• Expand the "Universal Serial Bus Controllers" section:Ensure all the valid USB ports are listed.e.g.
  3. 3. Make sure none of the above sections have either a ! or ? symbol in front or else there may beport conflicts. You may need to uninstall the modem and other devices on your machine andreinstall. If there is still a problem, please try the modem on another PC or Laptop.5. Is the USB Modem / Wireless Application showing coverage?Observe what lights are flashing on the USB modem. Perform a network select by going toSettings -> Choose Network -> Manual. Please double check coverage in your area. It is possiblethere may be a coverage outage; please checks the Network Status on the Mobile connectsoftware.6. Try to switch between 3G, HSPA and GPRS. Is connection still not possible?Please select an alternative network bearer:Settings -> Choose Connection Type -> GPRS/3GEnsure the wireless application is set to correct network band:Settings -> Network Band -> GSM900/1800/WCDMA2100It is possible there is a network issue.7. Has the APN and Access Number been correctly set?Pls ensure your network APN is set correct:Tools -> Options -> Profile management -> set the APN & Access Number (usually *99#)After you tried the steps above, you could check the indicator on the modem, the colors means:Green—The GPRS Data service is establishedCyan—The HSPA Data service is establishedBlue—The WCDMA Data service is established
  4. 4. If connection is still undone, you could reinstall the software and have a try again.