Hot sale huawei e369 usb stick


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Hot sale huawei e369 usb stick

  1. 1. Review of hot sale Huawei E369 USB StickKeywords: Huawei E369 , E369 dongle, E369 USB stickSummary: Your good friend continue show you the newest informationfor you. This article will mainly introduce the hot sale Huawei E369 USB Stick for you.Nowadays, consumers will no longer have to worry about the problem when buy anultra-thin notebook, cannot find the appropriate data card. In the 2012 Mobile WorldCongress (MWC), the biggest manufacturer-- Huawei have launched the worlds smallestUSB Modem, only 8 mm thickness data card –model number Huawei E369. The E369dongle not only has the UMTS band global roaming capabilities, but also bring up to 8colors with beautiful shell. This E369 USB stick has got its own special slim design, stylishappearance, variety of colors and so on. On the other hand, the Huawei E369 dongle getsultra-thin notebooks such as the MacBook Air, Ultra book work together, morecomplement each other. In addition, the worlds thinnest PC / CE modules MU733,MU739 also debut in the exhibition.E369 dongle review:Let us see specification of this Huawei E369, it is said that this model E369 USB stick isthe worlds smallest PA + data card which is also a special tailored similar to the MacBookAir and other ultra-thin notebook computer data cards. Meanwhile ,with a compact, stylishand beautiful appearance, and the size of 65 × 24.5 × 8mm, MacBook Air togetherextraordinarily harmonious .E369 dongle is a strong intrinsic capabilities 21M of thedownload speed to bring you a carefree Web surfing experience, what a cool news, right ?At the same time. The UMTS frequency designed to support global roaming, especially forfrequent business travelers. In power, Huawei E369 is also under a lot of effort, it usesenergy-saving solution, saving 30 percent more than the usual 21M data card, can extendthe using time more than one hour of notebook computers. Amazing product. Have youattracted by this model when hear this information?
  2. 2. Huawei terminal long-term commitment to the ultra-thin and energy efficient design,ultra-thin products at the same time reduce energy consumption and improved battery life,and bring new products to the consumer experience .In addition to the worlds smallestdata card Huawei E369 on display in the MWC, the worlds thinnest moduleMU733/MU739 Huawei Terminal will launch the worlds thinnest mobile hotspot E5331. Infact, together with the terminal during the CES show in January of this year and exceptthis E369 USB stick . Huawei launched the worlds thinnest smartphone, 6.6mm ofAscend P1, S Huaweis terminal global thin product family has been a considerable size.With its strong product design capabilities and leading technology, Huawei terminal is tolead the trend of the PC / CE products, light and thin.What are you still waiting for ? Just go and select this supper cool E369 dongle now.There are two professional on line store where you can place order on it. and the other one . Enjoyyour shopping!