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A designer inspired handbag story on Valentine’s & Valenswine’s day


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Share something about Valentine’s day and Valenswine’s day. A designer inspired handbag brings a story.

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A designer inspired handbag story on Valentine’s & Valenswine’s day

  1. 1. A designer inspired handbag story on Valentine’s & Valenswine’s dayKeywords: Valentine’s day, Valenswine’s day, designer inspired handbag, ladies leatherbag, Valenswine’s day giftSummary: Share something about Valentine’s day and Valenswine’s day. A designerinspired handbag brings a story.As we all know, Feb. 14th is Valentine’s day. Valentine’s day is also said to be a fictitiousday . Why? At that day. Girls /wives will receive a lot of beautiful Valentine’s Day gift fromher lover. For boys/husbands, no matter how skinny your girlfriend/wife is, don’t comehome without the chocolate, flowers or other gift. Such as designer inspired handbags,bracelet or dress . Otherwise. They will kill you and won’t be glad until receiving yourValentine’s Day gift. But if you’re still single, it had better not go out to street, there’remany lovers and usually each girl are Holding a bunch of flowersOK .Everyone knows that Feb. 14th is Valentine’s day, but do you have any idea whatFeb. 13th is? I guess there’re still many people don’t know it. Yes, It’s called Valenswine’sday. What’s Valenswine’s day ? And what are you doing on Valenswine’s day ?Let me tellyou something about it. That is the day you make an appointment with your “unofficial”girlfriend while your wife/real girlfriend is at home and guessing where you will be takingher and what kind of gifs you will be sent her the following night. The day before thetraditional event has become known as "Valenswines Day," or "Mistress Day" .It can alsosaid that’s the day when spousal cheaters take their mistresses out. Both of these twodays Valentine’s and Valenswine’s are for women, unlike a completely different day--March 14th, This day is all about the man. Also they can receive some gift from their lover.Below I share a story when happen on Valenswine’s and Valentine’s. There’s a man whichnamed DeLorenzo. He’s very rich and he has already got marry with a girl that his father
  2. 2. introduce for him. The girl was also borned in a rich family. They have two children, oneboy, one girl. It seems to be a happy family. It’s in deed. DeLorenzo love his wife andchildren very much. But, he is a playboy. He has a girlfriend outside, the girl named lousier.Sometimes. DeLorenzo will date with lousier. His wife always do not know it until that day.On Valenswine’s Day. DeLorenzo went to buy two designer inspired handbags. He sentone for lousier as an Valenswine’s Day gift and the other one for his wife as an Valentine’sgift, and he also said it is an unique Custom Leather Handbags. Both of women are sohappy because this designer inspired handbag is high quality and with beautiful style.They love it so much. After Valentine’s day, on the 15th.Fed, they bring it out to goshopping .Very interesting thing is that DeLorenzo is also coming to pick up his girlfriendlousier. Yes. Three of them meet together. At first DeLorenzo’s wife saw a girl was taking asame fashion handbag with hers. Same design and same color. She didn’t recognize theman beside the girl. She went up to them and wanted to see it clearly. She saw thatValenswine’s Day gift, also her husband. What’s the result between them? Last,DeLorenzo’s wife knew the matter. She was very sad and angry. She divorced withDeLorenzo and her son is live with her. Her daughter is together with DeLorenzo.Same designer inspired handbags let a wife know her husband derailed. Very interesting?what a coincidence!Last, you want to know where can find the designer inspired handbags? Here also sharewith you that DSS on line store shop for it now with wholesale price. There’remany other ladies leather bag providing for your choice.