Tom's TEFL - Transport


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Tom's TEFL - Transport

  1. 1. Transport worksheet Name: _________________( ) Class: P.1 ( ) Date: _________________________ I go / We go / They go / She goes / He goes / It goes How do you go to Mongkok? How does Mickey go to school? I go to Mongkok by MTR train. He goes to school by bicycle. Answer the questions. Draw and colour a picture. How do you go to school? ________ to_________by_______. How does your daddy go to Tsim Sha Tsui? He__________________________ ____________________________. How does your mummy go to work? She_________________________ ____________________________. Friend’s name: __________________. How does your friend go to China? ____________________________ ____________________________. CHECK YOUR SPELLING!
  2. 2. REVISION FUN! I can see a _______. I can see a _______. I can hear an __________. I can _______________. Help Keroro get to China! Keroro goes to China by __________.