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Tom's TEFL - Story - A Giant In Hong Kong


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This selection of my favourite English lesson resources is adapted specifically for other Hong Kong primary children. All have an informal, fun-based approach and are original designs courtesy of yours truly.

Some Powerpoints cover several lessons and include accompanying printable worksheets and games - most can be adapted for older or younger pupils.

Please contact regarding any errors or copyright claims.

Tom's TEFL - Story - A Giant In Hong Kong

  1. 1. Designed for Hong Kong primary children. Subject: Story – A Giant in Hong Kong
  2. 2. a giant in Hong Kong!
  3. 3. One day, a giant Pikachu came to Hong Kong. He was very hungry. I am SO hungry!
  4. 4. He went to Kowloon City and said… Hurry, Doraemon , make me some Dim Sum or I will eat you! No, I will not. I do not know how to make Dim Sum!
  5. 5. Then he went to Tsim Sha Tsui and said… Hurry, Doraemon, I am hungry! Make me some sandwiches or I will eat you. No Pikachu, I will not. You are not polite!
  6. 6. Then he went to Lantau Island Doraemon, I am hungry! Hurry up and make me some hamburgers! No Pikachu, I will not. You are too naughty!
  7. 7. Batman was on The Peak. He said to Pikachu… Hurry Batman. I want some soup! I am so hungry! Make me some soup or I will eat all of the people in Hong Kong! What do you want Pikachu?
  8. 8. Batman went home to his kitchen. He said… Pikachu is so naughty. I will make him some naughty soup! I will cook it in a bath tub!
  9. 9. In went a duck. In went a football. In went a flower. In went a ladybird. In went a horse! In went Andy Lau!
  10. 10. Batman cooked the naughty soup! Waa! I am suddenly feeling very hot Ha ha! Pikachu, the soup is ready! I will see you in the park.
  11. 11. Come here Pikachu, your soup is ready! Batman went to Victoria Park
  12. 12. Pikachu was not happy! WAAA! The soup was so bad!
  13. 13. BYE BYE! Pikachu ran to the toilet!
  14. 14. The people in Hong Kong were very happy! No more giant Pikachu! Ha ha! Goodbye Pikachu! He was so naughty!