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Tom's Phonics - Alphabet Song


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This powerpoint is based on the Hong Kong PLP-RW stories. It is accompanied by a printable Phonics Booklet, available here:

See my TEFL resources webpage at

Download to enjoy the full audio/animation.

This selection of my favourite English lesson resources is adapted specifically for other Hong Kong primary children. All have an informal, fun-based approach and are original designs courtesy of yours truly.

Some Powerpoints cover several lessons and include accompanying printable worksheets and games - most can be adapted for older or younger pupils.

Please contact me regarding any errors or copyright claims.

  • When downloaded, you can easily delete the backgrounds by clicking on them and hitting delete.
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  • Thank you for creating great resource. Is there any way to take out the hypnotic colours that cause a bit of a distraction?

    The images of the characters are great, except that some backgrounds could be simple where it doesn't move.
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Tom's Phonics - Alphabet Song

  1. 1. Designed for Hong Kong primary children. Subject: Phonics Alphabet Song
  2. 2. The Phonics Song
  3. 3. A nts on the a pple A
  4. 4. B alls are b ouncing B
  5. 5. C ats in the c ar C
  6. 6. D ogs are d ancing D
  7. 7. E ggs on the e lephant E
  8. 8. F ive f at f ish F
  9. 9. G rass is g reen G
  10. 10. H ands on h eads H
  11. 11. I am i tching I
  12. 12. J umping in j elly J
  13. 13. K ittys k issing K
  14. 14. L ions l ike l emons L
  15. 15. M onkeys in M cDonald’s M
  16. 16. N umber n ine N
  17. 17. O ld o range o ctopus O
  18. 18. P ink p ig’s p ool P
  19. 19. Q ueens are q uiet Qu
  20. 20. R abbits r unning R
  21. 21. S nakes in the s un S
  22. 22. T igers on t iptoes T
  23. 23. U p u mbrellas u p U
  24. 24. V incent’s v iolin V
  25. 25. W ash the w indow W
  26. 26. Fo x in a bo x X 1 FOX
  27. 27. Y olks are y ummy Y yummy!
  28. 28. Z ebra in the z oo Z