Mobile Gaming: Is It The Future? by Michael Hudson and Steven Gurevitz


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Presentation by Michael Hudson of Codeheads and Steven Gurevitz of 2002Studios about mobile gaming.

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Mobile Gaming: Is It The Future? by Michael Hudson and Steven Gurevitz

  1. 1. MOBILE GAMING IS IT THE FUTURE?By Michael Hudson (CodeHeads) and Steven Gurevitz (2002Studios)
  2. 2. Codeheads: l  Game Development l  Mobile Development l  Social Game Developemt2002 Studios and 2002 Studios Media: •  Content Consultancy •  Music, sound design and voice •  Localization
  3. 3. YES
  4. 4. Statistics by GeekAPhone Some Statisticsl  Mobile entertainment industry worth $33billion in 2010 and expected to be worth $55billion by 2015l  Mobile gaming industry was $8billion of that and expected to hit $11.4billion in 2014l  70 - 80% of downloads are gamesl  53% of mobile gamers are femalel  51% of top 25 grossing games in the App Store are free and freemium games are growingl  81% of all downloads are freel  Game developers earned $87million in 2010 from advertising with earnings set to be 10x that by 2014
  5. 5. But First we Must Define Mobile•  Desktop based, across platforms (wherethe user is mobile and content needs to bein the cloud)•  Smart Phone•  Tablet•  Dedicated Hand held Device
  6. 6. Different Form factors require different content.•  Hardware manufacturers will try toseparate game play experience throughhardware specs.•  Different OS is still a reality•  Flash and HTML5 are allowing multi-platform products, BUT won’t suite allhardware or all game design.
  7. 7. Where Flash comes in and where HTML5 plays a partFlash has great performance! Flash has a great community and user base! Flash has great money backing, with big companys! WARNING THOUGH! Apple hates flash :( WHY?
  8. 8. Where Flash comes in and where HTML5 plays a partSo, flash is great for Android and Blackberry, YAY! Flash is great for iOS applications, YAY! (it is still improving ;) ) Flash works great in some mobile browsers! BUT THE PROBLEM!! Here comes HTML5!
  9. 9. Where Flash comes in and where HTML5 plays a part HTML5 is cross-platform HTML5 is great for web-based Apps HTML5 is great for mobile browsers, works everywhere, it just needs some work ;) BUT Development isnt the easiest, getting it to work on all browsers and devices the same There is plenty of money to be made, but is hard to findMusic and SFX are an issue, needs a bit of work to get sound working properly in HTML5 games
  10. 10. So, Flash or HTML5?l  Well, both, both have their place and both can work together, despite what others thinkl  How widely used each will be depends on the future of mobile, native apps or web-based appsl  Web-based apps (games) are growing and web-based social games for mobile are growingl  So what will these web-based games be made in, well, HTML5 ofcourse, with a social game you want as big an audience as possible, HTML5 can give you that!l  Native apps are still here and are not looking to move any time soon, so flash for mobile, we believe starts herel  Rather than developing games using flash for the mobile web, we believe HTML5 will take that place, but, for native apps, this is where flash can be used! SO, IS MOBILE THE FUTURE?
  11. 11. Is it THAT easy?l  Having a great idea for a game is only part the strugglel Finding people to build it who are RELIABLEl Good level designl High production valuesl Distributionl Exposurel Don’t be scared to share the possible income streams.l Better to get it out there and make a smaller cut than make 100% of nothing
  12. 12. So, is mobile the future? l  Yes it is! Mobile is a huge market right now and is only getting bigger and bigger l  Where do us developers go with mobile then? Web-based flash games for android? HTML5 web-based games? Native apps with flash? Or Native apps with another dev platform? IT IS UPTO YOU!! HTML5 will be big and soon, so why not get in their early!Native apps are big business, but it is crowded, but choose your dev platform and work with itIf going with flash for web-based mobile games, then try for a sponsorship to increase earnings
  13. 13. AND MOST OF ALL! ENJOY IT!!Develop for mobile, it is the way forward and the market is pushing that way, so move with it, notagainst it. But develop the games you enjoy makingMobile is a crowded but big market, so think about exposure/marketingShowing the passion that went into your game will show through to user and increase downloads,sales and game plays.Remember games are played on something, think about the platform when designing the game THE END Any questions, just fire away!