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The content of music videos

  1. 1. The Content of Music Videos
  2. 2. Music in the 1940s-1950sIn the 1940s music was influenced by WW II with huge influences like Glen Miller and the Andrew Sisters.Music was promoted through a feel good care-free type of attitude that teens adored and craved.This type of music was also needed during the time of war.Women in music videos were covered conservatively and did not reveal a lot of skin.By the early 1950s music was mainly focused on the songs story or the emotion being expressed.
  3. 3. In the late 1950s music was dominated by rock and roll with the increasing popularity of the electric guitar.Successes in the late 1950s included Elvis Presley, The Beatles, Johnny Cash and Carl Perkins.Rock and roll in the 1950s changed music forever and was considered the new loud teen oriented music.
  4. 4. Music in 1950s-1960sElvis Presley was a popular teen idol in the 50s .Music videos in the 50s were black and white and females still dressed conservatively.Females would wear dresses and skirts and were rarely seen wearing trousers or jeans.Rock and roll dominated most of the 50s with hits from Chuck Berry, Bobby Day, Elvis Presley, Phil Philips,and The Dominoes.
  5. 5. In the 60s bands like The Byrds changed music forever.Bands like The Byrds began an underground wave known as “The Pshycedelic Era”.This era introduced drugs to be a significant part of creating music and would help listeners to have a more enhanced experince.The Byrds and other bands like the Greatful Dead used and experimented with drugs like marijuana, LCD and acid.Their beliefs were that drugs would would assist hem to create music that would be way better than the music of the 50s.Young hipsters supported this new music and believed that drugs changed the way this new wave of music would be experinced.
  6. 6. The use of drugs became common in the 60s.Youngsters in the 60s would grow up listening to Glen Miller, Benny Goodman, Count Basie,The Beatles and Duke Eglinton.
  7. 7. Music in the 1970s-1980s Disco music was the main genre of music in the 70s.Along with disco music other genres were also popular in the 70s such as pop,salsa,rock music,etc.The 70s marked the time period of experimentation with drugs and music.Band members from The Sex Pistols heavily consumed drugs and alcohol and a wave of rebellion was created throughout the US and the UK.The 70s was able to connect the hippie lifestyle of the 60s with the lifestyle that was about to occur in the 80s.
  8. 8. Michael Jackson was one of the most influential artists of the 80s and known as the king of pop.Music began to be full of shallow songs and one hit wonders.Madonna was known as the queen of pop during the 80s.It was common to see big hair bands nad big hair in music videos.Michael Jacksons thriller album was the best selling of all time.By the end of the 80s Guns and Roses and the Nirvana were arising.
  9. 9. Music in the 1990s-PresentThe 90s was a continuation of teen pop and dance pop music which took place in the 80s.Bands like the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Nirvana had one of the greatest albums ever and the Nirvana destroyed the 80s big hair look.The happy rock years in the mid 90s paved the way for the bubble gum pop in the following years with singers like Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera.This is where sexual lyrics in songs became popular which was also popular in the past years.Teen sensation boy bands like the Backstreet Boys , 98 Degrees, and NSync were also very popular during the 90s.
  10. 10. In todays modern music there are more explicit refrences to sex, violence,alcohol and drugs than there has been in the past.Many would say that the artists/singers of today are talentless and use sexuality and promiscuity to disguise their talentless songs.There is more autotone used in songs to enhance a singers voice.Sexuality has become more widespread in music videos with songs like S&M by Rihanna and Christina Aguileras Dirty music video.Sexual activity like long lip licking or stroking is commonnin music videos.Todays music is continuing to become a growing sexualized culture.
  11. 11. • Today’s music videos contain more sexual lyrics that make more explicit references to drugs,sex and violence.• There is a more accepting attitude towards premarital sex amongst the young people of this generation.• This is supported with an increase in teen pregnancies and teen pregnancy shows such as 16 and pregnant that are watched through networks like MTV• There is a growing concern among parents that their youngsters are watching/listening to too many sexualised images and songs.
  12. 12. Glamourizing Sex, Drugs, Alcohol & violence Rihannas We Found Love videois an example of the use of drugs being glamourized to young people as well as sex and disastrous relationships that involve violence. In the video Rihanna herself is seen doing drugs, alcohol, having sex, and fighting with her loved one(violence). file:///C:/Users/Easyhome/Pictures/pain.png
  13. 13. Rihannas “We Found Love” song can be seen as controversial and an unhealthy influence on teens.When teens watch this video and lsten to the lyrics it tellls them that its okay to do drugs, drink alcohol, and be in violent relationships.Rihanna is also seen shoplifting in this music video which can be seen as self-destructive when combined with everything else she does in her video (smoking,drinking,fighting,etc.)This music video is a prime example of an unhealthy sexualised song released to the young that can negatively impact teens to do self-destructive things.
  14. 14. Here are some pictures from modernday music videos and performancesand how sexualised they are as wellas what they are advertising to theteens of today:
  15. 15. It is evident that the content in todays music videos advertiseviolence, sex, drugs and alcohol after seeing these pictures.Not only do these videos advertise negative images but theyalso promote bias stereotypes towards women and other races.Sexist and homophobic views are promoted in popular songswhich is unhealthy for kids to absorb.Even though sexuality has been used in past music videos ithas gotten to another level where it has sky rocketed in todaysmusic videos like never before.The quality of music has gone down hill as there are rarely anymore songs with meaning and positivity anymore.Majority of the songs contain profanity and other offensivelanguage that attracts young consumers instead of deteringthem.
  16. 16.