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A guide to the top mobile HTML5 companies, tools, services and platforms. Discover mobile HMTL5 app development and Rich Media Advertising.

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Mobile HTML5 Guide

  1. 1. The Best HTML5 CompaniesDiscover the Top Mobile HTML5CompaniesRich Media Mobile AdvertisingMobile HTML5 Development,Tools & Services
  2. 2. About this guide §  Mobile HTML5 is changing mobile advertising, mobile Get in touch apps and services. Feedback, questions? §  This Guide covers some of the key emerging companies in +44 (0) 203 322 2945  the Mobile HTML5 space. §  Get connected to: ü  Mobile HTML5 App @mobyaffiliates Developers ü  Rich Media Advertising mobyaffiliates/ ü  Mobile HTML5 Tools and Service2! Find out more about mobile advertising at
  3. 3. Index 1! Top Mobile HTML5 App Developers 2! Top HTML5 App Stores 3! Top HTML5 Tools/Frameworks 4! Top HTML5 Mobile Advertising Companies3! Find out more about mobile advertising at
  4. 4. Top Mobile HTML5 App Developers •  Assanka – Mobile and web app developer that specialises in HTML5. Responsible for the hugely successful Financial Times HTML5 app. Based in London, UK. •  Golden Gecko – Award-winning mobile app developer that develops across all platforms including HTML5. Based in London, UK with offices in New York. •  Pixel Lab – Award-winning mobile game developer that focuses exclusively on HTML5. Responsible for porting the hit game Cut The Rope to HTML5. Based in •  Perception Systems – IT solutions provider that also specialises in HTML5 mobile game and app development. Based in Gujarat, India. •  Brain Swap – Boutique HTML5 mobile app developers with clients including Skype and Audivoom. Based in San Franscisco, with offices in New York. •  Plexical - iOS, Android and HTML5 developer that has developed a number of multiplatform apps, such as Ultra Motor and Eutaxia Mobile. Based in Sweden. •  Meta Design Solutions – App developer based in India that offers HTML5 mobile app development. •  Next Root – App developer that specialises in cross platform HTML5 web apps and websites. Based in Timisoara, Romania.4! Find out more about mobile advertising at
  5. 5. Top HTML5 App Stores •  OpenAppMkt – App market that distributes web-apps built in HTML5. Unlike the traditional 70/30 split, developers keep 80% of app sale revenue. •  WAC – HTML5 app store run by the Wireless Application Community, a consortium of telcos and other companies who aim to promote HTML5 on mobile. •  Zeewee – App store that focuses exclusively on HTML5 apps. Claims to have over 1 million app downloads since launch. •  iTsmy – HMTL5 gaming platform for smartphones, tablets and browsers. Offers iTsmy’s own game catalogue along with third party games.5! Find out more about mobile advertising at
  6. 6. Top Mobile HTML5 App Developers •  Sencha – HTML5 framework developer that aims to create an end-to-end solution for designing, developing and deploying HTML5 web apps. •  Netbiscuits – Cloud platform for developing and deploying HTML5 mobile web apps. Clients include PayPal, Sears and IDG. •  Appmobi - Award-winning company that provides development tools and services for HTML5 mobile platform, including in-app payments, analytics, live app updates and push messaging. •  Appcloud – HTML5 web app hosting platform from Brightcove. Provides developers with device specific APIs, real time analytics and cloud content services. •  Mobile Conduit – HTML5 web app development platform from Conduit that aims to streamline and simplify HTML5 app creation, while keeping the end product unique and dynamic. •  PhoneGap – HTML5 app platform ‘wrapper’ that lets developers build a web app and turn it into a native app to get access to APIs and app stores. Was acquired last year by Adobe. •  jQuery Mobile – Unified HTML5 user interface system based on the jQuery UI foundation. •  KonyOne – App platform from Kony that provides single application definition for native apps and HTML5 apps. •  WeaverApps – HTML5 mobile web app development platform that also provides custom HTML5 apps and app marketing.6! Find out more about mobile advertising at
  7. 7. Top Mobile HTML5 Mobile Advertising Companies •  Mobile 5 – Mobile marketing and advertising agency that specialises in developing rich media HTML5 ads for mobile. Based in London, UK. •  Celtra – HTML5 ad creation platform that enables rich media ads across mobile apps and the mobile web. •  MobDis – Mobile advertising platform that allows advertisers to create rich HTML5 mobile ads and video ads. •  TapIt! – Mobile ad network that offers HTML5 ad creation and has been a strong proponent of HTML5 mobile ads. •  Sprout – Mobile ad company specialising in rich HTML5 ads. Was recently bought by global mobile ad network InMobi. Based in San Francisco7! Find out more about mobile advertising at
  8. 8. Your Next Step •  To start working with the worlds top Mobile HTML5 Companies Get in touch just go to Feedback, questions? •  We connect mobile app and game developers, affiliates and +44 (0) 203 322 2945  brands with mobile marketing services •  You can also find guides and advice to help you: @mobyaffiliates ü  buy mobile advertising ü  promote your app or mobile mobyaffiliates/ sites ü  increase your mobile revenues8! Find out more about mobile advertising at