Mobile App Promotion Guide 2013


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The Mobile App Promotion Guide covers all the key mobile app marketing channels including Appstore Optimization (ASO), App Discovery Apps, App Review Sites, App Marketing Agencies and App Analytics. Use it to find suppliers, increase your appstore rankings and generate downloads and loyal users.

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Mobile App Promotion Guide 2013

  1. 1. PromoteYour AppIncreaseAppstoreRankingsAcquireLoyal UsersTHEGUIDETOHELPYOU:1
  2. 2. Find out more about mobile app promotion at mobyaffiliates.com2AppFlood is a mobile advertising and cross-promotion network for Android and iOS developerswho want to buy, sell, and exchange users for free.Rather than lose 40% to traditional mobile adnetworks, app developers can buy and sell installson the only 100% freemium mobile ad network.Alternatively, app developers without marketingbudgets can cross-promote each other’s advertisingwith other apps to receive new users for free.Buy and Sell Installs on the Appflood Exchange
  3. 3. Find out more about mobile app promotion at This guide is designed to help youpromote your mobile app To promote your app effectivelyyou need to try every channelpossible We’ve created a list of all thedifferent app promotion networks,agencies and tools Review the list and find new waysto drive downloads and users foryour app
  4. 4. Find out more about mobile app promotion at mobyaffiliates.com41 App Promotion Networks2 Appstore Optimization3 App Promotion Agencies4 App Reviews5 Appstores6 App Discovery Apps7 App Tracking
  5. 5. Find out more about mobile app promotion at mobyaffiliates.com5Appflood – Offers a commission-free cross promotion exchange and advertising on acost-per-install basisJampp – Data Driven App promotion platform for iOS and Android, taps into 80+ adnetworks and publishers and only charges on a Cost per Install basis. Serves Europe,USA and Latin America.TapJoy – App promotion network that offers a range of mobile virtual currency andcross promotion solutionsAppLift –Mobile App Promotion network focused on mobile games, offeringdistribution on a CPA or affiliate basisApplifier - App promotion network that works by delivering a user to your app everytime your app delivers a user to another developer – with no fees involved. Based inHelsinki, Finland, with offices in San Francisco.Adduplex – App promotion network that’s focused on the Windows Phone 7 operatingsystem. Based in Helsinki, Finland.Appucino – Platform that uses location based marketing to promote videogame appsand brands. Owned by developer Games2Win and based in Mumbai, India.Flurry – Mobile analytics and app promotion network that offers targeted useracquisition to developers via its AppCircle app recommendation
  6. 6. Find out more about mobile app promotion at mobyaffiliates.com6G6Pay – App promotion network focuses on offering non-incentivized pay-per-installdownloads on Android and iOS. Based in California, USA.MauDau – App promotion network that offers a similar solution to Applifier wherebydevelopers effectively trade app downloads for free. Based in Chicago, USA.W3i - App promotion network that offers non-incentivized downloads on a pay-per-engagement basis. Helped promote top 10 iOS app Tiny Zoo. Based in San Francisco,USA.ChartBoost – Offers both internal app cross promotion, across a developer’s own applibrary, and the ability for developers to directly set-up cross-promotion deals betweeneach other. Based in San Francisco, USA.Ad Dash – App promotion/advertising network that lets developers set-up their across promotion ad networks within their own library of apps.AdColony – Mobile ad network that focuses on HD video advertisements for apps,where developers pay only if a video ad has been viewed to completion. Based in LosAngeles, California.LunarAds – App promotion network that allows users to cross-promote withthemselves and other developers for free. Based in Missouri, USA.Clash Media - Mobile marketing company that offers a cost per download app cross-promotion platform. Based in London, UK.
  7. 7. Find out more about mobile app promotion at mobyaffiliates.com7TapGen – Allows developers to promote their apps across a non-incentivized curatedapp wall, as well as platform that promotes apps while also offering userscompetitions and special offers.AndroidPIT –Android Pit is a specialist android appstore that offers distribution toAndroid app developers across its networkTap for Tap – Tap for Tap gives app developers two cost-effective ways to promotetheir apps and a simple way of generating ad revenue in one easy- to-use platformCPAdvert –CPAdvert provides advertisers with iOS app installs, customer signups,subscriptions and engagements.Appsfire – a premier marketing network for developers helping them to distributeapps and games to relevant usersAppnext – appnext is a smart promotional platform for mobile apps that uses a rangeof different channels to deliver installsBeluga Boost – Beluga helps developers to best utilize their current user base andbrings millions of new installs to games and apps.
  8. 8. Find out more about mobile app promotion at mobyaffiliates.com8Gtekna –offers CPI based burst marketing mobile app promotion servicesImpact Mobi – provides app promotion services on a CPA basis with strongrelationships with leading DSPs/ buying platforms and publishersAd4Screen – offers a range of app promotion services including cross-promotion, burstmarketing, analytics and engagement toolsMobPartner – promotes apps and games for leading publishers on a CPI/ CPA modelacross a network of affiliates and media buyers
  9. 9. Find out more about mobile app promotion at – Tool that helps developers better optimise their apps for different appstores.MobileDevHQ – App store optimisation tool that lets you tracking your rankings andoptimise search – Link tracking tool, similar to, that lets you track how many users clickon a link to your app store page and then go on download your app.Apptamin –Amazing app marketing company offering app videos, appstoreoptimization, guides and moreASO Professional – one of the world’s leading app marketers offering podcasts,training, services and consultingAppClover – app marketing portal offering guides as well as individual servicesincluding ASO, app videos, app icons and other packages and bundlesAppnique – ASO keyword tool providing insights into keyword search volumes andperformanceApp Store Rankings – appstore ranking is a keyword optimization tool that works onboth iOS and Android
  10. 10. Find out more about mobile app promotion at mobyaffiliates.com10Dimoso – Global specialist app marketing and PR agency providing full service mobilemarketing solutions to leading app developersFetch – Award winning mobile marketing agency with deep expertise in apppromotion and media buying based in London and San FransiscoCombo App – App promotion agency offering PR, ASO and chart placementscampaigns. Headquartered in Chicago USA, with offices in Vancouver, Canada.OnTheMob – App development and promotion agency that focuses on media buying,press relations and product strategy. Clients include Citroen and MasterCard. Based inTel Aviv, Israel.Amadeus Consulting – App and software developer that also offers app promotion,including social media marketing, press relations and Flurry analytics. Based inColorado, - Full service app promotion agency based in Herzeliya, Israel.Worked with apps such as the KungFu Panda Storybook and Retrogram.App Promo – Full service app marketing agency offering PR, ASO, development, mobileadvertising and more. Based in Toronto, Canada.My First Mobile App – App developer agency that also offers promotion servicesacross all smartphone platforms.
  11. 11. Find out more about mobile app promotion at mobyaffiliates.com11Dot Com Infoway – App developer and promotion agency that offers a range ofservices including press relations, social media and app update recommendations.Based in San Francisco USA, with offices in India and The Netherlands.Apppli – App developer and app promotion company offering SEO, ASO, PPC, micrositedevelopment and other app promotion services. Based in London, UK.App Optimisers – UK-based app promotion agency specialising in social mediamarketing, video and blog promotion. Claims to have promoted 5 top 10-ranking apps.ProAppMarketing - ‘Boutique’ app marketing agency based in the UK. Offers App-focused PR services, app sponsorship campaigns, blogger outreach and more.MobiZest - Full service marketing agency that specialises in mobile and apppromotion. Clients include Intent Media and Just Eat. Based in London, UK.PressPect – App marketing agency that helps promote your app in Russia. Offers PRservices, translation and Russian app store optimisation. Based in Moscow, Russia.Sosemo – Digital marketing agency that offers app promotion services such as PR, appstore optimisation and review site submissions. Based in New York City, USA.
  12. 12. Find out more about mobile app promotion at mobyaffiliates.com12AppsAsia – Apps Asia is a mobile app promotion company focused on the Koreanmarket, but for domestic titles and for international app and game developersAppency – a full service mobile app marketing agency offering PR and marketingservices on a global basisAppSlicker – London based mobile app marketing provider offering a full range of appmarketing and PR servicesM&C Saatchi Mobile – Provide media buying, app marketing, creative services toleading brands, publishers and businessesSomo – leading mobile agency operating on a global basis and working for the biggestclientsPulse Mobile – a worldwide mobile media buying agency offering mobile appmarketing and ad planning solutionsApp Marketing Agentur –specialist German-based mobile app marketing agencyoffering a full service of app launch and app marketing campaignsSurikate – French mobile app marketing agency now expanding internationallyincluding into London and offering a range of mobile app promotion servicesAvai - App developer that also offers app promotion and marketing services. Based inTexas, USA.
  13. 13. Find out more about mobile app promotion at mobyaffiliates.com13Applaunch – offers a submission service that hits all the major app review sites from asingle formAppromoter – App promotion platform, which lets developers submit their app into adatabase that acts as a resource for journalists and bloggers looking to review apps.AppReviewPros offers five “unbiased app reviews” from its team of reviewersAppShout focuses entirely on iOS app promotion and is really a newswire service forapps.AppStorm – Features separate sites for iPhone/Windows/Android app reviews, but allpart of the Envato network. Invites devs to submit apps. Also welcomes free apppromotional giveaways.Touch Arcade – Popular iOS gaming site that features news and reviews. Welcomesreview submissions, promo codes and app pre-announcements/previews.appscovery – Website that lets developers sign-up for free and write an articlepromoting their app. Appears to accept any content/review as long as its originalmaterial.Pocket Gamer – Popular gaming site that covers mobile games and has a large portiondedicated to Android and iOS. Invites devs to submit apps but says it gets a lot ofsubmission, so you need to stand out.
  14. 14. Find out more about mobile app promotion at mobyaffiliates.com14148Apps – Popular iPhone and iPad app review site. Accepts apps for review and alsoprovides guidelines on the level of quality needed to be considered for review.Blog do iPhone – iPhone and iPad news and review site in Spanish. Accepts appsubmissions and preview submissions.Slide to Play – Review site dedicated to iOS gaming. Accepts submitted review apps,with assets and links to videos. Also interested in promo codes for prize giveaways.iPhone Life – The website of iPhone review magazine, iPhone Life. Invites devs to sendin apps, also offers opportunity to join a vendor network and write guest blogs.Pad Gadget – Review site that focuses purely on the iPad. Has a submission form fordevelopers to send in their app.iPhone Applications List – Not a review site, but rather a list of apps that links toexternal reviews and videos. Theres an email address devs can use to get their applisted.App Safari – iPhone and iPad review site that has an app submission form fordevelopers. Also invites developers to run giveaway promotions on site.App Craver – iPhone and iPad review site that invites developers to submit reviewapps and requests for interviews/previews.
  15. 15. Find out more about mobile app promotion at mobyaffiliates.com15iFanzine – Review site that focuses on iPhone games. Invites developers to submitrequests for reviews, previews and interviews/features.AppGamer – App review site that focuses purely on videogames. Invites developers tosubmit assets and mobile games for review.AppModo – App review site that covers iOS, Android, and Windows Phone platforms.Contact page link was broken when we checked, but looks like it accepts appsubmissions and giveaways.Smart Keitai – App review and news site that covers all platforms but focuses onAndroid. Doesnt have a specific developer submission form, but we assume it acceptsapp submissions.FanAppic – iPhone and iPad review site - that makes a point of saying it doesnt acceptpayments for reviews. Works with app promotion company App Launch.TouchGen – Popular mobile game review site that covers iPad and iPhone. Welcomesdeveloper submissions and provides a number of submission guidelines.App Guide – German-language iPhone app review site that welcomes app submissionsfrom developers.BestAppsForKids – App review site that focuses on child-friendly iOS apps. Acceptsapp submissions but says it only reviews apps that its likely to give a 4 or 5 starreview.
  16. 16. Find out more about mobile app promotion at mobyaffiliates.com16App Store Apps – iPhone app review site that welcomes app submissions fromdevelopers. Editor says his review list is over 1000 apps long, so you may have to waita while!The App Whisperer – App review site that focuses on photography apps. Not reallyclear if they charge for reviews or not, but they appear to offer some kind ofpromotional service.Top App Reviews – Just focuses on iPad app reviews and app round ups. Has asubmission form for devs to submit their app.Touch Reviews – iPhone and iPad app review site that accepts developer appsubmission. Also accepts ad-hoc builds.Touch My Apps – iPhone and iPad app review site. Doesnt have a specific developerpage, but we assume you can submit apps via the contact page.The Appera – iPhone and iPad mobile game review site. Welcomes app submissionsand advises you send pre-release code for faster turn around.Best Kids Apps – As the name suggest, review site focused on kids apps. Covers iPhone,iPad and Android and accepts app submission from devs (as long as theyre kid-friendly).The iPhone Mom – iPhone app review site aimed at parents and covering childrensapps mainly. Invites devs to send apps in for review and wants promotions/giveaways.
  17. 17. Find out more about mobile app promotion at mobyaffiliates.com17AppPicker – Focuses on reviewing iPhone and iPad apps. Features an app submissionform for developers.IKidsApps - Review site that covers childrens apps on Apples App Store. Welcomesdev submissions. Also welcomes promotional giveaways and app sales.ApplenApps – Focuses on iPhone and iPad app reviews. Welcomes enquiries from appdevelopers but doesnt want unsolicited promo codes.Whats On iPhone – iPhone and Android app review site (despite the name) thatwelcomes submissions and app giveaway opportunities from devs.AppsToUse – Android and iOS app review site. Invites devs to send in app submissions,but requires reader giveaways if your app is not free to download.AppSmile – iPhone and iPad news and review site that welcomes app submissionsfrom developers.AppAddict – iPhone and iPad review site. Adheres to OATS standards. Welcomes appreview submissions from developers.BestAppSite – iOS app review website that offers news, reviews and round ups.Features an app submission form for developers.TouchArchive - iOS, Windows 8, Android and Mac app review site. Features appsubmission form. Doesnt look like it charges, but mentions ad opportunities.
  18. 18. Find out more about mobile app promotion at mobyaffiliates.com18App Chatter – iPhone app review website. Welcomes app developer submissions. Alsoruns an app database that you can submit to.Giggle Apps – App site that focuses on kid-friendly fare. Works with developer submissions.OneDayOneApp – Website that focuses on promoting one iOS app per day on itshomepage. Features a submission page for devs.BuyMeAnIPhone – Video reviews and news on iPhone apps. Welcomes appsubmissions from developers.Appy Smarts – iOS, Windows Phone and Android review site. Focuses on educationalapps. Welcomes submissions from devs and app giveaways etc.AppsOnTap – iOS and Mac app review site thats currently accepting app submissionsfor review. Requires screenshots and promo codes.TechTools4Mom – Android and iOS app review site that – as the name suggests –focuses on apps “that can help busy” moms. Accepts submissions.ItunesGames – Reviews iPhone and iPad games only. Interested in pre-release gamesand any app submissions.ShineApp – Android, iPhone and iPad app review site. Features a number of differentwriters with different interests. Invites devs to submit apps to relevant writers.
  19. 19. Find out more about mobile app promotion at mobyaffiliates.com19IgameRadio – Podcast and review site that covers iOS mobile games. Welcomes devsubmissions, but says it focuses on original/unique games suited to their readers.IpwnGames – Review site for iOS games. Doesnt look that frequently updated, butinvites devs to send in their games for review.IOS RPG Site – As the name suggests, this one focuses purely on iOS RPGs reviews.Looks like it will review any and every iOS RPG, so worth getting in contact.FreeAppsArcade – Focuses on highlighting one free iOS game per day. Says it does itsbest to respond to every dev submission.AppsReviews4U – Review site that focuses on iOS apps. Frequently updated. Invitesdevs to send in promo codes via a submission form.IphoneGamesReview – iOS game review website. Welcomes developer promo codesubmissions. Says it strives to be objective as possible.AppZilla – UK-based mobile game review site. Not that frequently updated. Welcomesdevs to get in touch if they have an app for review.Applorer – Regularly updated Android mobile game review site. Welcomes developerapp submissions.APPS24H – iOS and Android mobile game review site. Welcomes dev submissions.Based Vietnam.
  20. 20. Find out more about mobile app promotion at mobyaffiliates.com20Wp7AppList – Windows Phone app directory and review site. Focuses more on thedirectory side of things, but invites devs to submit apps for review.WPApp – Windows Phone-only app review site. Allows people to submit their own appreviews, so presumably you can review your own app.Crazy Mikes Apps – iOS and Android review site that offers regular written reviewsand also paid-for video demo/showcases and social media promotion for appdevelopers.iPhoneAppReview – iPhone and iPad-only app review website that works on a pay-per-review basis (although does review some apps no charge). Prices start from $59.The Smartphone App Review – Android, iOS and Windows Phone review site. Focuseson paid for reviews. Prices start at $39 plus a free ad. More money will get you aspeedier turn around and extra promotion.The iPad Fan – iPad-only review site that offers both free and paid-for reviews. Pricesfor a paid review start at $75, along with Facebook and Twitter promotion.iPhone Toolbox – Review site that focuses on iPhone apps. Only offers paid appreviews. Prices start at $25 per review, with $50 getting you a front page placement.
  21. 21. Find out more about mobile app promotion at mobyaffiliates.com21App Store Arcade – iOS app review site that charges developers per review. Says youcan not purchase a positive review. Prices start from $35. Other promotional optionsavailable.AppDictions – Reviews iPhone, iPad and Mac apps. Charges developers for reviews.Prices start from $30 and climb up to $150, adding video and other promotionalbonus.Apps400 – Covers iPhone, Android and web apps. Offers both free reviews andfeatured reviews, which are paid. Featured reviews are presumably promoted on thefront page.iPhoneFootPrint – iPhone and iPad app review site that offers expediated reviews forpayments. An expediated and guaranteed review cost $29.IPhoneAppsReviewOnline – iPhone app review site. Offers regular reviews as well as a“featured review service” for a “small fee”.App Shrink – Covers all mobile platforms and some desktop platforms. Offers paidreviews and various promotional packages, starting from $ – Directory/review site that focuses entirely on iPhone games. Onlyruns paid listings, which start from $49.
  22. 22. Find out more about mobile app promotion at mobyaffiliates.com22iPhone Glance – iPhone and iPad mobile game review site. Focuses on promotion anMyiPadApps – iPad only app review site. Offers free reviews and paid for reviews. Thepaid for reviews are 24hr guaranteed and benefit from extra promotion. Prices startat $39.AppDigity – Windows Phone, iOS, Android and web app review site. Offers paidreviews from $10. Also offers a free review service, where the developer can write thereview themselves.App Advice – iOS-only app discovery site that features reviews and news. Invitesdevs to send in review apps and take part in sneak peak features/previews.The Unofficial Apple Weblog – Apple site owned by AOL featuring app reviews foriPad and iPhone. Offers devs an app submission form to send in review code.Gamezebo – Popular mobile gaming review site that covers pretty much all platforms.Accepts apps for reviews, previews and also invites devs to write op-eds and take partin interviews.
  23. 23. Find out more about mobile app promotion at mobyaffiliates.com23GetJar – One of the biggest 3rd party app stores currently in operations. Claims todistribute more than 350 thousand mobile apps, with 395 registered developers. Alsooffers a pay per download system to help developers get visibility.Handmark – App developer behind popular Tweetcast app, which also runs an appstore for Android, BlackBerry, Windows and Palm devices.Handster - Claims to features over 30,000 apps from 4000 vendors across Android,Symbian, Java and BlackBerry platforms. Also offers white label platform tomanufacturers, distributors and carriers. Owned by Opera.Mobango – Mobile content-sharing store, which allows users to upload and sharevideos, ringtone and photos, as well as applications.Appolicious – Editorially-curated app directory that helps developers get their appsrated and discovered. In association with Yahoo.Handango – Independent app store run by PocketGear, offers apps on BlackBerry,Windows Mobile, Android and Symbian platforms. Works with app marketplace Appia.Appia – Marketplace that creates app stores for clients and distributes apps to avariety of different app stores. Claims to have a combined audience of 250 million, viamore than 20 different app stores.Biskero – Mobile content store that focuses on distributing Flash games and apps tomobile devices. Works primarily across Android and Nokia handsets.
  24. 24. Find out more about mobile app promotion at mobyaffiliates.comAppitalism – Indie app store that claims to feature over 1 million apps. Focuses onsocial features to aid app discoverability. Owned by Liberty Media.AppCentral – Platform that helps companies launch and maintain their own app store.Focuses on productivity apps. Formally known as Ondeego.Maopao – One of China’s biggest app stores, distributing apps across iPhone, Androidand Symbian platforms. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like the website has an Englishtranslation.AppCity - French app store that claims over 340 thousand users. Distributes appsacross iPhone, Android and BlackBerry platforms.Google Play – Google’s official Android app store, which features over 500,000 apps, aswell as music and video streaming services.AppsLib – Claims to be the second largest Android app store after Google Play.Specialises in lesser-known Android devices, such as tablets and eReaders, that areunable to get Google certification. Claims to have install base of over 2 million tabletsworldwide.SlideMe - Provides ‘on device’ application store for device manufactures, as well as aweb-based platform. Also offers app store solutions to niche markets.24
  25. 25. Find out more about mobile app promotion at mobyaffiliates.com25Soci.i0 – Android-focused content store that provides apps, e-books (along with itsown ebook reader), videos and music. Bills itself as an Android ‘mobile mall’.1Mobile – Android app store that focuses mainly on games and claims over 60thousand total apps.Camangi - Android app store that focuses on apps built for larger 6-inch to 10-inchtablet devices. Claims to currently host over 100 apps.Nook App Store – Official app store for Barnes & Noble’s Nook e-reader, which runs onAndroid.AppBrain – Website that helps users discover Android apps across the official GooglePlay store and other indie stores.Appoke – Android app store with social features, allowing users to recommend apps tofriends and earn credits to download paid apps.Amazon Appstore – Amazon’s app store has been remarkable popular since thecompany launched its Kindle Fire tablet device. Currently boasts over 30,000 apps, andclaims a higher paid app download rate than Google Play.MiKandi – Android-only app store that focuses on adult-themed applications.AndroidPit – App store run by the Berlin-based Android website AndroidPit. Includesapps selected by editorial team.
  26. 26. Find out more about mobile app promotion at mobyaffiliates.com26MatchFuel- Not quite an app store, but provides daily app videogamerecommendations to Android users via a storefront. Formally known as Andspot.App Store – Apple’s official iOS application store and is still thought to be the biggestapp store available across all smartphone platforms, though Android is catching-upfast.PremierAppShop – Legal iPhone application store that delivers downloadable apps,which can be used offline via a browser-based shopfront.BBNation- BlackBerry-focused content portal with apps, themes, ringtone and games.Owned by Motek Americas.
  27. 27. Find out more about mobile app promotion at mobyaffiliates.com27Game Finder – Mobile game discovery platform created by German company HitFox. Actsas a “quality filter” allowing users to search for only the best mobile games.AppGratis – Focuses on giving users one free app per day. One of the more popularplatforms out there, which recently received significant VC funding.MagicSolver – Creator of Free App Magic. Also has a few seasonal themed-app discoveryapps based around Valentines Day, Halloween, Christmas and other events.FreeMyApps – App discovery platform from Fiksu. Allows users to earn iTunes gift cardsas rewards for downloading free apps.App Turbo - Another app discovery platform coming out of France with over 12mdownloads of its appAppFlow – App discovery app that first launched on Windows Phone and is now availableon iPhone. Uses a unique visual UI to let users visually inspect.Hubbl – App discovery platform that uses a space-themed interface to help users findapps. Takes its name from the Hubble Telescope.Kinetik – Social platform that helps app consumers share apps and get recommendationsvia social networks. Also allows devs to connect with users and promote apps.
  28. 28. Find out more about mobile app promotion at mobyaffiliates.com28Discovr Apps – Discovr has a range of apps that help users discover music, people, moviesand other apps. Only available on iPhone at the moment.Zwapp – iOS Platform that helps you find and share apps with your friends. Very social-orientated, lets you recommend apps to friends.App Hero – Offers users personalised app recommendations based on interests andpreferences. Also features a social aspect letting you see apps your friends havedownloaded.AppAware – Recommends a daily spread of Android apps for users. Also uses a friendsystem to recommend apps. Currently only on Google Play.Playboard – Provides recommended apps and a personalised app store for users, lettingyou customise channels and see editorially handpicked apps daily. Android only.Best Apps Market – Android-only apps market that focuses on the top free apps andgames. Feature apps picked by reviewers and experts.1Mobile Market – Android-based platform that focuses on free apps. Lets users find appsthat interest them via a variety of categories. Doesn’t look like it offers much over GooglePlay.
  29. 29. Find out more about mobile app promotion at mobyaffiliates.com29AppDesTages – German app discovery platform that offers a new free app every day. Onlyon Google Play and only in German (but links to English apps).App Freeway – iOS-only app discovery platform that showcases five leading apps weeklyand delivers them to users for free. Developed by Kankado.Free App Magic – Discovery app from UK developer Magic Solver. Available on App Storeand Google Play.App Free – Offers free paid apps and offers apps at discount prices. Also allows users totrack apps to find out when they reduce in price or become free.Apps Hits for iPad – Helps users find apps quickly by providing a more list-like userinterface compared to the App Store. Lets you search by ranking and price.Appbzr – Discovery platform that emphasises finding cheap apps and apps on sale.Searches for price drops every hour and provides personalised recommendations.Appcast – Lets you search app store rankings across 62 countries and acrossiPhone/iPad/Top grossing/Top free categories.App Deals – App discovery platform for Windows Phone users. Offers one free or reducedprice (for a limited time) app per day.Appiday – iOS discovery platform that aims to find discounted and free apps on a dailybasis for users. Provides push notifications.
  30. 30. Find out more about mobile app promotion at mobyaffiliates.com30Appminer – App discovery platform from Bitrino. Constantly “mines” the App Store forprice changes and deliver the cheapest deals to users. Also lets you set price targets.App-o-day – iOS discovery platform that picks one app per day and negotiates a free dealfor its users. Also offers early reviews on apps.Appsfire – Platform for iOS and Android that lets developers promote their apps, boostengagement and increase their user base. Used by brands such as EA and Spotify.AppsGoneFree – iOS discovery platform that filters the top rated apps and notifies userswhen they go on sale or become free. Also has an editorial team that reviews each app.Appzapp – Another iOS app that aims to instantly inform users when another app goes onsale. Can notify via push or – Discovery platform for iOS that lets users see what apps their friends areusing, quickly rate apps and receive recommendations.FreeAppFinder – App discovery platform from the German company RapidRabbit Apps.Highlights whenever paid apps drop to free.FreeAppTracker – Another platform that monitors when apps drop their price or go free.Lets you share deals via Facebook and Twitter.FreeGamesDailyBestApp – Focuses on delivering a curated selection of free games on adaily basis and lets you track price drops. IOS only.
  31. 31. Find out more about mobile app promotion at mobyaffiliates.com31FreeAppADay – As the name suggest, platform that delivers one free app per day. Alsofeatures game reviews and trailers.GameChannel – App discovery run by gaming platform OpenFeint. Highlights a variety ofdiscounted and free games across the OpenFeint network.BigFishGames – Discovery platform that highlights a variety of mobile game discounts.Available on both Android and iPhone.HotAppFinder – Another discovery platform from RapidRabbit. This one gives users adetailed look at what apps are trending and generating the most downloads.HotAppDeals – Monitors what apps have been recently made free and dropped in price.Also allows sharing deals via social platforms.I Like Free Apps – Lets you check for the latest free apps on the App Store. Features dailyupdates to track price changes.MonsterFreeApps – Delivers daily free app deals to users. Says it saves its users over $60per month in app fees.Pandora Box – Lets you create favourite lists to track app prices and provides notificationswhenever apps become free.Tapjoy – Incentivised app download network that also has an app discovery web-app.Users get rewards for downloading apps and get daily deals and other offers.
  32. 32. Find out more about mobile app promotion at mobyaffiliates.com32Ad-X Tracking – AD-X is used by a lot of the major ad agencies and other advertisers totrack mobile app marketing campaignsMobile App Tracking – this is the mobile solution from the team at Has Offers and isincredibly well respected and widely usedApsalar – a one stop shop for mobile app analytics and advertising tracking – acquireusers, track their behavior and then get them to engage with retargetingSwrve – specialist app analytics for in-app revenues offering specialist tracking andmanagement of key metricsCountly – track and monitor in-app analytics and behaviors in real time through aneasy to use dashboardAppsFlyer – offers mobile app installation and tracking services for developer andpublishers
  33. 33. Find out more about mobile app promotion at mobyaffiliates.com33AppFlood is a mobile advertising and cross-promotion network for Android and iOS developerswho want to buy, sell, and exchange users for free.Rather than lose 40% to traditional mobile adnetworks, app developers can buy and sell installson the only 100% freemium mobile ad network.Alternatively, app developers without marketingbudgets can cross-promote each other’s advertisingwith other apps to receive new users for free.Buy and Sell Installs on the Appflood Exchange
  34. 34. Find out more about mobile app promotion at• To find out more about apppromotion go• Weve created a directory of apppromotion services as well asuseful guides to: Appstore Optimization App Promotion Appstores Mobile advertising• We always like to hear from youso get in touch any time!