Mobile advertising networks directory 2013


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A directory of mobile ad networks across a range of types

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Mobile advertising networks directory 2013

  1. 1. 2013 EDITION MOBILE ADVERTISING NETWORKS Mobile Advertising Networks Directory 2013 October 2013
  2. 2. Mobile Advertising Networks Directory © | 909d442f-ca5c-46c2-bf5e-33ec29f66b26 2 1 Introduction .............................................................................................................. 3 2 Global Mobile Ad Networks.................................................................................. 4 3 App Promotion Networks..................................................................................... 4 4 Regional Mobile Ad Networks............................................................................. 8 5 Specialist Mobile Ad Networks .........................................................................11 6 Location-Based Mobile Ad Networks..............................................................13 7 Rich Media and Video Networks ......................................................................14 8 Mobile Buying Platforms and DSPs .................................................................15 9 Mobile Ad Servers..................................................................................................17 10 Mobile Affiliate Networks................................................................................18 11 Premium Mobile Ad Networks.......................................................................20 12 Conclusions and Next Steps ............................................................................21
  3. 3. Mobile Advertising Networks Directory © | 909d442f-ca5c-46c2-bf5e-33ec29f66b26 3 1 Introduction Welcome to our 2013 directory of mobile ad networks. Here you will find a round- up of all the major networks on the market, broken down into seven key areas. Mobile ad networks are becoming increasingly diversified, as the silver bullet the industry was waiting for a few years ago is starting to look somewhat stuck in the barrel. Instead a mix of solutions have emerged to help advertisers and publishers increase their revenues and ROI, and help developers get their apps onto devices. The types of networks we’ve identified are:  Global Mobile Ad Networks – Mobile ad networks that specialize in providing truly global traffic and inventory.  App Promotion Networks – These networks focus on promoting mobile apps, via CPI or free exchanges.  Regional Mobile Ad Networks – If you want to target ads or sell inventory in a particular regional market, then these are the networks for you.  Specialist Mobile Ad Networks – Specialist networks include everything from adult content networks to innovative formats like voice ads.  Location-based Mobile Ad Networks – Ad networks that use hyper- local geo-location targeting to deliver ads within 100 meters.  Rich Media Mobile Ad Networks – These networks specialize in rich ads, such as animations, games and video.  Mobile Buying Platforms and DSPs – If you’re looking for Real Time Bidding platforms then check these guys out.  Mobile Ad Servers – Want to get more hands on when it comes to managing inventory? Check out these ad servers.  Mobile Affiliate Networks – Ad networks that work on a performance basis such as CPA and CPL. You can find more at our online directory of mobile ad services
  4. 4. Mobile Advertising Networks Directory © | 909d442f-ca5c-46c2-bf5e-33ec29f66b26 4 2 Global Mobile Ad Networks Global mobile ad networks are the big boys giving you the most reach across multiple territories and across a large network of sites and apps. They may lack some of the transparency and focus of other solutions, but advertisers get a global audience, wide range of ad units and hands-off approach, while publishers can benefit from high fill rates. NativeX – offers a range of monetization, user acquisition and advertising solutions on a global basis on CPA, CPI and CPM based models LeadBolt – One of the biggest mobile ad networks out there. Specialises in offering a wide-variety of ad-unit models, from banners to audio ads. Mainly CPC-based. Mmedia – Self-service mobile ad network from Millennial Media. Aimed at advertisers on a budget. Focuses on CPC and CPM revenue models. Avazu Mobile - RTB-enabled global mobile ad network offering a range of inventory for mobile ad campaigns across the globe Millennial Media – One of the biggest mobile ad networks out there. Millennial offers a range of ad solutions, including rich media ads, video, banners and interstitials. Inmobi – Global blind mobile ad network and premium network with reach in markets including the UK, India and South Africa. Offers both banners and rich media.) Admob – Arguably the biggest ad network on the market, Admob is owned by Google and offers a range of rich media and other ad types. Also offers free internal cross promotion. Jumptap – Offers a range of ad revenue models, including CPM, CPC, CPI and CPA. Focuses on banner ads and the US market. (recently acquired by Millenial) AdModa – Claims to be the fastest growing global mobile ad network in the world. Self service. Also runs the adult-focused AdultModa.
  5. 5. Mobile Advertising Networks Directory © | 909d442f-ca5c-46c2-bf5e-33ec29f66b26 5 3 App Promotion Networks As the name suggests, app promotion networks are focused on driving app installs for developers. These networks have taken off in a big way over the last couple of years and they come in a variety of forms. Perhaps the most disruptive is the cross exchange networks, which allow developers to essentially swap app installs with each other without paying a penny. You’ve also got incentivized networks, which offers users rewards for engaging with ads and downloading apps, as well as straightforward cost per install networks, which only charge you when a user installs your app. Appflood – App cross promotion network, which lets devs get a free exchange on their apps. Focuses on mobile games. Also offers a CPI network. Appia - App Promotion ad network and exchange offering a range of cost per install models and services AppLift - Mobile Games marketing platform based in Berlin and now expanding worldwide. Appnext – CPI network and app discovery platform that focuses purely on mobile and social games. Supports iOS, Android and Facebook games. Jampp - Data-driven mobile advertising app promotion platform for Latin America and Brazil. Focuses on its Cost Per Install network. Supports Windows Phone, Android and iOS. RevMob – Ad network and app cross promotion platform. Lets developers gain installs for free. Also offers CPC and CPI models. Focuses on interstitial ads. Kiip – Incentivized mobile ad network that focuses on mobile games. Users get rewarded with coupons or other offers for downloading apps. Based in UK. SessionM – Incentivized app download platform, which offers users rewards, such as coupons and special offers, in exchange for engaging with advertisements. Applifier – Cross promotion app network that lets mobile game developers exchange installs for free. Also runs a CPI network. Works mainly with interstitial ads. Adduplex - App promotion network that’s focused on the Windows Phone 7 operating system. Based in Helsinki, Finland.
  6. 6. Mobile Advertising Networks Directory © | 909d442f-ca5c-46c2-bf5e-33ec29f66b26 6 Chartboost – App cross exchange platform that focuses entirely on mobile games. Features free exchanges between developers and a paid CPI network. TapJoy – Mobile monetization platform that focuses on incentivized downloads for mobile game developers. Probably the biggest incentivized network around. SponsorPay – Incentivized mobile ad network, focused on games, that offers rewards for engaging with advertisements. Uses banner ads, interstitials and offer walls. Appucino - Platform that uses location based marketing to promote videogame apps and brands. Owned by developer Games2Win and based in Mumbai, India. TapGage – Cross app promotion network that offers free exchanges between developers, as well as a CPC and CPI network. MauDau – Mobile app cross promotion network focused on games. Also offers app promotion across Facebook. Ad Dash - App promotion/advertising network that lets developers set-up their cross promotion ad networks within their own library of apps. LunarAds - App promotion network that allows users to cross-promote with themselves and other developers for free. Based in Missouri, USA. Clash Media - Mobile marketing company that offers a cost per download app cross-promotion platform. Based in London, UK. MiniMob – Free cross promotion network for Android only. Also uses push notification ads. Flurry - Mobile analytics and app promotion network that offers targeted user acquisition to developers via its AppCircle app recommendation platform. Based in San Francisco, with offices in London and New York. AppDog - Incentivized app promotion platform that rewards users with free Facebook credits when they download Android or iOS apps. Based in San Francisco, USA. Playhaven – Mobile game monetization platform offering a free cross promotion ad network and non-incentivized PPI performance based ad campaigns. TapGen - Allows developers to promote their apps across a non-incentivized curated app wall, as well as platform that promotes apps while also offering users competitions and special offers.
  7. 7. Mobile Advertising Networks Directory © | 909d442f-ca5c-46c2-bf5e-33ec29f66b26 7 NativeX – Incentivized cross app promotion network, which also offers mediation and real time bidding. Formally known as W3i. AppRedeem – Incentivized mobile app network based in San Francisco. Lets users watch video ads for rewards. Blu-trumpet – App promotion cost per install network based in Toronto Canada, with offices in New York. Metaps – App promotional networks that uses social media platforms to drive installs. Incentivized and Android only.
  8. 8. Mobile Advertising Networks Directory © | 909d442f-ca5c-46c2-bf5e-33ec29f66b26 8 4 Regional Mobile Ad Networks The benefits of picking a regional ad network that focuses on one of more territories are numerous. Advertisers get to benefit from more relevant audiences and potentially much lower costs, while publishers and developers can ensure their users are getting ads tailored to regional tastes, thus increasing click through rates, and apps with a regional skew can potentially benefit from lower user acquisition costs. Mobfox – European-focused ad network based in Austria. Offers CPC and CPM models, also offers its own ad server and App Boost service. Sofialys – European mobile ad network and marketing service provider, with offices in Mexico and Singapore. Offers video ads, banner ads and SMS solutions. TapTapNetworks – Premium mobile ad network that focuses on the Spanish market and other European territories. Offers rich media ads and advanced targeting. Hands – Premium mobile ad network that focuses on the Brazilian market. Supports CPC, CPM, banners, rich media and video ads. Twinpine – Nigeria-based mobile ad network that covers all of West Africa and other African markets, including South Africa. AdTriple – Spanish mobile ad server provider and mobile ad network. Supports Android, iOS and BlackBerry. Caters mainly to Spanish market. MobGold – Hong Kong and Asia-targeted mobile ad network. Supports most mobile platforms, including Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows Phone and Symbian. Madvertise – European ad network focused on Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Supports rich media ads, video and CPC/CPM campaigns. SmartMad – India-based mobile ad network that also serves the Chinese market. Offers banner ads and rich media ads. Apprupt – Premium mobile ad network focused on the German market. Offers video, banner and interactive ad units. Supports Windows Phone, Android and iOS.
  9. 9. Mobile Advertising Networks Directory © | 909d442f-ca5c-46c2-bf5e-33ec29f66b26 9 Hunt Mobile Ads – Mobile ad network and publishing platform that specializes in the Spanish-speaking market, covering Mexico, the US, Brazil and much of Latin America. Mkmob – Mobile ad network based in the Caribbean. Features affiliate programmes, and a range of different ad units. Focuses on Caribbean and Jamaican markets. Wapstart – Mobile ad network focused on the Russian market. Offers geo- targeting and a network of over 300 publishers. Cauly – Korean mobile ad server and ad network that’s part of the Korean Future Stream Networks. Serves the Asian and Korean market. Webmoblink – Self-service mobile ad network that provides a global service but specializes in Latin American markets. Supports click to call and SMS advertising. Todacell – Israel-based premium mobile ad network. Touts itself as “transparent” letting advertisers know exactly where their ads are going and who they’re targeting. WooBoo – Chinese mobile ad network that offers mobile banner ads and rich media ads. Vserv – Mobile ad network based in India that serves the entire Asian market and other emerging markets. Specializes in full-screen J2ME ads. DoMob – Mobile ad network based in China and claims to be the top Chinese network, with 33 million uniques via 60,000 Chinese apps. AdFalcon – Mobile ad network based in Jordon and catering to the entire Middle Eastern market. Works with brands such as BMW, Nokia and Nissan. Adquota – Mobile ad network that focuses on Nordic markets and Baltic markets, including Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Poland. AdTwirl – Mobile ad network based in Russia. Specialises in performance-based advertising solutions. Adyuz – Spanish mobile ad network that focuses on premium advertisers and publishers. Works with brands such as Fox and Televisa. ByPass – Mobile demand side platform based in Japan and focusing on the Japanese market.
  10. 10. Mobile Advertising Networks Directory © | 909d442f-ca5c-46c2-bf5e-33ec29f66b26 10 AdVine – Premium mobile ad network based in South Africa and focused on African markets. Works with publishers such as EA and IMDb. Plus 7 – Mobile ad network based in Dubai and serving a number of Middle Eastern markets. Focuses on premium brands and publishers.
  11. 11. Mobile Advertising Networks Directory © | 909d442f-ca5c-46c2-bf5e-33ec29f66b26 11 5 Specialist Mobile Ad Networks In this category we’ve collected mobile ad networks that let you focus efforts on a particular area that may be relevant to your business or your app – such as adult content or finance – or networks that bring a new technology to the table that doesn’t really fit anywhere else, like audio ads or push notification ads. InstaZebra – offers inventory on the Instagram network in a native format with CPMs below $0.7. Senddroid – Android-only mobile ad platform that focuses on delivering ads via the push notification bar. Claims to deliver $10-$50 CPM via its push ads. Adultmoda – Mobile ad network that focuses on adult publishers and advertisements. Claims to offer adult publishers the highest payouts in the industry. LoopMeMedia – Mobile ad platform that works with an “advertising inbox” and aims to deliver more “socially engaging” ad solutions. SellAring – Israel-based mobile ad networks that focuses entirely on audio ads. Users get delivered ads whenever they make a phone call. Pontiflex – Ad platform that specializes in ‘sign-up ads,’ which lets users instantly register their interest in a advertiser by clicking on an ad – i.e. Pay per lead. OnMOBi – Specialist mobile ad network that focuses on the gaming and finance mobile industry. Supports CPC, CPI and CPA and a variety of ad units. Startapp – Search-based monetization platform for Android apps. Also uses banner ads and app offer walls. YouMi – Chinese mobile ad network that uses CPC, CPA and CPM campaigns and a variety of ad units such as banners and rich media. Reporo – London-based mobile ad network that serves adult publishers and advertisers. Claims to be the biggest adult mobile ad network. AdFortel – Specialist mobile ad network that focuses on voice ads and music- based ads. Based in the Netherlands. Airpush – Ad network that specializes in push notification mobile ads. Claims its push ads offer publishers 10-30 times the revenue of banner ads.
  12. 12. Mobile Advertising Networks Directory © | 909d442f-ca5c-46c2-bf5e-33ec29f66b26 12 – Mobile ad network that focuses on adult advertisers and publishers. Owned by Kabuki Media and based in Hong Kong. Star Advertising – Mobile ad network that’s focused on the entertainment industry. Based in Europe. Warply – Mobile ad network that focuses on push notification advertisements. Based in Greece.
  13. 13. Mobile Advertising Networks Directory © | 909d442f-ca5c-46c2-bf5e-33ec29f66b26 13 6 Location-Based Mobile Ad Networks Location-based ad networks are platforms focused on providing hyper local ad solutions to advertisers and publishers, so advertisers can target their ads to as close as 100 meters of any location. The benefits to local businesses are obvious, allowing advertisers to truly leverage the portability of mobile devices. Hyper local targeting is also a great idea if you’re a developer with an app that’s very likely to be used in certain locations, such as in shopping areas, or focused on particular cities or regions. Yoose – Mobile ad network that focuses on “hyper local” ads and GPS, cell-tower triangulation, technology. Allows advertisers to deliver local offers to users. ThinkNear – Mobile ad network that focuses on localized ad solutions and geo- targeting. Says it can target within 100 meters. Works on a CPM basis. Xad – Focuses on location-based mobile advertising, with an emphasis on local businesses and targeted search solutions. Uses CPC and CPL models. Placeplay – Ad network that specializes in geo-location targeting and mobile games. However, it current says it's not accepting additional apps or developers. Verve – US-based and focused mobile ad platform that lets advertisers target local ads. Claims over 3500 publishers on its network. JWire – Works with premium advertisers to deliver local-targeted ads. Based in the US with offices in New York and San Francisco. CityGrid - US-based geo-location mobile ad network. Claims to work with over one million local businesses. LSN Mobile – Offers a local mobile ad network and a range of mobile marketing services. Based in the US. YP – Local mobile ad platform that’s based in the US. Uses coupons, local search engines and user ratings to power its solutions. PayPal Media Network – PayPal’s geo targeted local mobile ad network. Used to be WHERE until it was bought out.
  14. 14. Mobile Advertising Networks Directory © | 909d442f-ca5c-46c2-bf5e-33ec29f66b26 14 7 Rich Media and Video Networks Rich media ads basically mean mobile ads that are more immersive or interactive than regular banner ads. They could take the form of full video ads, which are streamed before an app starts, or after a user clicks on a banner. They could be animated full screen ads, or even interactive mini-games. Rich media ad networks are always developing new and innovative units with the primary aim of driving engagement with users. Given the limitations of mobile, rich media innovations are essential in order to maximize the effectiveness of ads. AdColony – Premium mobile ad network that focuses on video ads. Works with its own proprietary ‘Instant-Play HD’ technology to deliver hi-def pre-roll video ads. Mojiva – Premium mobile ad network supporting rich media ads. Also offers publishers a self-service solution to help cut down costs. CPC, CPM and Pay Per Call supported. GreyStripe – Claims to be the largest brand focused ad network in the US. Focuses mainly on video and rich media via its own RevMax ad platform. Zumobi – US-based premium mobile ad network that focuses on rich media ads. Works across Android, iOS and mobile web. KomliMobile – Performance-based global mobile ad network. Offers highly targeted ads, rich media ads and its own mobile ad server. Mobsta – UK based mobile network offering rich media ads and video ads. Also offers geo-location ads via Yoose. Vdopia – Premium mobile ad network that focuses on mobile video ads for big brands. Based in the US. Rhythm – Premium mobile ad network that focuses on video ads and other rich media ads. Works with big brands such as Ford, NBC and Fox. AppTV – Mobile and smart TV ad network focusing on video ads. Guarantees a 100% fill rate and feedback systems for your audience. ClickAttack – Rich media mobile ad network focused on the Eastern European market. Works with brands such as Coca Cola and McDonalds. Mobicow – Rich media mobile ad network based in Canada. Focuses on delivering full screen ad units.
  15. 15. Mobile Advertising Networks Directory © | 909d442f-ca5c-46c2-bf5e-33ec29f66b26 15 8 Mobile Buying Platforms and DSPs Mobile RTB platforms and DSPs can give advertisers a huge amount of transparency and control over their ad buying and lower the barriers of entry, allowing everyone from big brands to small developers to get in on the action. DSPs give you the ability to run ads across multiple networks to help maximize your return on investment, get the most reach possible, and tailor your targeting to very precise levels. LeanMarket – Mobile ad buying platform that uses RTV and exchanges. Completely self-service and says it has no minimum spend on buying. HumanDemand – Mobile self-service global DSP that offers full transparency and access to inventory from RTB platforms and exchanges. Aimed at advertisers on a budget. AdiQuity – RTB platform focusing on the Asian market and India in particular. Offers banners and text ads and a choice of CPC and CPM campaigns. AdMarvel – RTB platform owned by Opera Software. Works with devs and agencies to help optimize inventory and revenue. US-focused. TapIt – Mobile DSP solution focusing on premium publishers and developers, and brand performance. Supports rich media and video formats. StrikeAd – One of the bigger mobile-focused DSPs out there with a wide-range of exchange and network partners, and is geared more towards bigger advertisers and agencies. MadAdz – Global DSP with offices in the UK and Germany. Offers access to a number of mobile ad networks include admob and adultmoda. MetaResolver -Mobile DSP that focuses on big data, programmatic buying and algorithmic optimization. AdsMobi – Mobile DSP that claims to access more than 30 billion ad requests in more than 230 countries. Also runs an app promotion service called Push App. Plethora – Mobile DSP that works with brands, agencies and developers, giving them the option to buy on a CPM, CPC or CPI basis. MoPub – App monetization platform that offers mobile RTB, direct ad selling and ad exchange. Based in san Francisco.
  16. 16. Mobile Advertising Networks Directory © | 909d442f-ca5c-46c2-bf5e-33ec29f66b26 16 Fiksu – Mobile marketing company that offers ‘Fiksu for Mobile Apps’ – a DSP that helps app developers acquire loyal users. Mobclix – Mobile real time bidding ad exchange owned by Velti and based in California. Rubicon – advertising technology company that recent launched a mobile solution via its real time REVV trading platform. MdotM – Claims to have the biggest mobile demand side platform on the market. Performance-driven and focused on boosting downloads for app developers on iOS and Android platforms. Trademob – Acts as single buying point across multiple ad networks, exchanges and sources and applies optimization using data to the media buy. Smaato – Ad monetization platform that uses RTB and ad mediation to help more than 58,000 app developers maximize their mobile app inventory. WDA – Offers a range of services including RTB media buying for advertisers. WDA says that its mobile DSP is built from the ground-up with mobile in mind. Adgoi – Real time bidding platform based in India but serving a global market. AdRose – Global mobile advertising market place that works with a number of leading ad networks. Adtheorent – Mobile RTB platform based in New York. Works with brands such as Coca Cola and NBC. Juice Mobile – Claims to be Canada’s first mobile RTB platform. Focused on Canadian market and works with brands such as Bell and Meredith. Go2Mobi – Mobile demand side platform focused on mobile games and lead generation. Based in Canada. SmobiAd – Mobile RTB network based in Hungary and working with a number of network such as Buzz City, MobFox and Jumptap.
  17. 17. Mobile Advertising Networks Directory © | 909d442f-ca5c-46c2-bf5e-33ec29f66b26 17 9 Mobile Ad Servers Mobile ad servers can give publishers complete control over their inventory. Some servers let you set up direct deals with advertisers, so you can pretty much cut out the middle man, or run your own ads so you can cross promote, while others let you choose ads from a variety of ad networks. Ad servers are a great tool to complement other ad solutions and fill-up vacant inventory. Burstly – Offers publishers the ability to create their own ad storefronts and sell direct to advertisers. Also offers internet cross promotion platform. Mocean – Mobile ad server based in the US that integrates with over 70 different mobile ad networks. Supports rich media ads and CPA, CPC and CPM campaigns. Adwhirl – Open source mobile ad server from Admob. Offers hosted and self- hosted options and lets devs serve ads from any ad network from a single SDK. Epom – Ad server and premium ad network that lets publishers do direct deals with advertisers. CPC and CPM supported. mAdserve – Mobile ad server from ad network MobFox. Based in Vienna, Austria. Inneractive – Mobile ad server that integrates with over 100 mobile monetization platforms from a single SDK. (Visit website) AdMeld – Supply side platform from Google-owned Admeld that supports mobile RTB. Adinch – Self service mobile platform and ad server that lets developers connect to a number of different networks. Based in US. Definiti Media – Mobile ad server and mobile advertising exchange based in Tel Aviv, Israel.
  18. 18. Mobile Advertising Networks Directory © | 909d442f-ca5c-46c2-bf5e-33ec29f66b26 18 10 Mobile Affiliate Networks Mobile affiliate networks offer a performance based model, usually encompassing cost per action and cost per lead models. These networks work with advertisers to figure out their goals and they won’t charge an advertiser unless a user fills out a form, signs up to a service or buys a product etc, resulting in less risk. Publishers get a much stronger fill rate, which lets them fill inventory left from CPC or CPM networks. Mobpartner - The original mobile affiliate program offering world class technology and settlements and huge range of offers. Yeahmobi - Global performance based mobile affiliate network focus on affiliates. Offers to share profitable campaigns with affiliates to help them make money. Matomy - Mobile performance network that offer a wide global reach and access to 5000 plus mobile offers. Brusmedia – Mobile performance network that offers CPI-based campaigns across a network of publishers for iOS and Android. Works on Facebook too. Impact-Mobi – Global mobile performance network which offers CPL, CPI and CPA based models on a highly transparent basis. KissMyAds – Global mobile ad network that’s based in Germany and focuses mainly on the CPA model. 888Media – Mobile affiliate network based in the UK. Works with big brands such as Disney, Ford and GM. Moolah Media - Mobile CPA and CPL network with a range of integrations for mobile offers including in the Android messaging system. Mobaff - Invite only CPA network, with outstanding training, resources and affiliate support. Admobix - CPA network that runs a range of high payout and converting offers across multiple international markets. Linking Mobile - UK based network with a range of high quality programs with high payouts – high quality brands and merchants. Sponsormob- Established mobile CPA network with high quality offers including pay per call and a strong tech platform.
  19. 19. Mobile Advertising Networks Directory © | 909d442f-ca5c-46c2-bf5e-33ec29f66b26 19 Linking Mobile - UK based network with a range of high quality programs with high payouts – high quality brands and merchants. Neverblue Mobile - The mobile division of the leading affiliate and performance network Neverblue. Offermobi – Mobile performance network that runs a range of mobile offers, coming from more of an online affiliate approach. Mobile Cactus - A specialist mobile CPA network based in the US. Works with ComScore, ADT and Mobile Xpression. Mobilda - Israeli mobile affiliate network run by a larger online marketing – have some strong branded offers.
  20. 20. Mobile Advertising Networks Directory © | 909d442f-ca5c-46c2-bf5e-33ec29f66b26 20 11 Premium Mobile Ad Networks Premium ad networks differ from blind ad networks, as they give advertisers access to a select number of vetted publishers, and they allow publishers to only receive ads from brands they like. Premium networks are therefore typically used by big brands that want to ensure their ads are being associated with the right apps and sites. For publishers this can mean higher revenues and for advertisers much better quality traffic. YOC Group – Mobile tech group that offers an ad-network encompassing performance and premium ads. Claims to be biggest premium mobile ad network in Europe. 4th Screen Advertising – Focuses on delivering premium ads via publishers such as The Guardian and ITN. Works with CPC and CPM and is based in the UK. Mobile Theory – Premium mobile ad network that supports iOS, Android and BlackBerry. Works with advertisers that pay premium CPMs for brand building placements. Microsoft Mobile Advertising – Premium mobile ad network from Microsoft. Lets advertisers use MS’ Bing search engine to deliver mobile search ads, as well as video ads, CPI and SMS ads. Aarki – Premium mobile ad network that offers rich media and interactive interstitials as well as a global variety of sites and apps advertisers can partner with. Widespace – Premium mobile ad network focused on the European market. Offers its own unique ad formats that it claims facilitates better engagement among users. MobileFuse – Premium mobile ad network with a “rigorous” publisher selection process. Caters mainly to the US market and offers a range of rich media formats. A-Mo-Bee – Premium mobile ad network and mobile ad technology company that offers a wide range of solutions. Maddict – Premium mobile ad network focused on the Middle Eastern market. Covers Saudi Arabia, UAE and Jordan among others. Smart Device Media – Premium mobile display advertising network. Based in New York with global reach.
  21. 21. Mobile Advertising Networks Directory © | 909d442f-ca5c-46c2-bf5e-33ec29f66b26 21 12 Contacts We hope this mobile advertising networks directory is useful in helping to navigate this complex and rapidly evolving market. You can find updated information at our online directory at For more information or advice on mobile advertising, or to add your network, get in touch via