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Human testing iOS apps


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This is the presentation Mobtest's CTO and founder Dirk de Kok gave at the Renaissance iOS app makers' conference. He talked about user testing iOS apps, including concept testing, usability testing, beta testing, QA testing. See also

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Human testing iOS apps

  1. 1. Human Testing iOS apps Dirk de Kok Renaissance conference Jan 23rd 2013 © Mobtest 2013
  2. 2. App quality‣ works technically as intended‣ offers considerable value‣ intuitive and easy to use
  3. 3. Human testingManual QA testing { Concept testing Usability testingUser testing Beta testing Live testing
  4. 4. Test to create better apps not just bug free apps
  5. 5. Test early, before launch‣ if high quality, app might get featured‣ initial ratings drive subsequent downloads‣ reaching a top 25 normally happens around launch‣ critical updates take still 1-2 weeks because of Apple review process
  6. 6. Concept testingGoalvalidate app idea with target marketHow‣ find respondents‣ do interview with factual questions‣ show mockup or prototype
  7. 7. Usability testingGoaltest how easy it is to use your appHow‣ in person‣ remote
  8. 8. In person usability testing‣ meet testers in office or coffee shop‣ give tasks with only end result‣ let user think out loud‣ observe usage, facial expression, posture
  9. 9. Record usability test‣ easier to remember‣ easier to share with your team can’t do it on iOS device itself
  10. 10. Via Skype DIY camera
  11. 11. Remote usability testing‣ recruit larger group of users‣ distribute ad hoc build‣ give tasks with only end result‣ track task completion in app and ask questions afterwards by survey
  12. 12. What to look for‣ does it work as user expects?‣ discoverability‣ areas of confusion‣ positive experience
  13. 13. Beta testingGoals‣ final feedback from users‣ integration test with real data‣ get early adopters enthusiastic about app (reviews and ratings!)
  14. 14. Beta testingHow‣ Recruit testers via own network or service‣ Get their UDID, create ad hoc build and distribute‣ Reward feedback
  15. 15. QA testing
  16. 16. QA testingGoals‣ make sure app works technically fineHow‣ get a good test engineer‣ write a detailed plan‣ execute plan
  17. 17. QA methods‣ structured testing with predefined test scripts with expected outcomes‣ “go break it” exploratory testing
  18. 18. What to look for‣ Hardware models x iOS versions‣ Connectivity (wifi, cell, intermittent)‣ Gestures, moves, tilting and multitouch‣ Location/geofencing
  19. 19. Live testing‣ A/B testing‣ Monitoring usage patterns‣ Crash log analysis‣ Feedback options for user
  20. 20. Thank you