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Mobolize product presentation given at Twiistup 6 by the "showoff", Mobophiles, Inc.

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  • Hi, my name is William Chow and I’m CEO of a little startup called Mobophiles, and we are here to MOBOLIZE YOUR WEB.
  • You see, we at Mobophiles love the web like everyone here does but we hate being tied to it.
  • What I mean is that our world has changed from one where all our stuff live on our PCs, like photos and spreadsheets…
  • one where all of that same stuff is now sitting out on the web, EVEN the apps we need to use that stuff!
  • Which is great because we can now SHARE all this stuff with friends, family, or coworkers
  • But at the SAME time this is happening, WE'VE changed, from being bound to PCs at our desks…
  • having portable devices that allow us to work and play ANYWHERE, at ANY TIME, ...and again, with people who are 1000s of miles away
  • So, a lot can go wrong when you now need to get your stuff: For example, maybe you have crappy or flakey internet service [at&t]. Or maybe the web server crashes a lot [Windows] or some rogue nation is launching another cyber attack [Kim Jong Il]
  • Or maybe nothing is “technically” wrong, but you're just sick and tired of pages that literally traveled bit by bit all the way across the internet, EVERY…time…you…click. Well, now that we are 100% reliant on the web…we all want, NO, WHAT WE NEED, is a web that we can count.
  • So, we are introducing Mobolize [logo], And here's how it works…
  • 1) you simply tell Mobolize which web sites you want to Mobolize, and your web browsing will become automatically faster when you're online, and will continue to work when you're not
  • 2) And if you want, you can tell Mobolize to automatically keep your stuff up-to-date
  • NOW, when you’re ONLINE, ANY web site will be automatically accelerated because all of its users serve as the world’s cheapest edge caching network.
  • Or let's say you're going on a business trip, where you’ll be largely OFFLINE.
  • But you want to read the paper on the flight over. Well, why stop at the news stand when it's ALREADY on your laptop?
  • Or perhaps later, when you're meeting with your customer, he asks you about his order status. With Mobolize, you DONT NEED the internet to login and get full access to all your Salesforce tabs, ...even S-controls.
  • And then later on the flight home, you can log into your Sharepoint server just like you were online at 35,000 feet. With Mobolize, you not only get web pages, but you also get ALL THE DOCUMENTS behind them. You'll be able to finish your edits in time to have dinner with your family.
  • And Mobolize doesn't just help you with work. Basically, all the things you have online, you will be able to count on, anytime anywhere. Imagine being on vacation and never having to ask for directions...WAY BETTER than printing them [zoom in/out]
  • `And the best part is: you can do all this TODAY with ANY web site. It took Google over two years to mobilize Google Docs, and they have YET to offline their Maps. After you install Mobolize, it will take just one click for YOU to MOBOLIZE it. Now THAT is a web you can count on.
  • Mobolize at Twiistup

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