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Personal Mastery Brochure


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This brochure overviews our transformational offerings, including: Personal Insight Workshops, Beyond Yes, Personal Mastery Intensive, Women\'s Leadership Program and Facilitator Development Program.

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Personal Mastery Brochure

  1. 1. MOBIUS EXECUTIVE LEADERSHIP LEADING FROM THE INSIDE OUT Mobius Executive Leadership is a premier coaching, training and leadership development company. We bring best in class offerings in executive development to senior level audiences. Our multi-disciplinary network of practitioners has expertise in organizational learning, business, communication and the expressive arts.
  2. 2. Our focus on personal mastery derives About Mobius Executive Leadership from our belief that true transformation As a leading professional services firm comes when individuals across a with global reach, we draw on a deep academic and intellectual heritage system or an organization experience and hands-on teaching approach to transformation first-hand at a deep deliver customized capability building and leadership development services. personal level. Our leadership programs Accountable for cultivating results in combine best practices in negotiation, client organizations, Mobius professionals work with top teams, middle managers communication, organizational learning and front line supervisors to ensure that and adaptive leadership with “next performance transformation efforts are embedded and sustainable. practices” in dreamwork, somatics, voice dialogue, mindfulness and mediation, and expressive arts such as theatre, pantomime, movement, psychodrama, poetry and other experiential modalities for embedded adult learning. In our experience, teams that engage in this kind of longer term learning journey are more likely to solidify the behavioral changes required for high performance as well as passionately commit to a shared aspiration and vision of the future. This brochure overviews our transformational offerings.
  3. 3. Personal Insight Workshops The Personal Insight Workshop is framed around a key distinction—significant change must be seen not as simply a new way of doing things, but as a radical shift in root perspective. A transformation is as much about alignment and accountability as it is about strategy. Personal Insight Workshops (PIW’s) are powerful interventions aimed at initiating and accelerating significant mindset and behavior change within a team, group or organization. These tailored workshops have been successfully rolled out across several Fortune 500 corporations in the context of larger scale performance transformations. The PIW is a high impact, two day intervention for up to thirty people delivered by experienced transformational facilitators. Starting with the organizational context and direction for change, the workshop moves into the personal domain. Thousands of executives, managers and front-line workers have experienced the PIW over the past few years, with remarkable organizational and performance changing results. Most change efforts focus on external drivers Summary of of change: systems, policies, incentives, Mobius Offerings training. However, humans react to • Personal Insight Workshop external motivations with resistance and • Beyond Yes: Leadership Mastery defensiveness. The PIW encourages a more and High Performance Workshop expansive and adaptive outlook, one that internalizes the locus of accountability for • Beyond Yes Keynote Speech transformation within individuals. The PIW, • Beyond Yes Field and Forum a two day foundational training, creates Learning Journeys an enthusiastic critical mass of change • Personal Mastery Intensive champions within an organization. • Women’s Leadership Program • Facilitator Development Program
  4. 4. Beyond Yes™ Leadership Mastery and High Performance Our flagship personal mastery offering, Beyond Yes™ Leadership Mastery and High Performance, presents the core content of a forthcoming book, Beyond Yes: Negotiation Mastery from the Inside and Out, written by Mobius President Erica Ariel Fox. Erica is a lecturer at Harvard Law School and the founder of the Global Negotiation Insight Institute. This unique and in demand experiential training explores the meeting places of timeless wisdom and spiritual practice on the one hand and the challenges of modern business and leadership on the other. Erica is internationally recognized as a pioneer in the integration of wisdom traditions and spiritual practice into the negotiation and conflict resolution field. Erica is also a business consultant, working with Fortune 500 companies as well as public sector leaders to build consensus, facilitate change and transform crisis into opportunities for growth. Beyond Yes™ Leadership Mastery and High Performance is based on a dozen years of experience teaching negotiation at Harvard Law School and over a decade training professionals around the world and providing strategic counseling and conflict mediation to top teams. Many people find themselves in positions of leadership based on outstanding technical performance or subject matter expertise. Of course, early in one’s career success depended on such technical competence and knowledge. At that stage high performance is measured by the ability to deliver quality results in an efficient manner. Moving ahead depends on execution skills such as concrete problem solving. At a certain point, however, such competence is no longer enough. As one moves into management, and ultimately positions of leadership, one needs to address different kinds of kinds of problems—involving people, teams and the organization as a whole. From developing people and leading teams to shaping an organizational culture, inspiring the workforce, and managing complex change, leadership requires more advanced skills. At this stage, one needs the internal strengths and external skills to lead in the most essential dimension of any organization—the domain of human capital. In this program one will learn the framework and tools one will need to lead people and organizations. Unlike other models that focus on behaviors this course operates from the inside out, building internal strengths and qualities one needs to serve as an effective leader. Unlike other personal growth experiences, this course focuses on the business applications of leadership skills, using “real time” coaching to ensure relevance and embedding of the skills. Blending century old wisdom with emerging leadership practices, this workshop offers a unique and deep immersion into personal development leading to professional mastery. Through mindfulness and heightened self-awareness, communication skills, decision making, execution and problem solving are radically improved. Using a proven methodology, “Archetypes and Autobiography,” this program will draw on life experiences and current work challenges to foster insights and breakthroughs that lead to high performance. At the end of this course one will return to work empowered, with new executive skills and a greater capacity for impact and leadership.
  5. 5. A Brief History of Beyond Yes™ Leadership Mastery and High Performance As a student at Harvard Law School in the early nineties, Erica was very involved in the negotiation and mediation programs. These groups had launched the best-selling Getting to Yes and the win-win approach that later spread around the world. After practicing law for a year, Erica returned to Harvard Law School in 1996 as a Lecturer to teach negotiation, which she continues to do today. Over the past dozen years Erica has emerged as a global leader in the negotiation field. After the events of September 11, 2001, Erica felt a strong pull to investigate new, untapped perspectives on conflict and to respond to a need expressed by many professionals for deeper meaning in their lives. In 2003, Erica drew on her diverse experience to found the Harvard Negotiation Insight Initiative (HNII) to explore what ancient wisdom traditions and contemplative practices could offer the contemporary negotiation and conflict field. HNII served as a living laboratory, bringing professionals together from dozens of countries to explore the interface of the world of action and the world of reflection. A broad range of professionals, from lawyers and business leaders to engineers and educators, experienced a meeting place between the demands of the outside world and the depth of the inner life. After running that program for several years at the Harvard Program on Negotiation, Erica expanded the project to form an independent non-profit called the Global Negotiation Insight Institute (GNII, pronounced genie) that seeks to build a wise, mature, and less violent global community. In her body of work, Erica focuses on helping professionals to cultivate internal qualities such as awareness, presence and balance, as well as to master skills for interacting effectively with others. This combination enables them to make conscious and constructive choices in their lives both at work and at home. Erica is recognized internationally for her pioneering work that explores the personal, spiritual and deeply human aspects of negotiation, execution and leadership. Beyond Yes™ unpacks the role that ancient insight and contemplative practices play in the contemporary life of successful professionals. On the next page you can learn more about how to bring Beyond Yes to your organization.
  6. 6. Beyond Yes™ Programs Keynote Presentations The Beyond Yes™ Leadership Mastery and High Performance content can be offered as a keynote presentation on the intersection of timeless wisdom, ethics, philosophy and spirituality with leadership in the modern world of business and international affairs. Workshop: Introduction to Leadership Mastery and High Performance This introductory exposure to the Beyond Yes™ methodology can be offered in half day, one day or two day time frames. The introductory course offerings allow participants to begin to understand a holistic model of leadership that draws on the power of thinking, emotions, action and creativity. This four part framework for understanding leadership allows them to strengthens the inner qualities that lead to improved outer performance. The course further cultivates the ability to return to a place of “center” in the midst of stress and difficulty. Field and Forum Learning Journey The widest delivery of the Beyond Yes™ method takes groups of participants through two four day long forums with one on one phone coaching during the interim between the in-person sessions. In this program participants develop a nuanced understanding of their own leadership Interactive Theatre Team patterns and patterns of reactivity and learn to develop moment to moment and Mobius Executive Leadership enjoys an alliance constitutional self-awareness. Built for high potential leaders or organizational partnership with the London based leadership executives, this deep leadership company Just Add Water. Jeremy Sturt and experience offers techniques for fostering change and managing organizational Claire Sampson and their colleagues are crisis, with participants enacting experienced theatre and event producers with real-life leadership challenges and discovering new possibilities for how to a world wide reputation for creating once in a engage these business dilemmas. One- lifetime, extraordinary learning experiences. on-one coaching, with an action learning methodology, is provided by Mobius transformational coaches. “The insights and theoretical approach in Beyond Yes have readily applicable opportunities to transform the workplace from a situation fraught with tension to a place of productivity and shared purpose.” – Mary Rotchford, HR Professional, Washington, DC “This is the most profound learning experience I have undertaken in more than thirty years of continuing legal education. For anyone interested in taking their technical competence to a higher level than ever they imagined possible, I highly recommend Beyond Yes.” – Ron Supancic, Lawyer, L.A., California
  7. 7. Beyond Yes™ Archetypes SAGE PROPHET Analytical G DREA Inspirational KIN Air Fire THIN MI BEING NG Spiritual G IN DO IN L G FEE WARRIOR LOVER Practical Relational Earth Water © 2008 Erica Ariel Fox for Mobius Executive Leadership. All rights reserved. For individuals interested in the Beyond Yes method, Mobius partners twice a year with the Omega Institute and the Global Negotiation Insight institute to offer public enrollment five day intensives. To register please log on to and search for Beyond Yes. “The experience in this training allowed me to reclaim energies that I didn’t even know I had lost. What a profound and wonderful week.” – David Freidman, Business Executive, Ipswich, MA “Beyond Yes offers some of the most advanced thinking and training on both resolving conflict and being human. The planet would be a far better place if participation was free and mandatory for all people –until then, treat yourself!” – Matthew Levy, Executive Coach, Miami, Fl
  8. 8. Transformational Leadership Intensives The following programs are customized transformational leadership programs designed for both the beginning seeker and the seasoned explorer of realms of consciousness. They touch on mystical wisdom traditions and archetypal symbology and ritual to enable participants to explore their unconscious and dream realms and unlock creativity, intimacy and expanding awareness. These programs help unblock stuck patterns of holding and relationship and enable us to foster joy, compassion and acceptance. Organizations wishing to take a group of leaders on a journey of self-exploration and building group trust should consider arranging one of these world class leadership programs and gearing it for your business needs and aspirations. Personal Mastery Intensive Mobius Executive Leadership invites you to live from a new perspective. Experience a program that will enable you to create the impact you wish to have in your work and in your life. This three and a half day workshop will help you unlock the mindsets and behaviors that interfere with your ability to achieve your dreams and become the architect of your own authentic life. In this program you take time as a group to align your hearts and minds for creating a new life dream or new organizational vision. Participants become skilled at living creatively and intentionally instead of reactively. Using simple tools you will learn, practice and share the life skills for making long-term, permanent changes one step at a time. This program features a variety of formats including lecture, experiential, one on one, in pairs and in small groups. We work extensively with foundational principles that create consciousness—bringing the ability to break free of old patterns and revision your life. Through the intensive workshop you will identify your innate strengths, abilities and unique gifts. This program will help you develop the emotional and spiritual intelligence for every area of your life to work well. We achieve true fulfillment through the integration of inner knowledge and outer action. This Intensive takes you beyond awareness to actionable skills for practical leadership—the conscious cultivation of inner wisdom and values translated into daily practice. Relationship Work One aspect of this program focuses on supporting participants in their primary dyadic relationships (be it romantic, family or friend). These exercises surface and manage breakdowns and withholds, build a shared set of norms for offering and receiving feedback, and help couples develop a shared picture of the future they would each like for themselves and for the relationship. The modules include verbal and non-verbal experiential exercises, and work on trust, fear and intimacy. Stage Work for Individuals or Couples In Stage Work participants self-select to work one on one with lead faculty with the group support. Participants can choose the piece of work they would like to focus on from the broad array of content supported by this workshop. They can also use the group as a container for their own self-expression, transformation or healing. This is a unique opportunity to work in real time with real issues.
  9. 9. Dream Work Participants are asked to bring dream fragments, images or whole dream stories into the workshop. We then use these dreams to illuminate patterns and highlight areas of capacity and resource within the dreamer. One of the primary gateways to the unconscious, dreams can provide remarkable meaning and insight for the dreamer as well as the group witnessing the process work. Dream symbolism has meaning at many levels including personal, transpersonal and collective. Faculty work to extract the most potent and useful teachings from the dreams while working with the dreamer and group. High Intensity Sound and Movement Programs sometimes use the expressive arts as a means for embodiment, exploration and enhanced freedom. High Intensity Sound is a module where participants relax and listen to evocative music as a kind of meditative journey into sounds, feelings and images from the unconscious. The programs also use movement, meditation, art, and active imagination to widen self-expression and build energy in the group process. Projection and Shadow Work In Relationship This module has participants examine the qualities in other people, be it partners or colleagues, that create strong emotional reactions for them. These may be either positive or negative resulting in strong desire or rejection. In either case, these reactions are mirrors for us of essential qualities and traits that are valuable for us to examine. This module helps people learn how to identify and take back their projections and thereby ease working relationships. Considered by many to be the key capability in personal accountability, owning and claiming a projected aspect of consciousness is a vital skill for any relationship to thrive and endure. Projection and Shadow work can be accessed in a variety of methods, with varying intensity, including but not limited to expressive arts, mask making, movement, active imagination, psychodrama and self-reflection/dyadic discussions. Meditation and Mindfulness Practice – DHMP The Personal Mastery Intensive will teach the Dynamic Heart and Mind Meditation along with additional guided experiences. It reviews the latest neuroscience findings on the benefits of mindfulness practice. Suitable for both beginning and experienced meditators, this instruction should leave participants with a practice they can integrate into an ongoing support for self-awareness, emotional self-regulation and increasing insight. Transformational Mindsets Our beliefs and expectations color every moment of our experience. Recent brain studies, positive psychology and ancient teachings all reflect the power each of us has to make our dreams and desires come true. Each individual has huge reservoirs of untapped potential and ability to shape their lives, relationships, and destinies. This program teaches participants to use new and ancient technology for sculpting and shaping their lives. “One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.” – Carl Jung “The imagination is capable of kindness that the mind often lacks. It searches for the hidden worlds that wait at the edge of things.” – John O’Donohue
  10. 10. Mobius Women’s Leadership Programs: A Deepening of the Feminine We work with public sector leaders, social entrepreneurs and corporate executives to find their own voices and embolden their vision. We have a strong conviction that taking time to share our individual and collective experiences of being women in today’s world allows us to learn and stretch together, while being encircled with the spirit of women’s wisdom. These programs offer a setting in which participants feel at liberty to explore themselves and step back from the day to day requirements of their lives. These leadership programs can serve as an integrating force in helping your authentic vision and values surface and express themselves. These programs are integrative of mind/body dynamics and allow participants to dive into how they understand themselves, their work, and their purpose. The tools of our exploration will include story telling, dream work, art, authentic movement, ritual and rites of passage, active imagination, meditation, music and dance. This program takes place in beautiful, pristine natural settings and includes extensive renewal modules including yoga and movement, contemplative practices, wellness services and other informal time to heal and rest. The curriculum of the program includes: • Leadership Presence • Innovation and Creativity • Empathy and Assertiveness • Initiation rites intrinsic to women • Neuroscience and Neuroplasticity • Study of the archetypal forces and power • Voice Dialogue of the feminine In this leadership program women learn to integrate the masculine and feminine dimensions of their leadership style; find practices of ongoing reconnection to themselves and spirit; and commit further to building a peaceful and more sustainable world.
  11. 11. Initiatory Programs Offered as Public Enrollment Courses Initiating the Heart This richly nourishing retreat explores the perennial spiritual traditions of the Heart Center as a gateway to compassion and unconditional love. From this initiation comes a life filled with meaning and full with feeling and wisdom. Participants most often say that having their hearts initiated results in overcoming fear and replacing it with love and openness, bringing power, creativity, and the deepest healing possible. Reclaiming the Shadow The term “Shadow” refers to Carl Jung’s concept, an archetype of personal and col- lective unconscious. Each of us has unseen parts of our personality; anything from isolated or wounded selves to rich, vital and creative aspects. Anything denied within us drains our energy, and robs us of our greatest power and vitality. The Shadow conference teaches us how to uncover these areas in us personally, recognize them collectively and turn their destructive power into integrated components of ourselves. Prerequisite: Initiating the Heart. Awakening the Seer This is a powerful initiation for the awakening of the throat center and the third eye. This conference awakens “the Seer,” making intuition and psychic ability available. A spiritual awakening occurs, engendering universal wisdom and insight. Learn to bridge personal, unconscious, ordinary and heightened realms through centering, meditation, ritual, dreamwork, myth and ancient tribal practices and traditions. Prerequisite: Initiating the Heart. Dream Voices: Dreams as the Gate to Creativity Dreams are the portal to our most creative and empowered selves. This program uses Voice Dialogue, dream drama and dream interpretation to discover the creative potential in your dreams. Dreaming is universal. Even if you don’t recall your dreams this workshop will help you discover startling insights, creative ideas and the unseen resources held in the personal and collective unconscious. It will also enable you to deepen and develop your ability to work with symbols and understand your ongoing dream messages and meanings. Carole Kammen, MA, is an innovator and leader in the field of organizational and personal development. In 1986, Carole founded Pathways Institute, a public spiritual growth organization and Pathways Business Institute, a San Francisco based management consulting firm. Both organizations have been dedicated to the exploration of human consciousness leading to personal, professional and spiritual fulfillment. In 2009, Pathways Business Institute merged with Mobius Executive Leadership to create best in class offerings for business leaders awakening to their inner lives. Carole serves as the lead faculty for this suite of personal mastery programs and as a Principal of Mobius.
  12. 12. Mobius Facilitator Development Program™ Building In-House Capacity to Deliver Mobius Personal Mastery Offerings For companies wishing to build internal capacity to deliver Mobius Executive Leadership trademarked personal mastery programs Mobius offers a thirty day Facilitator Development certificate Program (“The FDP”). The FDP is a once in a lifetime chance to study with leading spiritual faculty and our expressive arts team and support exploration of the spiritual underpinnings of our lives. The FDP is a wonderful blending of shared study, community gathering, individual and group meditative practice, dream work and group exploration. The curriculum of each FDP is ultimately determined by the group and each individual discovers their own depth of study and practice. However, each FDP covers all of the transformational content and educational pedagogy required to effectively deliver either the Personal Insight Workshops or Beyond Yes: Leadership Mastery and High Performance. The FDP is a highly intensive program of advanced group work and self-exploration. The FDP will familiarize future facilitators with the core models and practices of the Mobius personal mastery suite of programs as well as enable the participants to have greater access to their own practices for grounding, opening and in depth exploration. The focus on the FDP is on how to build and support a transformational learning environment in which others can safely explore their inner life and better understand themselves on both the inner and outer levels. Participation in an FDP requires an application and interview process to assure personal readiness and maturity of the group. To enable one on one coaching and tutoring on content modules throughout the field and forum training experience the FDP group size is limited to twelve participants per program. As prerequisites to attendance in an FDP participants must first have taken the personal insight workshop and either the five day introduction to Beyond Yes: Leadership Mastery and High Performance or the Personal Mastery Intensive. The structure of the FDP includes pre-work, a first forum over nine days, a one week tutoring in module delivery, a second forum over seven days, and a final week for module certification. The forum programs are designed as experiential intensives for individual and group development. Once certified to deliver the program, participants then teach the program with an experienced lead facilitator from Mobius and receive ongoing coaching until ready to serve as a lead trainer. Mobius is proud of our flagship personal mastery programs and happy to work with client organizations to build internal capability to offer these tools and methodologies more broadly to their teams, managers and executives.
  13. 13. I am done with great things and big plans, great institutions and big successes. I am for those tiny, invisible loving human forces that work from individual to individual, creeping through the crannies of the world like so many rootlets, or like the capillary oozing of water, yet which, if given time, will rend the hardest monuments of human pride. William James
  14. 14. Personal Mastery Faculty Senior Faculty Erica Ariel Fox Robert Hanig Alex Kuilman Alex Trisoglio Robert Gass Carole Kammen Scott Rutherford Julie Winter Faculty Shea Adelson James Gimian Paula Love Gabriella Salvatore Nia and Movement Author, The Rules Somatic Leadership The Five Rhythms of Victory: How to Arjuna Ardagh Doug Noll Lama Surya Das Transform Chaos Author, Look Before Martial Arts Author, Awakening and Conflict You Leap and The Liz Owen the Buddha Within Translucent Revolution Gwen Gordon Yoga Mark Thornton Innovation & Creativity Marilyn Paul Author, Meditation in Samuel Bartussek Personal Effectiveness a New York Minute Pantomime Artist Anne Gottlieb Actress, Leadership Katie Pearl Jai Uttal Jennifer Cohen Musician Presence Theatre Director, Somatic Leadership Leadership Presence Tania Watson Edith Greenblatt Annette Duclos Author, Restore Scott Peppet Producer, Leadership Yoga Yourself Business Ethics Presence Daena Giardella Ruth Halpern Scott Rogers Claudine Wilder Improvisation Presentation Skills Meditation & the Law Presentation Skills Personal Insight Workshop Lead Facilitators Jim Allen Matthew Levy “Mobius Executive Leadership helped us start our journey in a Christian de la Huerta Lyse Merineau respectful yet provocative way. Carol Faull Tom O’Brien The team was flexible, gentle but Virginia Fleming Jane Purchall firm in guiding us through our Lorraine Gordon Lyn Travis resistance to change” Jason Gore Andrea Borman Winter –Helena Light Hadley, VP, Organization and Talent Louise Hansell Development, FINRA
  15. 15. Leadership Approach In order to bring our leadership programs to life and engage participants in dimensional and creative ways Mobius adds expressive arts faculty to many of our training programs. Our faculty includes actors, theatre directors, improvisational experts, pantomime and trapeze artists and production crews for creative set design and experiential games. We also work with movement experts, martial artists, yoga practitioners and other experts in somatics and embodied leadership. Finally, we have faculty drawing from the fields of philosophy, ethics, world religions, psychology, and spiritual teaching who bring expertise in inner transformation, mindfulness and meditation, dream work, voice dialogue, family systems, values and character development, leadership presence and other personal growth technologies and fields of human consciousness work. Next Steps Interested parties are invited to contact: Karyn Saganic, Director of Client Services Email: Phone: (781) 237-1362 Fax: (781) 237-1873