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MobiTree and Advertisers


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MobiTree and Advertisers

  2. 2. Mobile is Changing Everything The way we search, eat, shop, travel, learn, communicate, pay, entertain ourselves and give is evolving rapidly to mobile Connect with Target Affinity Groups using MobiTree MobiTree: one platform for you to advertise Online, SMS, Email and Mobile marketing to hyper local interest-driven prospective customers anywhere on any device Great for stores, restaurants, financial services, consumer package goods, apparel, realtors, hotels, resorts, spas, small business owners and more eCoupons Title Sponsor Full Page Mobile Ads Interactive Polling, Surveys, Games Web and Mobile Banner Ads Commercials Promotions Rich Banners Podcast Sponsor More…
  3. 3. Building Local Mobile and OnlineSocial Communities Around Brands  We create Mobi Apps, Websites and Campaigns for affinity groups MobiTree Ecosystem  MobiTree’s platform embeds advertisers in group’s ecosystem The Mobi: all-in-one Mobile App & Website for anyone, any device.MobiTree Ecosystem
  4. 4. Advertising with MobiTree Bringing you and social communities together.  Target your customers and discover the power of hyper-local, community focused mobile and online advertising with MobiTree  Major advertisers are going with MobiTree, so should you Fundraising Mobi™ Event Mobi™ Sports Mobi™ Community Mobi™ Travel Mobi™ Worship Mobi™ Club Mobi™ Band Mobi™ Education Mobi™ Custom Mobi™
  5. 5. MobiTree Solves Common Challengesfor Affinity Groups Desktop iPad Mobile All-in-One Multi-Media Registration Advertising eCommerceMobility: Anywhere, anytime, any deviceAcquisition: Acquire new fans/customers, engage them and grow participationCommunication: Calendar, events, geo-mapping, schedules, push, text, emailRevenue Creation: Sell advertising, products, tickets, donations, fundraisersMulti-media: Video, photos, streaming, news feeds, social mediaeCommerce: Stores, donations and payment processing
  6. 6. Target Your Ads to CommunitiesExample Affinity Group: • See Mommy Run is an organization with over 57K women nationwide with 20 regional chapters & hundreds of local groups • They focus on helping moms get in shape by running, interacting with each other & sharing health and fitness content
  7. 7. Hyper-Local Mobile Advertising  Connect with your target audiences with the power of geo-targeted local mobile advertising  Identify the customer, device and location of the mobile search and optimize  1 in 3 mobile searches are local, 74% purchase*  Drives results by providing relevant content  Provide nearest store location information and directions - great for moms on the go  Display relevant local offers and distance to the store to drive response rates in affinity group Mobi’s*Google 2011
  8. 8. Hyper-Local Advertising After looking up a local business on their Smartphone, 61% of users called the bile is local business and 59%visited 74% of Smartphone users who searched for products shopping resulted with a purchase 79% of Smartphone users, use their devices to help while shopping (Google 2011)
  9. 9. Interconnecting Mobile & DigitalContent & Advertisers24HourFitness.Mobi
  10. 10. Use of Rich Banner Ads Rich banner ads, which are expandable, with useful content, links and video, are driving qualified leads and conversion  71% of Smartphone users search after seeing ads  A whopping 82% notice mobile ads  74% purchase as a result of using their phone while shopping Source: Google’s “The Mobile Movement: Understanding Smartphone Users”
  11. 11. Amplify Campaigns with MobileEvent Mobi™ Travel Mobi™ Texas State Fair and Auto Show: Resort: DriveMychevy.mobiSports Mobi™ Conference Mobi™ State Champions: Global conferences:
  12. 12. Target Your Affinity Groups Now Call: 1-800-349-7563 Email: