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Slideshare Present Yourself

  1. 1. Presented by: Mike McBane Jordan McClain Stephen Moore Weston Wernsman
  2. 2. Overview of Web 2.0 and SlideShare Presented by Stephen Moore
  3. 3. Web 2.0 Overview • Web 2.0 is the “participation web” • What makes it “participation” is that people interact with it • Sites you have a personal connection with • Sites you feel apart of • Sites that would not exist without you
  4. 4. What is Slideshare Slideshare is the world’s largest community for sharing presentations. • Share business media • Presentations, PDFs, and documents • Vibrant Professional Community • Comments, downloads, and favorites content • Content Spreads Virally • Shared via Facebook, Twitter, and other social media • The site has over 25 million monthly visitors, still growing rapidly
  5. 5. Web 2.0 and SlideShare • SlideShare allows to share files with one another • A user can upload their presentation to be seen publicly or privately • Publicly allows a business to send the files to people as well as for the public to search for it • Privately allows a business to only allow personnel they invite to see the PowerPoint
  6. 6. Some things you can do on SlideShare • Embed slideshows into blogs or websites • Share slideshows publicly or privately • Put audio in slides • Market your own even • Join groups who share interests • Download the original file
  7. 7. General Overlook on SlideShare Presented by Weston Wernsman
  8. 8. SlideShare Overview • The “YouTube for Presentations” • Over 25 million monthly viewers worldwide • SlideShare is the world's largest community site for sharing presentations. • It is really easy to integrate with Facebook, twitter and other social networks. • SlideShare is not limited to just presentations, it allows uploads of documents and pdf’s
  9. 9. Who can/does use SlideShare? • Anybody can use it, and there is a wide variety of people who do it. • There are many personal uses of SlideShare • Personal research/ interest • For entertainment • As a consumer • A Social network to keep your distant family and friend involved • There are also many business uses of SlideShare • Marketing and advertising • As a social network to inform clients what is going on in the company
  10. 10. More users SlideShare • has posted presentations on SlideShare about • technology policy • Green policies • Documents showing Presidents’ speeches in 15 different languages. • They make it available for other government agencies and individuals • Whitehouse Channel
  11. 11. Convenience of SlideShare • Power Point Presentations or any other documents stored on the web with a permanent URL can be a very valuable resource.
  12. 12. Why are Permanent URLs good? • This means that your Presentation/Documents are 100% backed-up. • You can reach your file on any computer in the world, that has the internet. • No more carrying around USB’s • No need to emailing presentations
  13. 13. Is SlideShare Safe? • SlideShare is clean and family friendly • There is privacy settings • Limiting who can see your presentations • It supports various copyright claims
  14. 14. Real Life Reviews • "A fantastic Web 2.0 tool that lets students and instructors to upload their presentations and share them online through a YouTube-like interface. Also, it is a good place to discover presentations and slideshows from others." Steve Yuen • "In my view, the YouTube of presentations. This is a great social networking site for sharing presentations. You can access some really interesting presentations here." Manish Mohan
  15. 15. Business Applications for SlideShare Presented by Jordan McClain
  16. 16. The Founders of SlideShare • All hold backgrounds in business • Rashmi Sinha • CEO and Cofounder of SlideShare • She focuses on partnerships and product strategy • Jonathan Boutelle • The man who came up with the initial idea of SlideShare • Amit Ranjan • The head of the building team at SlideShare • Background in product marketing, sales,and consumer research
  17. 17. Share Presentations with Potential Customers • Upload presentations to be shared publicly or privately • Private uploads • allow a business to share its presentations with specific people • Investors, potential partners, etc • Public uploads • Allow businesses you are not communicating with to find your service or products • Allow customers to see your product or service • Free advertising
  18. 18.
  19. 19. Personal Applications for Slideshare Presented by Mike McBane
  20. 20. Find new products and services • Find presentations of products and services that interest you • Search by topic • Search by idea • Search by product
  21. 21. Share Personal Presentations • Teachers can share their lecture slides with other teachers or students • Students can share their presentation with other students • Share presentations with friends • Share presentations with family
  22. 22. Need to Sell Something? • Use SlideShare to sell anything you want • Present your home to anyone on the internet • Sell your car
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