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Mobiomic | case studies


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Examples of our recent web and iPhone applications.

Published in: Design, Technology
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Mobiomic | case studies

  1. 1. Case studies.
  2. 2. DoubleBubble iPhone app DoubleBubble is your first port of call for special offers, vouchers and mobile interaction with the biggest brands across the nation. This app turns your phone into a barcode scanner that, when the 2D codes are scanned from your copy of DoubleBubble, will link via your phone’s Internet connection to web pages and further online content from the provider. case studies
  3. 3. The Gamehunter iPhone app The mobile presence for the online gambling guide features RSS-driven casino, bookmaker, poker and scratchcard site reviews plus all the guides, tips and tricks required for the gambling man-about-town. case studies
  4. 4. NappyStop iPhone app The iPhone app is available as a free download and covers baby-friendly changing facilities, parent and child parking zones and breastfeeding friendly shops, cafes and restaurants in Manchester. By using the built-in GPS of your iPhone 4 or 3GS, the NappyStop app can determine your location and guide you to the nearest recommended location. case studies
  5. 5. BCL Legal web app The mobile web app allows BCL's candidates to access the main functionality of the desktop version, namely BCL's extensive job search facility, allowing candidates to search and browse jobs and then contact the recruitment agents directly. case studies
  6. 6. Metazone web app Designed to sit alongside the popular London hotel and restaurant finder, the mobile-friendly version features the same extensive search capabilities and online booking facilities through it's third-party affiliates. case studies
  7. 7. ClearSky Accounting mobile website The mobile presence for the accountancy firm specialising in accounting for contractors and freelancers features a simplified site structure powered by the main website's content management system ensuring that any updates are immediate and global. case studies
  8. 8. MPH Solicitors mobile website Powered by the main website's content management system, the MPH mobile website allows users instant access to their range of services and contact details on the move. case studies
  9. 9. Further information For further information, contact Andy Whitwood at mobiomic on:email: [email_address] mobile: 07711 365020 skype: andywhitwood or visit our website at: case studies