Motivation letter


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Motivation letter

  1. 1. Dear Sir, nI am hereby applying for entrance to Master International Financial Management ofthe IAE Aix for the 2010 fall term. NFirst of all I would like to present some background about myself. My name is Arslan,currently living and working with banking sector in Dubai, originally from Pakistan.Since my early years the question of my future university studies and then aprofession was very important to me.During my University studies I was the member of a student council. This allowed meto develop and use my organizational skills. When I successfully completed my MBA,I served as Admin Officer on admin and human resource office defence ministry ofPakistan. It was a good possibility for me to sharpen administrative skills andinterpersonal relations. I asked myself a question, which profession will grant me theability to use and improve my skills. I have already realised that it must be somethingrelated to marketing and financial management, so the next step was to find out inwhich sector of marketing and management I will express myself best and could useall my skills. I was always fascinated by banking sector, business and economics andits influence on daily life. I change my job and switched to banking sector. I changedtwo jobs within banking sector for the sake of my career progression. The best choicefor me was to enter in international Job Market so I joined Emirates NBD, Dubai.Now I am feeling that for future career growth I should enhance my academics in amore precise field. For me the best choice is some thing relevant to InternationalFinancial Management. I have found the programme offered by your universityexactly inline with what I want to do. I am strongly realising that I have to sharpen myfinancial communication skills, financial management, risk analysis and fundsmanagement. The above-mentioned programme meets my professional requirements,as I am a part of UAE leading financial organisation Emirates NBD.
  2. 2. In conclusion I want to say that I would like to take responsibility and to work as apart of a team. I am eager to gain new experiences and in my opinion this program isthe best way to achieve all what I want to do. As it is an international high standardprogramme it provides an opportunity to interact with students from various countries.The interaction during the study seems very enriching and exactly what I am lookingfor. If I would be able to get admission it will provide me an opportunity to explorenew venues and polish my skills. I feel IAE Aix-en-Provence, France is best optionfor me for my future professional life and career growth. If an opportunity is providedto me I will try my best to prove myself. NThank you for considering my application. NSincerely yours,Muhammad Arslan