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Content management for cross device


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In this presentation, we give an overview of the challenges of cross-device content management for web-marketing activities.

We also come with a methodology to tackle these challenge in order to offer the best proposition to your content consumers.

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Content management for cross device

  1. 1. Optimization of Content Management For Cross- Device Web Marketing
  2. 2. I’m a (business) geek !! Georges-Alexandre Hanin! @gahanin! @mobilosoft!
  3. 3. And I don’t seem to be alone! 1,5 TV per household*! 82% of householdown a computer**! 77% of householdare connected to the web**! 42% of Bel own a smartphone***! 33% of h. ! own a tablet*! *Source: - **: spf economie - ***: GFK Retail & Technology
  4. 4. It means you are not communicating to a single computer!
  5. 5. But to a person with multiple devices!
  6. 6. A person, that is connected!
  7. 7. And moving! 79% of smartphone users have looked for local information*! As a result 84% have taken action*! *Source:
  8. 8. Agenda! •  The new challenges of Content Management! •  Managing your content across devices!
  10. 10. To reach the same content at different periods! !! Office: Computer Home: iPad Transport, toilet, queues, meetings,…
  11. 11. To reach different content at different periods! !! Plan for shopping Shopping list, directions,… Cook, read, learn, relax
  12. 12. To reach different content at the 
 same time! Tv: movie & Ads Tablet - Smartphone: more ideas
  13. 13. To activate content from another device at the same time! Tablet: gameboard Smartphone: player interface
  15. 15. *Source:
  16. 16. And they are constantly triggered!
  17. 17. This has an impact on your web-visits !! *Source:
  18. 18. In conclusion: many triggers, many behaviors, many devices, many places,…!
  19. 19. And we haven’t talked about Social Media yet…!
  20. 20. Agenda! •  The new challenges of Content Management! •  Managing your content across devices!
  22. 22. How will your users consume your content ?! Content consumption Management Type What to do ? Same content at different periods Coherently The content must be the same across all media and devices Different content at different periods Action-related The content must be centered around the utilization periods for each device Different content at the same time Complementarity The content must be centered around the best use of each device Activate content from another device at the same time Simultaneity The content must be centered around the best use of each device
  23. 23. 2ND WHICH FORMAT ?!
  24. 24. Screens! + 5.000 types of cell-phones with more than 255 different screen sizes* Among the 11 most used tablets, there are 4 different screen sizes and 8 resolutions ** *Source: - **: Among the 30 most recent smartphones, there are 17 different screen sizes and 19 resolutions **
  25. 25. iPhones …! *Source:
  26. 26. Then, you must pay attention to …! •  The device itself ! •  The OS & navigator! •  The Internet speed (Edge, 3G, 4G, Wifi)! •  The quality of the hardware! •  The servers! •  The CMS! •  …!
  28. 28. 1. Define your Content Management Type ! 2. Identify your target devices & media! 3. Find the best tool to manage your content across devices & media !
  29. 29. How to identify the relevant tool ?! Coherent Action- related Complementarity Simultaneity Content Consistently share data across platforms Each content has its place (media, device) Each content has its place (media, device) Each content has its place (media, device) Multiple formats Necessary May be needed Not really necessary May be necessary Performance Important Key Key Important Publication timing Less important Might be crucial Key Key
  31. 31. We manage the virtual presence of Physical stores!
  32. 32. Virtual presence ? ! Promos Address & store data
  33. 33. HOW DO WE DO THAT?!
  34. 34. We publish store data!
  35. 35. We create mobile websites A mobile site for Godiva that shows what your customers really need:! ü  Stores ü  Promotions ü  Product catalogue ü  Links to social networks Test it:
  36. 36. We make sure local promotions are well referenced! On Foursquare, your mobile website and Google
  37. 37. All this is done via a single tool! Centralize the data / content management And synchronize across all platforms