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39%of Belgian own a smartphone
Smartphone users spend
95 min per day on their
of smartphon...
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Belgian mobile barometer 2014


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Belgians love smartphones. For two years, the number has doubled to 2.4 million units, to the point that 40% of Belgians have one. They spend an average of more than an hour and a half a day, and during this period they surf and visit social networks. They also perform local searches. Today, consumers want to search for products or services information, wherever they are and whenever they want.

This new distribution channel is a real opportunity for retailers: the mobile content consumer demand is real, as well as the support. Unfortunately, on the side of retailers, the transition to the mobile communication is bad, or even not at all.

Of 345 retailers analyzed, only one third of them have a mobile site. This situation becomes catastrophic when barely 1% of mobile websites are completely optimized for mobile use. Another point of catch: mobile sites load time, which has risen sharply this year (+ 30%) due to an increase in the number of files and page size to view. These two facts are frightening, given that 70% will not visit the physical store if they cannot find the information they are searching for.

While it might really drive more traffic to physical stores, the mobile site as generally being developed, has just the opposite effect. The retailers must therefore make great efforts to offer their consumers well-optimized mobile sites. This will allow them to improve the consumer experience and ultimately to drive traffic to the stores.

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Belgian mobile barometer 2014

  1. 1. 39%of Belgian own a smartphone 1,2M 2M 2,4M 95’ Smartphone users spend 95 min per day on their smartphone 42% of smartphone owners search on their smartphone every day SO 80% of smartphone users visit social networks SOCIAL engage more closely LO 79% of smartphone users look for local information LOCAL discover what’s nearby MO 54% of smartphone users are influenced by mobile site interfaces to the point to not visit the POS MOBILE Customers are already mobile What about retailers? any time, any place 2014 Belgium The STUDY Mobile sites have DOUBLEDDOUBLED in one year ! 2012 2013 2014 10% 17% 33% News Our stores Social networks Mobile websites are loaded quickly. Textes and pictures are adapted to the screen size. The lecture is easier MOBILE SITE NON-MOB ILE SITENews ContactsStores Press Text are not fited to your screen loading time is more important Jo 46% of smartphone users are annoyed by the lack of optimisation of mobile site 54%are annoyedby the Sectors with the highest number of mobile site Sectors with the lowest number of mobile site AUTOMOTIVE HANDBAG RESTAURANT HOTEL SECTORS WITH THE LARGEST EVOLUTION Hotel Sport Center Telephony SECTORS WITH THE SMALLEST EVOLUTION Nautical Chocolate ONLY1% OF MOBILE SITE ARE COMPLETELY OPTIMIZED 87%OWN A PRODUCT CATALOG 28%SUGGEST CURRENT PROMOTIONS 84%OWN A STORE LOCATOR 50%PROVIDE A LINK TOWARDS DESKTOP SITE 52%PROVIDE A LINK TOWARDS SOCIAL NETWORKS ? WHAT A MOBILE SITE OFFERS? OPTIMIZED SEARCH EXPERIENCE FOR USERS MOBILE SPECIFIC FEATURES USER-FRIENDLY STORE LOCATOR INCREASE OF THE LOADING TIME ON MOBILE 2012 27,5 sec 5,7 sec 3,1 sec 2,6 sec 2G 3G 4G Wifi 2013 24 sec 5,15 sec 2,9 sec 2,4 sec 2G 3G 4G Wifi 2014 40 sec 7,7 sec 3,9 sec 3 sec 2G 3G 4G Wifi WHY? Rise of the number of files and the size of the pages of mobile sites BUT Consumers want to access mobile site in less than 5sec,if not they leave it Loss of OPPORTUNITY forretailers ACCESSORIES RETAIL PRESS TRUCKING Retail Mobilosoft obilosoftDrive traffic to your retail stores @Mobilosoft Mobilosoft helps retailers to collect and manage their local marketing data (POS information, promotions, events...) and to spread it on multiple on-line media. Mobilosoft measures the impact of this diffusion in order to help retailers to improve their performances. ConclusionConclusion Going mobile offers new opportunities for retailers. Customers are spending more and more time researching on mobile. Retailers have to present a website with a mobile-friendly interface in order to follow customers in all their moves and in their daily lives. Retailers proposing a mobile optimized site can improve their customers’ experiences and drive traffic to their stores. In Belgium, the number of smartphone is on the rise. The mobile device became a central piece of consumers’ daily lives. Going mobile creates massive opportunity for retailers. 2014 Provided by Mobilosoft MobileMobileBAROMETERBAROMETER Provided by 10%USE FLASH, SO THEY ARE NOT VISIBLE ON IOS 70%WILL NOT VISIT THE PHYSICAL STORE IF THEY CANNOT FIND THE INFORMATION THEY ARE SEARCHING FOR Small screens BIGopportunities RISE OF VISIBILITY & RISE OF SALES RISE OF IN-STORE CONVERSION 1 obilosoft Drive traffic to your retail stores Sources : Technology, Media & Telecommunications Predictions, Deloitte, 2014 KloudLess, OurMobilePlanet, Gfk Retail & Technology, Mobilosoft studies slowness of non-mobile websites