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MaaS as a means of citizen engagement


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A presentation given to the ITS European Congress 2019 in Eindhoven

Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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MaaS as a means of citizen engagement

  1. 1. MaaS as a means of citizen engagement James Gleave Director | @jamesgleave1
  2. 2. Current approaches Mobility Strategy
  3. 3. The opportunity presented by MaaS and other solutions Needs of cities Needs of users Needs of citizens MaaS Service provision Service enablement Mobility insights
  4. 4. The challenge to realising this • User-centricity in strategy is not standard practice • Lack of focus on outcomes • Lack of standardization • Variety of approaches currently in delivery
  5. 5. Thinking specifically of KPIs KPI Groups Examples Role of MaaS Community Budget allocation to community- suggested mobility projects Understanding impact of potential projects, working with local communities Impact on user capabilities Baselining access to services User satisfaction Direct measurement (standardized) Institutional Success of job seeking Monitoring travel to interviews and jobs Function economic geographies Identifying travel to work boundaries Mobility Access to services Baselining travel patterns for access calculations Network performance Data on use of mobility services
  6. 6. Moving to Citizen-Centred Mobility Open, usable Data Accessible services Meeting user need Operational delivery Mobility data open as standard Open source tools Building skills to use them Building sustainability Defining Universal Accessibility Financing and delivering Tools and service empowering people Transparent delivery New operating models Meeting customer wants Community and public sector collaboration Attitudinal and observational research Open and inclusive in identifying needs Defining responsibilities
  7. 7. Thank You Email: Tel: 07958 350159