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Superbowl Advertising: Engaging Content or Just Eye Candy? (GrahamDBrown)


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This year Budweiser will spend $4 million on a 30 second commercial for Superbowl XLIX Arizona. Is this a good use of their money? Do traditional Branding based approaches to marketing work? Why are brand leaders like Starbucks and Apple staying away in 2015 and what is it they know that the Superbowl advertisers don't?

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Superbowl Advertising: Engaging Content or Just Eye Candy? (GrahamDBrown)

  1. Superbowl Ads: engaging content or just eye candy?
  2. …even if your team doesn’t pick up any silverware this weekend, you don’t walk away empty- handed with my FREE download! 
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  3. It’s that time of year again…
  4. ad spending = bigger than ever
  5. 30 seconds = $4 million
  6. but before the 
 first ball is kicked… get ready to 
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  8. Meanwhile back at
 Superbowl XLIX…
  9. …a festival of BIG IDEAS
  10. Every year bigger and bolder…
  11. but wait a minute, this doesn’t add up
  12. People just aren’t paying attention anymore…
  13. she sees 170,000 marketing messages by her 17th birthday flickr © jonathan-grado
  14. her brain gates out 95% of the information flickr © helgabj
  15. the best place to bury a dead body these days is in the 2nd page of Google search results
  16. ATTENTION is your biggest COST flickr © hervoices
  17. People don’t wake up thinking about BRANDS anymore... flickr © commonbond
  18. …and the biggest advertisers are also the biggest losers
  19. remember these guys?
  20. this is what happened to them…
  21. and these guys?
  22. same fate…
  23. and these guys?
  24. same again…
  25. and this guy?
  27. same again…
  28. Google Search Trends: “Gangnam Style” Awareness doesn’t last very long
  29. You see, this obsession with awareness is born of a different era…
  30. The days of ARE OVERwinning awards and Tony the Tiger Sorry guys!
  31. let’s just call a spade a spade
  32. Advertising is a TAX on boring brands flickr © strevs
  33. But, how do they do it?
  34. they don’t waste time here
  35. they don’t shout louder
  36. flickr © rafaelchacon they don’t interrupt
  37. they don’t treat their customers as destinations for their marketing messages
  38. what they do differently is…
  39. focus on Brand Experience not
  40. how they make you feel
  41. in your everyday life
  42. in the stories you share…
  43. because they know
  44. Branding is DEAD
  45. Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room - Jeff Bezos, CEO Amazon
  46. what people say about you
  47. pic © GoPro when you’re not in the room
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