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(Graham Brown mobileYouth) PART 2: 50 Youth Marketing Trends for 2009

  1. 50 Youth Marketing Trends for 2009 Buzzwords, Quotes & Trends Part 2 (26-50) By Graham Brown mobileYouth
  2. “ The wonderful thing about mobile is its ability to generate $1 trillion a year without really knowing why their customers are buying” Graham Brown
  3. #26 If you want their attention give something first
  4. #27 Your biggest threat is not your competitor but your own organizational DNA . The 3M's – Metrics, Mission Statement and Marcomms conspire to unwind any youth marketing strategy you have by keeping things short-term .
  5. #28 Only 27% of youth we surveyed said they “trusted” their operator.
  6. #29 Successful youth brands have focused marketing not on awareness but on building sustainable grass roots support at the local and micro levels. Grass roots = Grass routes .
  7. #30 Customer service is your best youth marketing strategy
  8. #31 HARLEY EFFECT Why are youth important in 2009? Well consider this – the average Harley Davidson customer is aged 51. By 2030, it'll be 67 and so on. By focusing on high spend customers, a once legendary youth brand now faces the prospect of a dying market.
  9. #32 Benchmarking never gave us the ipod, sony walkman or even the mobile phone. All came from someone's ability to employ uncommon sense - thinking that challenges the received wisdom asking " what if? "
  10. #33 Is youth marketing in your company a mindset or a department ?
  11. #34 Behavioral Platforms Take a look at Nike, Boost, Red Bull and Jones Soda. How are you providing the platform to support the future stars of the younger generation?
  12. #35 Social Proof Enough saying, youth marketing is now about doing. Get out there into the community and prove you are worthy
  13. #36 Customer Education? Customers don't need educating, we do
  14. #37 Now we have the telecoms platform, the future will be about who can develop the best consumer insight. Insight is King
  15. #38 We are moving from an era of looking for consumers for our products to looking for products for our consumers.
  16. #39 Sell your Values Smart youth brands such as Red Bull , Boost Mobile , Orange and Jones Soda know that their values sell and are actively out there promoting unselfish causes. Youth identify with this and their rivals are slowly being marginalized .
  17. #40 Charging models are not so important. He who has the eyeballs will figure it out
  18. #41 Marketing in 2009: 10 years ago, marketing supported the organization Now, the organization's very existence is to support the marketing
  19. #42 Phatic : the real value of mobile communication everything trivial has a social value
  20. #43 Levi's Effect 20 years ago, Levi's owned the jeans market whereas today it languishes with less than 10% of the market at #7 in global sales . Being a youth icon means nothing if you are unable to maintain your relevance
  21. #44 The Idea Cloud SMS, peer-to-peer file sharing, IM, music downloads, mobile music, Facebook and Myspace. Where would we be without all of these? That's why youth are important to your business – because they made each one possible
  22. #45 Ferrari Effect 78% of youth surveyed were “interested” in owning a Ferrari. How many youth will be buying one next year? Beware the Ferrari affect. These stats highlight the futility in most focus group search.
  23. #46 Niche time? Is this telecoms' dirty little secret? Have the 200,000 other youth products not yet discovered this gap in attention?
  24. #47 Engagement You can't talk about “engagement” and “direct marketing” in the same breath – they are by definition contradictory
  25. Whatever "customer centricity" or "listening" your marketing and PR guys are doing will be undone by the organization as long as you continue to uphold and reward short term metrics such as ARPU #48 What's measured gets done
  26. #49 Trends Don't waste your efforts on the searching for the next great thing. It is the same as the last one - a product that delivered more social currency to youth than all of its rivals
  27. #50 Lifestyle or Product? Red Bull will become the gold standard of youth marketing because it understands its business is “energy” not “energy drinks” just as mobile companies need to consider their business as the social fabric of youth not a mobile product
  28. Cost of focus group $30,000. Insights: what you wanted to hear. Cost of hiring digital camera for day and going out onto street and talking to your customers $200. Insights: priceless
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