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(Part 2) 15 Brand Experience Trends for 2015 by Graham D Brown


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What are the key trends in Brand Experience for 2015? This is PART 2 of a 3 part series on Slideshare on Brand Experience. How are brands like Zappos, Southwest Airlines, Apple, Monster, LEGO and Yelp redefining how customers engage with brands in 2015? LIKE and SHARE this presentation. Don't forget to get the 75 page PDF download

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(Part 2) 15 Brand Experience Trends for 2015 by Graham D Brown

  2. This is Part 2/3 of a trend series for 2015 available on created by Graham D Brown
  3. what’s inside part 2? 6. brand happens 7. many to many 8. brand democracy 9. paid vs earned media 10. fans
  4. #6 Brand Happens
  5. “You can benefit from the conversation without controlling it” - Henry Jenkins
  6. brand management brand curation brand management is so...1989 let’s stop trying to manage conversations and start giving them the tools to share their own
  7. brands that don’t get shared don’t get experienced pic © GoPro
  8. We can no longer control and manage the brand conversation like we used to... CONTROL MANAGE flickr © posterboynyc
  9. #7 Many to Many
  10. “You need to understand the pain points, the transportation culture and the transportation systems that exist in every city and start making some educated guesses” - Travis Kalanick, CEO Uber
  11. Google Search Trends: “Store Opening Hours” some things businesses just aren’t very good at like providing the most basic information
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  13. interrupting START connecting flickr © rafaelchacon
  15. conversation with our brand conversation with each other one to one is on the decline in 2015 because the customer’s biggest fear is being alone don’t be piggie in the middle, build a platform to help customers connect and tell their own stories
  16. #8 Brand Democracy
  17. We recognized we are as much in the content enabling business as we are in the consumer products business. Nick Woodman, CEO GoPro it’s all about storytelling
  18. de·mo·cra·cy [dəˈmäkrəsē] noun control of an organization or group by the majority of its members
  19. who’s the hero?
  20. use new media to find new ways of the story make the customer the flickr © jdhancock
  21. brand control brand democracy give them the tools to help tell their story nobody’s interested in official brand stories anymore… get over it!
  22. “It took a few years to realize that there are a lot more people in the world that want to capture themselves doing what they want, what they love to do, their passions and interests, than there are that want to capture other people” - Nick Woodman, CEO GoPro you can’t buy exceptional brand experience...
  23. #9 Paid vs Earned Media
  24. flickr © ripton
  25. earned media noun Earned media is publicity gained through promotional efforts other than advertising, as opposed to paid media
  26. Google NGram Search “Earned Media” this is the future!
  27. Paid Media Earned Media we can’t buy trust and attention anymore, we have to earn it earn it through building long term relationships with your brand Fans
  28. #10 Fans
  29. “It's better to have 100 people love you than to have 1,000,000 people like you.” - Brian Chesky, CEO Airbnb build the brand one FAN at a time...
  30. fan [fan] noun an enthusiastic devotee, follower, or admirer of a sport, pastime, celebrity, etc.:
  31. Google Search Trends: “Lego” ...a successful brand built one Fan at a time
  33. customers Fans if you don’t know who your Fans are, you only have customers connect with your Fans at your brand touchpoints, the Frontline...
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