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(MVentur) Download: Google’s 2 step strategy for Motorola


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(MVentur) Download: Google’s 2 step strategy for Motorola

  1. 1. MVentur memo: Q1 2013Google’s 2 Step Strategy for MotorolaIn a recent quarterly earnings call, Google’s CEO Larry Pageemphasized the need for reinventing Motorola by creating betterexperiences.But reinventing the experience will take time. The company noted it hadinherited a 12 to 18 month product pipeline from Motorola. While Googlehas a legacy of successful innovation, there are no guarantees withMotorola.In this document, I outline my recommendations for Google inimplementing a 2-step strategy for Motorola:1) Focus on the Basics: Focus on doing the common things uncommonly well (the basics of smartphone ownership)2) Build your Beachheads: Identify and build on existing Beachheads to co-create the user experience with young Fans
  2. 2. 1) Focus on the BasicsDoing the Common Things Uncommonly WellGoogle’s CEO Larry page talks about consumer experience as, “Youshouldn’t have to worry about constantly recharging your phone. Whenyou drop your phone, it shouldn’t go splat. Everything should be a tonfaster and easier.”If Google is to succeed, it needs to focus on the basics. Experienceneeds to be defined on customer, not industry, terms. Good experienceis about reliable, everyday technologies not the ones that necessarilywin awards.From the customer’s point of view, experience is defined in the detail:not winning in the game of high-end technologies but getting the simple,everyday tasks right. This approach is true to Google’s legacy of buildingapps that don’t “wow” audiences but apps that drive mass participationthrough removing friction and bad experiences.Google’s challenge is to navigate Motorola away from themanufacturer’s mindset: a mindset that aims to provide customers with acomplete, fixed experience out-of-the-box supported by ad agencycampaigns. The modern customer doesn’t like Motorola’s pre-installedapps and this lack of control contributes to a perception of unreliability.According to a recent Fixya survey based on 700,000 responses, thebiggest issue cited by Motorola users was “preinstalled apps” (30% of allresponses).2)Build your BeachheadsFind the FansCreating what the head of Google+ Vic Gundotra refers to as a phonewith "insanely great cameras" will not help Motorola regain customers.Motorola challenge isn’t hardware, it’s relevance.Relevance means Motorola standing for something. Rather than tryingto become everything to everybody with a “game changer” handset asper old Motorola’s strategy, Motorola needs to focus on the somebody itcan become relevant to.The most sustainable relevance is when people tell their everydaystories using your brand. 85% of brand experience happens without thebrand. Technology itself becomes boring but the stories people tell withit are relevant. By removing the dominant Motorola story, Google can
  3. 3. focus on giving Fans better tools to tell their own story. It’s not about thephone that counts, it’s what people do with it that counts.By bypassing the mobile operators and developing their own mobileecosystem around a positive, reliable experience, Google can reducethe distance between the customer and Motorola but this requires thedevelopment of a Frontline. Google is already taking the first steps increating a Frontline by opening its own retail stores. Now, the challengeis making the Frontline into a space that’s relevant to its Beachhead inthe youth market.Graham BrownLead Consultant, MVentur
  4. 4. About MVenturMVentur is the world’s first youth mobile consultancy.We have 2 roles:1) Advisor to our clientsWe oversee marketing plans, act on advisory panels and consult ourclients. Find out more about our consultancy work.2) Commercial think tank for the mobile industryWe promote progressive marketing ideas that help mobile companies gobeyond advertising. Read more about our youth mobile opinion