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My Top 10 Youth Resources to help you understand the Mobile Generation (Graham Brown mobileYouth) DOWNLOAD


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My Top 10 Youth Resources to help you understand the Mobile Generation (Graham Brown mobileYouth) DOWNLOAD

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My Top 10 Youth Resources to help you understand the Mobile Generation (Graham Brown mobileYouth) DOWNLOAD

  1. 1. Mobile Youth My Top 10 Youth Resources to help you understand the Mobile Generation Welcome to the world of youth mobile culture. Here are my top 10 recommended resources to get you up to speed on the Mobile Generation: 1. THE MOBILE YOUTH BOOK This is your basic 101 into the world of the youth market and the mobile generation. Based on 10 years of research and available to download today, this book will help reveal to you a world of youth mobile culture that you are probably unaware of, in turn helping you see the world through their eyes. DOWNLOAD SAMPLE Click the button to download sample chapters of the book FREE. 2. A LOOK INTO OUR MOBILE FUTURE Who drives the mobile future? Who comes up with innovations like textspeak anyway? You’ll be surprised as very little innovation actually comes from the mobile industry, rather these overlooked users. 3. SUPERINFLUENCERS IN YOUTH CULTURE Who really influences the youth market? Gone are the days when advertising dominated youth purchase decisions. Now we have to take into account the role of influencers, in particular other youth people. But this isn’t just about influencers, this is about super-influencers – those young people who make up 90% of all your word of mouth. 4. DIGITAL NATIVE OR DISCONNECTED GENERATION? What are some of the myths and realities related to how youth use technology today? In this video interview, I explode some of the myths and help you reframe your understanding of that all- important youth-mobile relationship. 5. SELFIE CULTURE EXPLAINED What’s it all about? Selfies are appearing everywhere but what are the real technology, social and psychology drivers behind this phenomenon? A good understanding of the “why” behind the motivations of why people take selfies will also give you a better understanding of the relevance of
  2. 2. technology in our daily lives. 6. THE 3Cs OF YOUTH CULTURE When you understand the 3Cs – the social tools that youth use in their every day life – you get a better understanding of how and why youth use mobile technology. Some of the insights and data will surprise you and make you look at mobile culture in a new, and more accurate way. 7. WHAT IS SOCIAL PROOF AND HOW DOES IT DRIVE WORD OF MOUTH? What really goes on when people talk about brands or recommend technology to each other? There are too many myths about word of mouth to explain in this short paragraph, suffice to say most people don’t really understand the dynamics of how it happens. When you get a better understanding of Social Proof you’ll have a handle on the triggers that drive recommendation and word of mouth. 8. WHAT IS LOOKUP CULTURE AND HOW DOES IT CHANGE ENGAGEMENT? Lookup culture is changing the way young people interact with both technology and brands. Either you will benefit or lose out from this seismic shift in engagement. Find out more about the changing fitness landscape and what it means for both marketing and innovation. 9. IS WORD OF MOUTH A MYTH? When it comes down to actually looking at how WOM happens, I find strangely enough that there is very little WORD and very little MOUTH involved. Real influence doesn’t involve young people sitting around chatting about mobile phones. Rather, influence happens in more natural ways, ways which have been going on for hundreds if not thousands of years. Prepare to be surprised! 10. TEEN SOCIAL MEDIA USAGE – WHAT’S THE REALITY? How do teens use social media today? Are they on Facebook or leaving it? Are they tweeting or not? These are the kind of questions the media tries to answer and more often than not they get it right only at the superficial level. Take Facebook for example, Teens are still on Facebook despite what media is saying, but they are using it in entirely different ways to us. Find out how.