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(mobileYouth) Indonesia reclaimed


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The story of one generation and their quest to find lost social space. Reclaimed is a new series of presentations aimed at mobile handset manufacturers. In this series we explore the key social drivers of today's youth and how the mobile phone fits into their daily social lives. Indonesia Reclaimed looks at how mobile phones form a composite element of daily influence, peer group interaction and social status for youth in Indonesia. Who are the key customer segments that BlackBerry, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola and Apple should target and why. Download the entire presentation at

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(mobileYouth) Indonesia reclaimed

  2. WHAT’SINSIDE? Indonesia Reclaimed bymobileYouth A 40 slide presentaCon d e t a i l i n g c h a n g i n g I n d o n e s i a n y o u t h b e h a v i o r a n d h o w mobile technology fits intothatchange. We idenCfy the 3 key change agents and the i m p l i c a C o n s f o r handsetbrands.DOWNLOADTHISPRESENTATIONHTTP://WWW.MOBILEYOUTHREPORT.COM/RECLAIMED
  3. DOWNLOADTHISPRESENTATION hFp:// Reclaimed is a new series of presentaCons aimed at mobile handset manufacturers.Inthisseriesweexplorethekeysocialdriversoftodaysyouth andhowthemobilephonefitsintotheirdailysociallives.Reclaimedlooksat how mobile phones form a composite element of daily influence, peer group interacConandsocialstatusforyouth. CONTRIBUTORS GRAHAM FREDDIE GHANI BROWN BENJAMIN KUNTODOWNLOADTHISPRESENTATIONHTTP://WWW.MOBILEYOUTHREPORT.COM/RECLAIMED
  4. PROLOGUE:ASTORYOFCHANGE HowdidIndonesianyouthlosetheir SocialSpaceandwhatactsofPosiCve Deviancehelpthemreclaimit?DOWNLOADTHISPRESENTATIONHTTP://WWW.MOBILEYOUTHREPORT.COM/RECLAIMED
  5. THEDISCONNECTEDGENERATION Jakarta – a city of 5.5 million peopleagedlessthan30.Each onetheirownstory.Eachstory one of a generaCon leaving their comfort zone – home towns and families ^ to find a be_er life and a be_er social networkinacityofstrangers. This is one generaCon’s quest to reclaim their lost Social S p a c e a n d h o w m o b i l e technology is a key tool in the story. DOWNLOADTHISPRESENTATION HTTP://WWW.MOBILEYOUTHREPORT.COM/RECLAIMED
  7. THELOSSOFSOCIALSPACE Indonesianvillagershavebeen pracCcingatradiConofmutual cooperaCon called gotong% royongforthousandsofyears. It helps create a communal space where people come togethertoachieveacommon goal. As young people migrate to urban centers, they lose that communal space. Urban life is disjointed with a lack of space.Buttheinnatetendency to be social drives them to seek% gotong% royong in new FLICKR:DANUMURTHIMAHENDRA spaces.DOWNLOADTHISPRESENTATIONHTTP://WWW.MOBILEYOUTHREPORT.COM/RECLAIMED
  8. THEQUESTTORECLAIMSOCIALSPACE W h e n R a m a d h a n e n d s , millions of migrants take part inMudik%3%amassexodusfrom urban centers like Jakarta to reunite with their families. Mudik brings the migrant community together to help each other return home by collecCve booking of buses, trains and rented cars. The journey itself is a social space w h e r e m i g r a n t s g e t a n opportunity to reclaim the goton%royongexperience. FLICKR:JENAPHSSDOWNLOADTHISPRESENTATIONHTTP://WWW.MOBILEYOUTHREPORT.COM/RECLAIMED
  9. BEACHHEADS:3HEROESONAQUEST In their search for new social spaces, 3 disCnct heroes have emerged among the youth of Indonesia. 1.  DisrupCvedivas 2.  Cashlessinnovators 3.  Teenagepirates They use different tools but are united in their goal to reclaim their right to socialize with peer networks. They are theoneswhodrivewidespread change in culture. We call themBeachheads. FLICKR:JAAKODOWNLOADTHISPRESENTATIONHTTP://WWW.MOBILEYOUTHREPORT.COM/RECLAIMED
  11. ACTI:THEDISRUPTIVEDIVAS 25^29yearoldIndonesianfemales drivenbyemancipaCon.Anemerging generaConofchangeagents.DOWNLOADTHISPRESENTATIONHTTP://WWW.MOBILEYOUTHREPORT.COM/RECLAIMED
  12. ENCROACHINGMALETERRITORY The tradiConal image of a football fan in Indonesia is a Bonek ^ fanaCc men with painted faces and a level of p a s s i o n t h a t n e a r s hooliganism. In 2011, Boneks were joined by young girls at the football stands to support local and naConal teams. We call them DisrupSve Divas. So what made them shii from a mall to a football stadium while sCll wearing branded apparel?DOWNLOADTHISPRESENTATIONHTTP://WWW.MOBILEYOUTHREPORT.COM/RECLAIMED
  13. DISRUPTIVEDIVASANDBLACKBERRY 25^29yearoldfemalesarekeybridgefor BlackBerryinIndonesianmarket 25^29 F 25^29F 25^29 as Teens Family F drivers Adults STAGE1: STAGE2: STAGE3: Younggirlsfocusedon Younggirlsreceive Younggirlsview tradiConal“youth “handmedown” BlackBerryhandsetsas brands”viewBlackBerry BlackBerryhandsets astatussymbolof asadultexecuCve fromoldersiblings& “emancipaCon”and handsetbrand parents arrivalDOWNLOADTHISPRESENTATIONHTTP://WWW.MOBILEYOUTHREPORT.COM/RECLAIMED
  14. FREEDOMTOHIJACK With economic development comes female emancipaCon. DisrupCve Divas in Indonesia who have tasted freedom at home, school, college & workplaceinthelasttenyears are now looking for the same in all other social spaces of everyday life. Football is one such space. Beachheads are driven to seek new social spaces and football is not the first unconvenConal space the divashavefoundandhijacked. FLICKR:TOREKDOWNLOADTHISPRESENTATIONHTTP://WWW.MOBILEYOUTHREPORT.COM/RECLAIMED
  15. ONEMAN’SLOSSISANOTHERGIRL’SGAIN Another social space that was tradiConally dominated by menbutgothijackedbyyoung Indonesian girls is BlackBerry ownership. They discovered BBM as a space to host and connect with their peer networks.Corporatemenwho wereheavyusersofBlackBerry had ignored BBM for years. Today Indonesian girls are the most influenCal customer segment driving BlackBerry’s growthinIndonesia. FLICKR:MLOBODOWNLOADTHISPRESENTATIONHTTP://WWW.MOBILEYOUTHREPORT.COM/RECLAIMED
  16. WHATNEXTFORBLACKBERRY? BlackBerry in return has focused on applicaCons store and done very li_le for its b e a c h h e a d o f y o u n g Indonesian girls. It needs to nurture the highly influenSal beachhead community by co^ creaCngnewfeaturesforBBM. Beachheads have been known to abandon brands when they stopgenngtherequiredsocial currency. Just ask the people over at Sour Sally – an Indonesianyogurtchain. FLICKR:DANIELGIOVANNIDOWNLOADTHISPRESENTATIONHTTP://WWW.MOBILEYOUTHREPORT.COM/RECLAIMED
  17. DIVASQUEUEUPFORYOGURT SourSallyisayogurtchainthat had successfully targeted youngIndonesiangirlswhenit first started and built a beachhead community. The beachheadshelpedspreadthe good word about Sour Sally t h r o u g h w o r d ] o f ] m o u t h r e c o m m e n d a S o n s . S o o n enough, large groups of Indonesiangirlswereliningup outside the yogurt joint! So whatdroveyounggirlstoSour Sallyoutlets? BLOG:QUEENBEEDIARIESDOWNLOADTHISPRESENTATIONHTTP://WWW.MOBILEYOUTHREPORT.COM/RECLAIMED
  18. IT’SNOTTHEYOGURT In those early days, young IndonesiangirlsperceivedSour Sally as a social space where theycouldhangoutandshare gossip with friends. It was morethanjustayogurtoutlet. SourSallywasaspacefortheir social networks to come t o g e t h e r a n d n u r t u r e relaSonships with each other. Youth are social by nature. They are driven to look for spaces that allow social interacCons. BLOG:LITTLEBOWGIRLDOWNLOADTHISPRESENTATIONHTTP://WWW.MOBILEYOUTHREPORT.COM/RECLAIMED
  19. BEACHHEADSINFLUENCETHEMASSMARKET SourSallybecameanovernight success as its customer base grew rapidly. Young boys wanted to meet girls. Older women wanted to be seen as young girls. Sour Sally catered t o t h e n i c h e – y o u n g Indonesian girls – by providing them a social space. The beachheads in turn were able to a_ract a wide range of customers bringing Sour Sally to the masses and making the chainasuccess. BLOG:TODAYSMOTHERHOODDOWNLOADTHISPRESENTATIONHTTP://WWW.MOBILEYOUTHREPORT.COM/RECLAIMED
  20. HOWBEACHHEADSWORK SelltotheSold. Focusonthe10%ofthemarketthatwillinfluencethe90% Influence (EarnedMedia) Customers MarkeCngFocusDOWNLOADTHISPRESENTATIONHTTP://WWW.MOBILEYOUTHREPORT.COM/RECLAIMED
  21. WHENYOUFORGETABOUTBEACHHEADS SourSallyhasgonefrombeing a niche brand to an everyday yogurt seller. Their undoing was the lack of a_enCon towards their beachhead community. The yogurt joint started catering to the mass marketandlostitsappealasa social space. It became just another yogurt place. Young girls no longer saw it as their space.Remindyouofsomeone else who has suffered the samefate? BLOG:LITTLEBOWGIRLDOWNLOADTHISPRESENTATIONHTTP://WWW.MOBILEYOUTHREPORT.COM/RECLAIMED
  22. NOKIA’SINDONESIANCHALLENGE Nokia ^ the biggest global handset brand has also lost touch with its beachheads. It used to be the most preferred h a n d s e t a m o n g y o u n g Indonesians about ten years ago. Today it faces tough compeCCon from BlackBerry and Apple. The reason: it has ignored its beachheads and been catering to the mass market. So who are Nokia’s beachheads and what should Nokiado? FLICKR:JOHNKARAKATSANISDOWNLOADTHISPRESENTATIONHTTP://WWW.MOBILEYOUTHREPORT.COM/RECLAIMED
  23. THEINDONESIANROADMAPFORNOKIA There sCll is opportunity for Nokiatoengageitsbeachhead communityof25^29yearolds. Female members within that age group need a space for their Arisans – a regular social gathering where friends and relaCves exchange gossip and hold lo_eries. Arisan groups o ff e r b e l o n g i n g a n d significance to its members. Nokia should become an enabler of the Arisan tradiCon amongIndonesianwomen? FLICKR:JOHNKARAKATSANISDOWNLOADTHISPRESENTATIONHTTP://WWW.MOBILEYOUTHREPORT.COM/RECLAIMED
  24. ACTII:THECASHLESSINNOVATORS 20^24yearoldmales.Studentlifestyle. Fewresourcesbutplentyofideas. SignificancedrivenbyinnovaConnot statussymbols.DOWNLOADTHISPRESENTATIONHTTP://WWW.MOBILEYOUTHREPORT.COM/RECLAIMED
  25. INSEARCHOFSOCIALTOOLS While divas hijack football stands, 20^24 year old men have gone aier fixie bikes. They buy the oldest possible fixie bikes, paint them bright and ride around with friends. Lack of money and a constant need to explore one’s idenCty drives them to discover affordablesocialtools.Wecall them Cashless Innovators. So whatisitthatmakesfixiebikes appealing to the cashless innovators? BLOG:CYCLONESIADOWNLOADTHISPRESENTATIONHTTP://WWW.MOBILEYOUTHREPORT.COM/RECLAIMED
  26. THEINNOVATIONHOTSPOT TheInnovaConHotspotliesin theintersecConof3drivers– TIME:Timetoexplore TIME,STATUSandDEMAND. andaccesstowidepeer networkofideas 20^24yr males occupy this hotspot. They have the TIME t o e x p l o r e a n d m a k e STATUS:Lackof mistakes, few available DEMAND:Strong materialresources demandforsocial STATUS symbols to offer andfew accumulatedstatus toolsduetolarge alternaCves and a growing numberof symbols(, interacCons DEMANDforsocialtoolsfrom house,career) b o t h n u m e r o u s d a i l y interacCons and a growing senseofindependence.DOWNLOADTHISPRESENTATIONHTTP://WWW.MOBILEYOUTHREPORT.COM/RECLAIMED
  27. RECLAIMINGTHEPLAYGROUND For cashless innovators in Indonesia, fixie bikes are an extension of childhood toys they used to bring to the playground and play with friends. They have outgrown the playground as a social space. Using fixie bikes, they have created a social space to reclaimthesamesenseoffun, adventure and discovery. So what drives this group of beachheads to look for new toysandplaygrounds? BLOG:THECYCLEHELLDOWNLOADTHISPRESENTATIONHTTP://WWW.MOBILEYOUTHREPORT.COM/RECLAIMED
  28. SPACETOEXPLOREANDDISCOVER C a s h l e s s i n n o v a t o r s a r e constantly looking to claim social spaces where they can explore idenCCes and discover themselves. The space needs to be affordable to fit their budgets but offer social currency by allowing them to innovate. Cashless innovators are also beachheads for two major handset brands: Sony Ericsson & Motorola. So what can the handset brands do aboutit? BLOG:REZAVOODYDOWNLOADTHISPRESENTATIONHTTP://WWW.MOBILEYOUTHREPORT.COM/RECLAIMED
  29. SONYERICSSONVSMOTOROLA Sony Ericsson and Motorola n e e d t o i d e n C f y t h e i r beachheadsi.e.20^24yearold men who are already using their handsets as tools to explore and discover social spaces. These beachheads will inturnhelpthebrandwinthe rest of the Indonesian market. The brand that successfully a c C v a t e s i t s b e a c h h e a d c o m m u n i t y w i l l e m e r g e successful. The other will be pushedoutofthemarket. FLICKR:ILQUOQUODOWNLOADTHISPRESENTATIONHTTP://WWW.MOBILEYOUTHREPORT.COM/RECLAIMED
  31. HACKINGTHEWARDROBE Indonesian teenagers prefer internaConal branded clothes. But they cannot afford the latest Gucci in the malls of Jakarta. However, they can r a i d t h e i r p a r e n t s o l d wardrobeforaGuccifromthe bygone era which is then modifiedtofittheirneedsand they are ready to go. We call these re^designers of vintage apparel Teenage Pirates. So how are they finding new socialspacesforthemselves? CHICTOPIA:RETAILTHERAPYJAKARTADOWNLOADTHISPRESENTATIONHTTP://WWW.MOBILEYOUTHREPORT.COM/RECLAIMED
  32. BENDINGTHESYSTEM Teen pirates are driven to create social spaces just as much as cashless innovators and disrupCve divas. Their methods, however, tend to bend the system. This is because they are very much removedfromtheelementsof the system – sales, markeCng, and product development. Teen pirates gave us digital music (Napster) and social networking(Facebook).Should companiesbeafraidofthem? FLICKR:USBDOWNLOADTHISPRESENTATIONHTTP://WWW.MOBILEYOUTHREPORT.COM/RECLAIMED
  33. APPLEVSTHEINDONESIANTEENAGER It hasn’t happened yet but it’s around the corner. It will begin Cultural with older siblings and parents Hacking handing down out^of^warranty iPhonestoteenfamilymembers. Applemodel Unbridled by warranty restricCons isbuilton and without the resources to pay CONTROL for Apps or update their OS this PosiCve generaConwillhacktheirwaytoa Sharing Deviance soluCon. Apple’s model is built on control but teens see the world differently. Apple’s troubles have yettomanifestfullyinIndonesia.DOWNLOADTHISPRESENTATIONHTTP://WWW.MOBILEYOUTHREPORT.COM/RECLAIMED
  34. GRASSROOTSINNOVATORS T e e n a g e p i r a t e s d o n ’ t u n d e r s t a n d d e s i g n a n d t e c h n o l o g y . B u t t h e y understand their own needs and that of their social networks be_er than anyone. As grassroots innovators, they search for tools to fulfill that needandcreateasocialspace. Companies need to help them find the right tools. One company that should partner w i t h t e e n a g e p i r a t e s i n creaCngsocialspacesisApple. FLICKR:UNCLECAPUNGDOWNLOADTHISPRESENTATIONHTTP://WWW.MOBILEYOUTHREPORT.COM/RECLAIMED
  35. IPHONEISTHENEWTREASURECHEST ThebiggestchallengeforApple in the Indonesian market will be teenagers jailbreaking iPhoneshandeddowntothem bytheirparents.Forthem,the iPhone is equivalent to a treasure chest. They need to breakitopentoseewhatthey can get. Apple needs to involve teen pirates in the product development and markeSng process to find out what apps they need so that theywon’thavetojailbreak. FLICKR:GONZALOBAEZADOWNLOADTHISPRESENTATIONHTTP://WWW.MOBILEYOUTHREPORT.COM/RECLAIMED
  38. AREYOUFACILITATINGDIALOGUE? Young beachheads in Indonesia are already talking to each otherabouttheirpassionsandvalues.Earnedmediaiswhen your brand facilitates the on^going dialogue between young people instead of interrupCng it. This leads to sustained growthinrevenuesandmarginsforyourproduct. DIALOGUE EARNEDMEDIA SALESDOWNLOADTHISPRESENTATIONHTTP://WWW.MOBILEYOUTHREPORT.COM/RECLAIMED
  41. BEACHHEADSMAKEBRANDSPROFITABLE Ournewmetric,SMARTIndex,measuresBeachheadacCvityfor eachhandsetbrandandshowsitsrelaContobrandprofits SMARTINDEX 60% BlackBerry Apple Samsung SonyEricsson Motorola CHANGEIN ^60% 60% SHAREOFMARKET PROFIT Handset brands that have successfully increased their SMART scores have also seen anincreaseintheirshareofmarketprofitasa Nokia % share. For example, Apple’s SMART index recommendaCon score for youth has increased nearly 50% while its share of total marketshasincreasednearly50% Source:mobileYouth2011 ^60%DOWNLOADTHISPRESENTATIONHTTP://WWW.MOBILEYOUTHREPORT.COM/RECLAIMED
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