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(Graham Brown mobileYouth) Mobile Shift


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Key trends in youth adoption of mobile phone explained statistically by Graham Brown of

Published in: Technology, Business
  • Graham, your work continues to evolve at break-neck speed without sacrificing a drop of quality. This Mobile Shift Slide Share is awesome!
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(Graham Brown mobileYouth) Mobile Shift

  1. World Bank The Mobile Shift All data sourced from mobileYouth All photo copyrights of respective owners. Flickr links top right
  2. HowiePhoon By 2012 the number of mobile owning youth (under 30) in China will surpass the entire population of the US TRUE or FALSE?
  3. FALSE It will happen in 2011
  4. #3 Today is aGood day Globally, the number of handsets owned by youth outnumber the number of cars by 2:1 True or False?
  5. FALSE: They outnumber cars by 3:1 1.2 billion vs 0.45 bn
  6. #4 Flickr365 If mobile youth were their own country they'd be where in the global rankings in terms of population?
  7. ANSWER: #2, just behind China By 2010, they'll be #1
  8. KarnaPhuli By 2012, 1 in 5 of them will be living in India TRUE or FALSE?
  9. TRUE
  10. Maistora By 2012, there will be over 400 million mobile owners younger than what age?
  11. ANSWER: Younger than 16
  12. #7 MaxHullet By the time you finished this quizz 2000 youth will have bought their first handset TRUE or FALSE?
  13. TRUE Assuming it took you 10 minutes
  14. Youth today spend more on mobile than the entire recorded music industry's global revenues TRUE of FALSE? Conrad
  15. TRUE They spend 10 times more
  16. World Bank Globally, youth spend $800m a day on mobile - TRUE of FALSE?
  17. TRUE or $10,000 a second or $200,000 in the time it took to read this slide
  18. Chango By 2010, there will be more mobile owning youth than people of all ages on the internet? TRUE of FALSE?
  19. FALSE 1.4 billion vs 1.5 billion nearly...
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  21. The Youth Marketing Workout 2009 New webinar to share ideas on youth marketing and trends
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