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(Graham Brown mobileYouth) Mobile Industry - Winning and Losing Relationships


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Sneak preview from the 2009 report. Overview of how mobile industry is losing relationships and how Apple is getting it right

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(Graham Brown mobileYouth) Mobile Industry - Winning and Losing Relationships

  1. Mobile Industry’s Future lost at Grass Roots Level Long term improvements in customer profitability are available only to those companies that have a productive relationship with young customers. Apple, for example, has a passionate developer and customer community willing to offer advice and feedback on product development. Apple also has strong channels of communication with youth through its customer service (Genius group) and its K12 education program in schools whereas most youth contact with mobile operators and handsets is in the form of complaints, enquiries or returns. And lastly, Apple has a defined beachhead of support – a core group of loyal customers that share certain values synonymous with the brand and are an active element in the company’s marketing. Apple’s lead is its dialogue with customers. Where the mobile industry is playing catch up is the ability to use insight as a competitive advantage. Knowing that youth are increasingly using MySpace and Facebook on the mobile phone is useless as long as you have no insight into the context in which this usage occurs, the motivations and the social dynamics involved. Losing Relationships Apple builds its grass roots While mobile focuses on high spend customers Apple is dedicated to growing its grass roots organically through K-12 programmes, teacher and student education workshops The Genius of Apple Customer Service Pundits place too much emphasis on Apple’s technological innovation as source of success. Often overlooked is the Apple Genius program – a heavy investment in customer service that not only wins over customer trust but also provides excellent product development feedback Clarity in Brand and Values By communicating clarity in who and what it stands for both in its advertising and its management Apple wins customer trust and creates customer advocates
  2. That was from the 2009 mobileYouth report coming soon...
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