(Graham Brown) This is NOT #socialmedia


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Graham Brown of mobileYouth shares insights from his latest book: All is Social

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(Graham Brown) This is NOT #socialmedia

  1. This is NOT#socialmedia
  2. this is not social media www.AllisSocial.com
  3. this is not social media www.AllisSocial.com
  4. this is not social media www.AllisSocial.com
  5. Marketing ≠ Social Media MARKETING SOCIAL" MEDIA www.AllisSocial.com
  6. before you jump on #socialmedia, think www.AllisSocial.com
  7. real social meaning is andalways will be created offline www.AllisSocial.com
  8. social media is a means not an end www.AllisSocial.com
  9. don’t believe the #GenY / digital native hype www.AllisSocial.com
  10. the medium isn’t the message www.AllisSocial.com
  11. …anymore www.AllisSocial.com
  12. so what is the end? www.AllisSocial.com
  13. Our goal is to create social meaning Our goal is to connect people www.AllisSocial.com
  14. this isn’t good news for lazy brands www.AllisSocial.com
  15. In the era of the Big Idea the winner was the one whocould win the most attention www.AllisSocial.com
  16. the one who could buythe most media space www.AllisSocial.com
  17. in the Social Era the game has changed www.AllisSocial.com
  18. In the Social Erathe winner will be the one who makesthe best tools to connect them www.AllisSocial.com
  19. and this doesn’t mean"“listening to customers” www.AllisSocial.com
  20. or “Social Media” www.AllisSocial.com
  21. this means being passionate about people and understanding their Social Code www.AllisSocial.com
  22. The Social Thinking PyramidTexting, Facebook,smoking, creeping, hauling, ContemporaryTwitter ToolsShopping, music, "sports, fashion, "food, travel GenresSharing, hanging out Timelessgossip, advice, BehaviorsinfluencingMirror neurons Driversstorytelling www.AllisSocial.com
  23. the more we journey into our Social Code www.AllisSocial.com
  24. the more we realise we are Social by design www.AllisSocial.com
  25. Our Social Code Deep inside our brains, a set of neurons previously undiscovered – Mirror Neurons Could these neurons unlock the code to our social nature? www.AllisSocial.com
  26. for l do r wil d fo ons A di eur DN y”! or N hat irr y w olog ! “M log bipsycho n" dra han ist Ra mac olog VS ych Neurops www.AllisSocial.com
  27. note how social rules such as personal space areunderstood but rarely articulated www.AllisSocial.com
  28. we rely on each other toconvey social meaning www.AllisSocial.com
  29. you call that "word-of-mouth www.AllisSocial.com
  30. and here’s how it works… www.AllisSocial.com
  31. Social Currency…how are you helping me connect better? www.AllisSocial.com
  32. sell the can not the sodawww.AllisSocial.com
  33. because we’re all the same soda… www.AllisSocial.com
  34. what makes us special, relevant, meaningful or even loved is… www.AllisSocial.com
  35. …the stories we allow people to tell using our tools www.AllisSocial.com
  36. and if you’re not special, relevant or meaningful www.AllisSocial.com
  37. you don’t exist www.AllisSocial.com
  38. Content vs ContextCONTEXT Social Packaging: what you mean to them CONTENT Your Product: what you make for them www.AllisSocial.com
  39. Content is not King www.AllisSocial.com
  40. …anymore www.AllisSocial.com
  41. What is this? footwear or a social tool?www.AllisSocial.com
  42. What is this?technology or " a social tool?www.AllisSocial.com
  43. …a tool to help me belong? …help me be significant? www.AllisSocial.com
  44. Advertising builds walls www.AllisSocial.com
  45. and we don’t like walls… www.AllisSocial.com
  46. but they’re still winning awardswww.AllisSocial.com www.AllisSocial.com
  47. Whose profile do you look at the most……on Facebook? www.AllisSocial.com
  48. I want to tell my story www.AllisSocial.com
  49. Why should marketing be any different? www.AllisSocial.com
  50. Are you invading their spacewith this brand story? Social  Space   or are you giving them Social Tools to make their own? www.AllisSocial.com
  51. in everything an opportunity to tell their story www.AllisSocial.com
  52. the more we understand our Social Code the more we understand marketing is not the “7 Ps” but what we do in our everyday lives www.AllisSocial.com
  53. great marketing,branding and innovation are not strategies… they are the products of great people www.AllisSocial.com
  54. either you’re passionateabout connecting people or you’re passionate about building walls www.AllisSocial.com
  55. break down the walls… www.AllisSocial.com
  56. and that is the end www.AllisSocial.com
  57. My name is Graham Brown andI’m an author and co-founder ofmobileYouth. ""Since 2001, I’ve been studyinghow youth use technology forboth marketing clients and socialprojects. My approach is SocialThinking – understanding howtechnology and brands are SocialTools within their lives. “This is not Social Media” is acollection of key themes from mylatest book “ALL IS SOCIAL”. Findout more at www.allissocial.com www.AllisSocial.com