(Graham Brown mobileYouth) How to Youthsource like Ford


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Under the stewardship of ex Scion COO Jim Farley, Ford has focused on redefining the marketing and product development of the Fiesta. By combining these two often disparate company functions Ford has created a robust Youthsourcing model that challenges traditional concepts of innovation and engagement.

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(Graham Brown mobileYouth) How to Youthsource like Ford

  1. How toYouthsourcelike Plus 7 lessons mobile can learn from Ford’s social innovation project Graham Brown!www.mobileYouth.org
  2. Graham Brown mobileYouth ! Since 2001, mobileYouth has been helping companies build bridges with the youth market.! ! Graham is a regular industry commentator on youth media and marketing and has appeared on CNN, CNBC and in the FT, WSJ and Sunday Times Graham Brown!www.mobileYouth.org
  3. Since 2009… under the stewardship of ex Scion COO Jim Farley, Ford has focused on redefining the marketing and product development of the Fiesta. ! ! By combining these two often disparate company functions Ford has created a robust Youthsourcing model that challenges traditional concepts of innovation and engagement. Graham Brown!www.mobileYouth.org
  4. And it works…But before we getexcited, realize thesuccess of Ford Fiesta isnot based on SocialMedia but on a newapproach to innovationthat employs SocialMedia as one tool in itsarsenal of possibility.!!Fiesta’s success isn’tabout choices in mediabut choices in mindset.That’s why mostcreative agencies willstruggle. Graham Brown! www.mobileYouth.org
  5. A JourneySuccessful innovation is a journey. Sure youcan employ a “designagency” and their quickfixes as they wax lyricalabout the brilliance ofIDEO and Steve Jobsbut ultimately,innovation – likeevolution – is a slowprocess that takes time.!!As the Chinese say, !!“The best time to plant atree is 20 years ago. Thesecond best time toplant a tree is today.” Graham Brown! www.mobileYouth.org
  6. MobileFiesta Movement offersmobile companiesvaluable insights intohow innovation can bedone effectively. !!How does Ford engagecustomers as partnersrather thandestinations? !!Does Ford believe in“design thinking” andcreative genius orrather innovation as asocial process? Graham Brown! www.mobileYouth.org
  7. Social Thinking DesignThinking SocialThinking Source BrilliantDesign Posi2veDeviance Innovators Theskilledfew Theunskilledmass Innova2onis Somethingyoupayfor Alreadyoutthere Players Agencies,consultants Yourcustomers Typicalcasestudyoutputs Acleverlydesigned SMS,BBM,Facebook, vacuumcleaner Ringtones,MP3s,Mobile Music Marketresearch Designerlooksinmirrorin Ac2vedialogueand themorning immersioninthefield Graham Brown! www.mobileYouth.org
  8. Change is Out There Traditional! Youthsourcing Top-Down Innovation Bottom-Up Innovation driven by focus group driven by front line insights and product insights, usage ethnography development department and youth dialogue Graham Brown! www.mobileYouth.org
  9. Design Thinking Social ThinkingShift BrandWe are witnessing a Customer Friendprofound shift in the Friend Friendmedia and innovation Customer Customer Friend Friendlandscape. Observerswill look back on this Brand Friendera as media’s own Friend FriendReformation – a shift in Customer Customer Friend Friendcontrol from monolithiccentralized storytelling Customer Friend Friendof creative agencies toindividual devolvednarratives. ! Expertise Based! Bottom-Up Model!! Top-Down Model! Driven by Youth!Innovation follows suit Driven by “Genius”! Crowdsourcedfrom outdated models of Design Agencies! Innovation!“Design Thinking” to Product Management! Innovation is Social !ones based on Innovation Labs Brand provides thegrassroots insights. tools Graham Brown! www.mobileYouth.org
  10. You’re not selling cars… Social Packaging CONTEXT Your Product Think of your product as CONTENT content and the social packaging as its context “The idea of young people buying cars (solely) for cheap transportation justisn’t true.” Jim Farley, VP Marketing Ford Graham Brown! www.mobileYouth.org
  11. 7 Reasons Why MobileNeeds to Youthsource like Ford Graham Brown! www.mobileYouth.org
  12. 1. Internal MomentumIt’s much easier to steera moving bicycle. That’swhy so manyinnovation projects arelost to the machine.They don’t even takethe first step.!!Youthsourcing tapsBeachheads of fans withideas and empowersproduct developmentand brand managerswith invaluable insightsgleaned in-situ. Killyour focus group. Graham Brown! www.mobileYouth.org
  13. 2. Shift Risk onto MarketAll innovation carriesrisk but who said thatrisk had to be born bythe brand?!!How about shifting riskonto the customers?They want to innovate.They want yourmovement. They’ll do itfor free.!!Think of all those highend innovations inmobile that have gainedbrands a reputation forpeddling failedtechnologies Graham Brown! www.mobileYouth.org
  14. 3. Experience not ExpertiseYouth discoveredFacebook, SMS, BBM,mobile music andNapster amongst otherthings. All of thesetechnologies haveprofoundly changedindustries and in someways, daily lives.!!Design agenciesproduce award winningsalad spinners andlogos. Who is betterplaced to tell you how toinnovate your product,really? Graham Brown! www.mobileYouth.org
  15. 4. Support the High-EndThe innovations at thelow end driven by FiestaMovement are nowbeing incorporated intoFord’s high end models. !!One of the reasonsmobile companies fail tomonetize youth isbecause they only seedirect revenues. Howcould youth innovationdevelop more productslike BBM, SMS andmobile apps to servehigh net worth,executive users? Graham Brown! www.mobileYouth.org
  16. 5. Prime the MarketYou don’t need a catchyadvertising campaign orclever drumming monkeyto win young people. Theyare out there and theywant your products andservices – you simplyhave to let them in.!!Youthsourcing is anopportune method ofbuilding bridges betweenwalled brands and openyouth markets. Itidentifies the hands-upfans and creates lines ofinfluence. Graham Brown! www.mobileYouth.org
  17. 5. cont… Paid vs Earned Media PaidMedia EarnedMedia Approach Mediabuy Linesofinfluence Tac2cs Celebrity,bigidea, CoJcrea2on,fanspoKng, sponsorship youthsourcing Impact Shortspike Longtermorganic Spread 100%ofmarket 10%beachhead Measure Awareness,topofmind Recommenda2on&EMIs Engagement Likethebrand Lovethebrand Decisionprocess Whichmediatobuy? Whichfanstoengage? The media landscape is changing. Get on board Graham Brown! www.mobileYouth.org
  18. 6. Innovation is Marketing“Guess what I was doingthis weekend?”!!Engaging youth aspartners in theprogramme also primesthe cocreators ofinnovation as keymarketers. You have justempowered them withsocial currency tocommunicate with theirpeers. !!Which Facebook updateare they going to payattention to? Lady Gaga’sor their best friend’s? Graham Brown! www.mobileYouth.org
  19. 7. The Creative YokeMany mobile brands arebeing punished for theirassociation with a creativeagency model that is broken.!!Most agencies want you onsocial media but they stillwant to tell the brand story.It’s new media but businessas usual. Your money helpsthem win awards. Whychange that?!!Developing your own assetwith or without the agency iskey to brand freedom inmarketing and productdevelopment. Graham Brown! www.mobileYouth.org
  20. 7. cont…The Creative Yoke BrandManagement BrandDemocracy Ourrole Manageandprotectbrand Custodiansofbrand Tools Adver2sing,newmedia PermissionAssets WinyouthaTen2on Buyit Earnit Tac2cs Massmarke2ng FanspoKng Metaphor GeKngelected Nurturinglove Planning Spendbudget Investbudget Innova2on Productdevelopment Youthsourcing Narra2ve Tellthebrandstory Helpyouthtelltheirstory Viewcustomersas Des2na2ons Partners Pointofsale Marke2ngendshere Marke2ngstartshere Brandmeasure Reach Influence Insights Focusgroups Thefield Graham Brown! www.mobileYouth.org
  21. Advice for mobile companies Graham Brown!www.mobileYouth.org
  22. Youthsourcing in 7 Steps 7STEPSOFYOUTHSOURCING KEYMESSAGE 1 Thinklongterm Rela2onshipstake2me 2 Cedecontrol Customersarethebrand 3 Acceptthatyoudon’tknow Seektocuratecustomerideas Engageyourfans,notthemass 4 Iden2fybeachheads market Giveyourbeachheadcommunitya 5 Createasocialspace house Buildbrandadvocates,notsecret 6 Prac2ceopeninnova2on projects Involveyouthaspartnersinthe 7 Telltheirstory,notyours process Graham Brown! www.mobileYouth.org
  23. 1. Think Long TermRelationships take timeFord launched Fiesta Movement in 2009 2 years before the slated arrival of the Fiesta in the USTraditional “campaign” based approaches do not develop relationships Flickrthe_yes_man Graham Brown! www.mobileYouth.org
  24. Customers are the brandBrand management is old school 2. Cede ControlWhat they say is more important than what we sayFiesta Movement put youth in the driving seat Graham Brown! www.mobileYouth.org
  25. 3. Allow your team to say “I don’t know” Curate don’t Innovate Answers don’t lie within Leverage your “department of great ideas” Replace the culture of fear with one of curiosity Ford understood they didn’t know so approached students for the ideas Graham Brown!www.mobileYouth.org
  26. 4. Identify your BeachheadSell to the soldDon’t waste energy on engaging the whole marketEngage the fans who already sold on your ideas and productsYouth attention is your biggest cost Ford identified techie college students as cocreators of innovation Graham Brown! www.mobileYouth.org
  27. AWARENESS MEANS NOTHING Sell to the sold BEACHHEAD The “Sold”! Fans who love your product already and MASS MARKET want to get The “Unsold”! involved Customers and prospects who are aware of and like your product Graham Brown!www.mobileYouth.org
  28. FORD TARGETS FANS NOT CUSTOMERS Customers FansDefini2on Peoplewhobuy PeoplewhorecommendMeasure Sales,awareness Recommenda2onRela2onship Likebrand LovebrandMarketcomposi2on 100%ofmarket 10%beachheadIden2fica2on Difficulttoiden2fy HandsJupindividualswho wanttogetinvolvedCustomerinfluence 1:1 from10:1to100:1Othernetbenefits? Sizeofmarket LowerSACs Agenciestrainedonmodel LowerAccountMgtCosts Educateothercustomers ResponsivetoPR&Mktg Graham Brown! www.mobileYouth.org
  29. 5. Create a Social SpaceHouse your dialogueFiesta Movement, App Developer ChallengesProvide a platform to help youth connect with each otherFocus on many-to-many not one-to-one Graham Brown! www.mobileYouth.org
  30. 6. Make Innovation OpenThe barrier to entry has changedUSPs are not based on secrecy and codenamed projectsBuild barriers through brand advocacy not control Graham Brown! www.mobileYouth.org
  31. 7. Tell Their Story not YoursIt’s not how you tell the story…it’s who’s telling it that countsYouthsourcing is a journey that treats youth as partners in production…not destinations for marketing messages Graham Brown! www.mobileYouth.org
  32. josh.dhaliwal@mobileyouth.org UK: +44 20 3286 3635 North America: +1 646 867 3635Start Here… South Africa: + 27 11 08 3635 1 Asia: +852 8176 3650 Graham Brown! www.mobileYouth.org
  33. THE MOBILEYOUTH 2013 REPORT youth marketing insights for handset brands, content providers and operators features: 29 reports 400+ pages data, charts, cases mobileYouth: tracking youth & mobile culture since 2001 MOBILEYOUTH youth marketing mobile culture since 2001
  34. THE MOBILEYOUTH 2013 REPORThttp://www.mobileyouth.org MOBILEYOUTH youth marketing mobile culture since 2001