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Generation XYZ: 5 Secrets Revealed


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5 Secrets Revealed about Understanding Generation X, Y and Generation Z. Don't believe the media hype. Free Xmas download included.

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Generation XYZ: 5 Secrets Revealed

  1. flickr © Pascalmaramis GENERATION XYZ 5 SECRETS REVEALED PLUS free Xmas gift inside!!
  3. so...who are they?
  5. be careful of what media say they are...
  6. media thrives on making us scared of them
  8. their violence
  10. but wait...
  11. you came here for that gift right?
  12. ok if you can’t wait grab it now...
  13. DOWNLOAD IT FREE THIS XMAS My XMAS gift to you download it now
  14. ....back to youth
  15. and their morals
  17. their corrupt minds
  20. every generation a “lost generation”...
  22. an invasion...
  24. that is different to “us”
  27. media seeks to create distance between us and them
  29. young people
  30. by creating confusing imagery
  32. reminding us we don’t understand them...
  34. all along promoting its own imagery and narrative...
  36. ruining it since… forever
  38. but it doesn’t have to be like this...
  39. the secret to understanding youth is...
  40. #1 don’t allow newspapers to define youth for you
  41. #2 stop looking for differences between generations
  42. #3 study their motivations to understand their behavior
  43. #4 always view their behavior in its social context
  44. #5 focus on why they do not what they do
  45. some people “get it”
  46. “You need to be constantly figuring out who are your new customers and what are you doing to stay forever young.” - Jeff Bezos CEO Amazon
  47. When two young people walk in with the next thing, are we going to embrace it and say this is fantastic? Are you going to be willing to drop our models, or are we going to explain it away? - Steve Jobs, CEO Apple
  48. and you can too...
  49. DOWNLOAD IT FREE THIS XMAS My XMAS gift to you download it now