(Graham Brown mobileYouth) 50 Youth Marketing Keywords You Need to Know PART THREE


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Graham Brown mobileYouth.org presents part 3 in a new 5 part series covering the 50 keywords and phrases youth marketers need to know.

Keywords featured: integrated, ivory tower, legacy, lifetime value, meatball sundae, metrics, movements, net promoter score, network era, nomads

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(Graham Brown mobileYouth) 50 Youth Marketing Keywords You Need to Know PART THREE

  1. 50 Youth marketing keywords you need to know Part Three (21-30) (Integrated to Nomads) A new 5 part series by Graham Brown mobileYouth.org
  2. 21 Integrated We need to move from “social media” or “mobile” marketing to approaches that integrate rather than isolate these channels
  3. 22 Ivory Tower "The world doesn't need another Soda" (Jones Soda Founder Van Stolk) Unlike us, Youth don't wake up thinking about our brands. The stark realization is that youth don't give a **** about our latest product, technology or service - they only care about themselves
  4. 23 Legacy The halflife of campaigns is at an all time low. Stop campaigning and start leaving a legacy. What Red Bull, Jones Soda, Apple, Nike, Nokia, Scion and Threadless know is that. while advertising agencies are concocting the next cool campaign to capture youth awareness, the result can only ever be short term
  5. 24 Lifetime value The lifetime value of a 10 year old consumer to the mobile industry is $28,000 . What banks know when they court students with free money and lending terms that adults could only dream of is that statistically you are more likely to get divorced than change your bank account.
  6. 25 Meatball Sundae “ The sundae toppings (hot fudge and the like) are the New Marketing, the social networks, Google, blogs and fancy stuff that make people all excited. The challenge most organizations face: they try to mix them. They attempt to slap new marketing onto old and end up with nothing but a failed website.” Seth Godin "A meatball sundae is the unfortunate result of mixing two good ideas." Seth Godin
  7. 26 Metrics As Jack Welch said " What's measured gets done ". Whatever marketing you undertake, whichever strategy you follow, whoever is involved in the leadership or execution of these strategies, everything gravitates back to the organizational DNA - the metrics by which you measure and reward the people involved
  8. 27 Movements A Movement is a Beachhead of Passionistas ready to spill out onto the mass market. A movement is defined by shared lifestyle values , a distinct group of consumers, a pot of Social Currency and a leader brand that tightens the Tribe . "Run with the little guy, create some change" Jones Soda Founder Peter Van Stolk
  9. 28 Net Promoter Score Not the holy grail but a step in the right direction, Reicheld’s Net Promoter Score is marketing’s first real measure of Advocacy.
  10. 29 Network Era In the Network era Industrial tactics are surpassed by the more effective dialogue and legacy building . Networked brands such as Jones Soda, Red Bull, Threadless, Scion and Starbucks can grow without recourse to extensive advertising campaigns.
  11. 30 Nomads The highly vocal feature foraging discount seeking nomadic customer is the cocaine of the advertising industry
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