(Graham Brown mobileYouth) 50 Youth Marketing Keywords You Need to Know PART FIVE


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Graham Brown mobileYouth.org presents part 5 in a new 5 part series covering the 50 keywords and phrases youth marketers need to know.

Keywords featured: shortsights, sideloading, social currency, social fabric, transparency, trust, users, values, value chains, x-factor

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(Graham Brown mobileYouth) 50 Youth Marketing Keywords You Need to Know PART FIVE

  1. 50 Youth marketing keywords you need to know Part Five (41-50) (Shortsights to X-Factor) A new 5 part series by Graham Brown mobileYouth.org
  2. 41 Shortsights The connected, brand-fickle, technology hungry generation that grow up faster than ever. Nothing could be further from the truth so why do we continue to perpetuate these myths ? Because, most of us rely on shortcuts - lazy short hand for explaining cause effect relationships.
  3. 42 Sideloading "An invasion of armies can be resisted but not an idea whose time has come" Victor Hugo When the distribution channels are broken youth vote with their feet. IP owners call it privacy Youth say the system has failed them . 90% of music found on the average youth's phone is sideloaded - transferred from the PC or via Bluetooth from a friend's handset.
  4. 43 Social Currency What is the Social Currency of your product? Social currency is the unit of social interaction. How much Social Currency bang can I get for my buck from this product? How does it help me be significant and how does it help me belong?
  5. 44 Social Fabric Great youth brands know that they can sell more products by not selling. Rather than sell to youth they focus on helping youth connect with one another . They want to be the Social Fabric of the youth universe .
  6. 45 Transparency Youth want to know where you're making your clothes, which causes you stand for and where your CEO's blog is. Trust or lack of, determines whether they buy, stay, recommend or leave. Being trustworthy , therefore, means complete Transparency. The only thing that stands in your way is a Marcomms department still thinking it can own the conversation
  7. 46 Trust “ Trust is the one thing that touches everything” Stephen MR Covey (The Speed of Trust)
  8. 47 Users As long as we refer to our customers as “ end users ” we’ll continue to be perplexed as to why they buy, why they don’t want to be our friends and why they never do what they say they’ll do in focus groups. Consumers exercise choice, think about products as opportunity costs and gate out 95% of marketing messages “ The way we see the problem is the problem” Einstein
  9. 48 Values Youth buy values. What values does your organization stand for? Do you embrace change, challenge the status quo, want to leave the world a better place and run with the little guy or do you talk of "customer centricity", "social responsibility" ad being the "leading provider of content services"? “ Run with the little guy, create some change” Peter Van Stolk – Jones Soda Founder
  10. 49 Value Chains We only know an industry that Pipelines its products onto the market focused on selling their wares to the next element up the chain. We only know "End Users" and we only know finding customers for our products not products for our customers. We only know "Users" who neither exercise choice nor Gate out our marketing messages. Think Platforms. Think Ecoystem. Think Toyota, Ebay and Amazon not GM and Sears. Value Chains are long past their sell-by date but we continue to roll them out because that's all most of us know.
  11. 50 X-Factor When was the last time you saw an advert for Google or Facebook? Outside Silicon Valley probably never. The X Factor that advertising has for so long provided unremarkable brands is the ability for customers to talk about something meaningful. What is the X-Factor that will get them talking? Are you relying on your creative agency to come up with answers or are you looking for them out there on campuses, at events and in the streets? What is remarkable about your product?
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