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(Graham Brown mobileYouth) 1 Billion


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If only... presentation by Graham Brown of

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(Graham Brown mobileYouth) 1 Billion

  1. 1 Billion
  2. 1 billion mobile youth a massive opportunity?
  3. If only...
  4. If only we looked like this slide from your presentation
  5. If only our money , trust and attention were unlimited
  6. If only we still had “The Pepsi Generation”
  7. If only we meant what we said in your focus group
  8. If only there weren’t brands like Red Bull, Jones Soda, Threadless, Scion, Apple, Boost Mobile and Mountain Dew
  9. If only it was as simple as “ fun ”, “ cool ” and “ personalization ”
  10. If only we were all gadget crazy like you said
  11. If only 1% of us paid $5 a month for your product
  12. If only we were listening to your marketing messages
  13. If only those who didn’t respond weren’t annoyed
  14. If only we were spending more on mobile
  15. If only I didn’t have Google to find your competitor
  16. If only being “good” was “good enough”
  17. If only agencies could take risks
  18. If only it was all about “free”
  19. If only friends didn’t text me from the movie theatre
  20. If only it was as easy as hiring David Beckham for your campaign
  21. If only it didn’t matter your CEO couldn’t blog
  22. If only we paid attention to the sponsors
  23. If only pissing on your brand was the answer to getting noticed
  24. If only we all craved a “killer application”
  25. If only we didn’t give the world MySpace, Facebook, Ringtones, SMS, MP3s and Filesharing
  26. If only we were engaged by mobile marketing
  27. If only Apple’s success was all about the user interface and technology
  28. If only it was as easy as “listening” to youth
  29. If only we were somehow “different” to you
  30. If only we woke up thinking about your brand
  31. If only we were your “connected generation”
  32. ...then there’d be no need for change
  33. Come meet mobileYouth ® on our world tour 2009
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