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Strategies for Growth: Mergers & Acquisitions-02


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Strategies for Growth: Mergers & Acquisitions-02 jamal jarwan

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Strategies for Growth: Mergers & Acquisitions-02

  1. 1. Etisalat – Past & FutureJamal JarwanGroup Chief International Investment Officer ‐ EtisalatGSM World Congress –GSM World Congress Barcelona16th February 2011
  2. 2. Etisalat today One of the largest 400 companies in the world Annual Revenues of $ 8.5bn 135 million subscribers (agg ) (agg.) Full-service provider – fixed, mobile, wholesale & telecom related services 18 countries populated by 2.3billion people (est.) 53,000 53 000 employees (agg ) (agg.) 800,000 points of sale (est.) 2 million people ( t ) provided regular illi l (est.) id d l employment3
  3. 3. International Expansion Follows a Deliberate and Unstoppable Course Population covered 2500 Sri Lanka India 2000 Nigeria opulation Covered 000,000s 1500 Afghanistan Egypt 1000 C 500Po 0 1996 1999 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 4
  4. 4. Achievements in 2010 Approximately 25 million new customers Revenues grow to $8.5bn g Submits preliminary offer to acquire Zain Completed commercial trials of LTE, launch in Q1 2011 One of first operators in the world to launch 3D TV Partnered with 6 other operators for pan-ME terrestrial cable network (RCN) ( )5
  5. 5. Current International Footprint Afghanistan Saudi Arabia UAE Pakistan Egypt India Niger Burkina Faso Sudan Togo g Nigeria Sri Lanka Cote d’Ivoire C. African R. Benin Gabon Indonesia Etisalat Operations Tanzania Population under coverage: Circa.  2.3 billion Subscribers under coverage:  135million+46
  6. 6. Etisalat + Zain Middle East Footprint Lebanon Iraq Kuwait Jordan J d Bahrain Sudan S d Zain ME Asset Etisalat Asset Overlap/ For Disposal Minority Shareholding y g7
  7. 7. International Expansion – the Crisis is an Opportunity Scale matters! Our t t i i t t i t b O strategic intent is to become numbered amongst the largest 10 operators g g p in the world Financial Assets including $2.5bn in cash & strong Credit R ti t C dit Ratings allow Eti l t t ll Etisalat to p participate in any opportunity that may arise p y pp y y8
  8. 8. Etisalat Group Has the Infrastructure to Manage ‘Mega-Mergers’ Mega Mergers Transition to a Group Structure Leader in broadband – fixed and mobile, with large- , g scale projects underway in six countries Etisalat Academy supports training and development and alignment of culture Our UAE Smart Hub is a competitive asset, offering access to the world via 620 roaming agreements and multiple intercontinental cable routes9
  9. 9. Thank You10