mWellness: Remote Monitoring and Preventative Care 01


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mWellness: Remote Monitoring and Preventative Care

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mWellness: Remote Monitoring and Preventative Care 01

  1. 1. mHealth and E H lth d Emerging Markets: i M k t Challenges and Possibilities A Bangladesh Story Kazi Islam February 2011
  2. 2. Agenda Bangladesh At a glance Health in Bangladesh g mHealth Focus Areas mHealth Services mHealth Opportunities Oppo t nities
  3. 3. Bangladesh | Demographics Population Mobile Connections Small Enterprise 156M 66M 15000 Age group Mobile Internet 63% under 25 d 4M Medium Enterprise IT Professional Fixed Broadband 10000 32000 2M University Dial Up Internet Large Enterprise 1M 2000 82
  4. 4. Bangladesh | At a glance Total Population: 156Mn Most women don’t Access to Information have access to information about health and family 75Mn, 81Mn, planning from the 48% 52% mass media Male Female Women’s lack of access to Mass Female 52% F l Media Male 48% Percentage of married Physician 0.03% women are 15-49 who Nurses N 0.014% 0 014% have no regular access to mass media Total Male 75 Mn Total Female 81 Mn Fertility Rate (live births/woman): 2.65/ woman Age 15 – 60 96 Mn Death Rate : 0.58% Age 0 – 14 54 Mn Birth Rate : 2.34 % Age 60+: 6 Mn
  5. 5. BangladeshWomen Health at a Glance Life Expectancy is 63 years of Age p y y g 390 of every 1000 women die from birth related complications 85% of births occur at home - 24% get help from skill attendants - 12% get help from doctors th l f d t Only 48% get antenatal care Only 16% get postnatal care Source WHO, CIA Factbook, UNICEF, ICCDRB
  6. 6. BangladeshWomen Health at a Glance 58% of deaths in females aged 15 to 17 is from suicide (due to mental health) 75% of women aged 15 to 24 have never heard of STI Body Mass Index (BMI) of 52% females of reproductive age is less than 18.5 f d ti i l th 18 5Source WHO, CIA Factbook, UNICEF, ICCDRB
  7. 7. BangladeshChildren Health at a Glance Annual Birth Rate 2.34 % Infant Mortality Rate 5.25% 46% of children below 5 are underweight 40% of deaths for under 5’s occur in the first month of being born The remaining 60% die due to malnutrition and from other communicable diseases Source WHO, CIA Factbook, UNICEF, ICCDRB
  8. 8. mHealth Stakeholders in Bangladesh Patients / Families Health Telco Workers Govt Doctors mHealth Service Labs L b Providers Donors/ Healthcare NGOs Institutes Source DGHS 2010
  9. 9. Bangladesh Service Availability Services per thousand population 400 357 350 Total Population 156 Mn 300 250 Total No of Hospitals 2903 Total No of beds 81,578 200 150 100 Total No of Physicians 51,993 Total No of Nurses 25,018 50 Total No of Midwives 23,472 0.20 0.53 0.33 0.16 0.15 0 Source DGHS 2010
  10. 10. mHealth Focus Areas Education & Awareness Remote Data Collection Communication & Training Disease & Outbreak Tracking Diagnostic & Treatment Support Remote Monitoring
  11. 11. mHealth Focus Area 1Education & Awareness Ghana India East Africa South Africa Teach communities about nutrition, diseases & prevention - Freedom HIV/AIDS Project, India Primarily one-way communications to citizens via SMS to - Learning about Living, Nigeria g g, g provide critical information on public health issues and id i i l i f i bli h l h i d - HIV/AIDS Video Distribution by Mobile Phone, Georgia behavior change campaigns. Examples of programs using - HIV Confidant, South Africa SMS alerts are currently being used to promote maternal - Project Masiluleke, South Africa health and encourage HIV/AIDS testing. - Text to Change (TTC) – HIV Prevention through SMS Quiz, Uganda
  12. 12. mHealth Focus Area 2Remote Data Collection India Philippines Peru East Africa Brazil South Africa Assess community needs, plan treatment & services, determine impacts - Cell-PREVEN, Peru Remote Data Collection plays a critical role in bridging the information gap regarding patient data by enabling the collection of - Community Health Information Tracking System (CHITS), Philippines disease information and its analysis at the local, national, regional - EpiSurveyor, Kenya, Uganda, Zambia i d bi and global level. This allows public officials to gauge the - Integrated Healthcare Information Service through Mobile Telephony effectiveness of Healthcare programs, identify and rapidly respond (IHISM), Botswana to infectious disease outbreaks and adjust programs and policies - Mobile-Based Primary Healthcare Management System, India accordingly. - PDAs for Malaria Monitoring, Mozambique g, q
  13. 13. mHealth Focus Area 3Communication & Training UK Pakistan The Caribbean Guatemala G t l Uganda Learn & develop through Health programs for remotely based medical staff - Enhancing Nurses Access for Care Quality and Knowledge through Connecting health workers with sources of information via Technology (ENACQKT), the Caribbean mobile technology is a strong basis for empowerment, as it - HealthLine, Pakistan provides the support they need to perform their functions - Mobile HIV/AIDS Support, Uganda effectively and self-sufficiently. - Primary Healthcare Nursing Promotion Program, Guatemala - Uganda Health Information Network (UHIN), Uganda
  14. 14. mHealth Focus Area 4Disease & Outbreak Tracking India Vietnam Peru Tracking to quickly capture & report outbreaks and assist with control - Acute Encephalitis Syndrome Surveillance Information System (AESSIMS), India Deployment of mobile devices, with their ability to p y , y - Alerta DISAMAR Peru DISAMAR, quickly capture and transmit data on disease incidence, - FrontlineSMS, Worldwide can be decisive in the prevention and containment of - Handhelds for Health, India outbreaks. - Remote Interaction, Consultation, and Epidemiology (RICE), Vietnam -Tamil Nadu Health Watch, India
  15. 15. mHealth Focus Area 5Diagnostic & Treatment Support India Vietnam Philippines pp Mozambique Indonesia South Africa Argentina A ti Access to trained medical staff & allows for remote information exchange - Digital Inclusion Kit in Health and Higher Education, Argentina - M-DOK: Mobile Telehealth and Information Resource System for Community Health Workers, Philippines With mHealth-enabled diagnostics and treatment support, g pp , - Mobile Telemedicine System, Indonesia patients are able to receive treatment in their villages and - Teledoc - Jiva Healthcare Project, Nacer, Ericsson & Apollo, India homes, averting the need for expensive hospital visits, - Remote Interaction, Consultation, and Epidemiology (RICE), Vietnam which are beyond reach for many.. - HIV Mobile Decision Support, South Africa - Cell Phone Applications for Clinical Diagnostic Therapeutic and Public Health Use by Front Line Healthcare Workers, Mozambique
  16. 16. mHealth Focus Area 6Remote Monitoring UK China Trinidad & Tobago Peru Brazil South Africa Monitor health conditions through scheduling or medication adherence - Chinese Aged Diabetic Assistant (CADA), China Monitor health conditions, maintain caregiver - Colecta-PALM, Peru appointments, or ensure medication regimen adherence. i t t di ti i dh - MediNet Healthcare Management System, Trinidad and Tobago Some applications may also include inpatient and out- - Mobile Phones for Health Monitoring, India and the United Kingdom patient monitoring sensors for the monitoring of multiple - Phoned Pill Reminders for TB Treatment, Thailand conditions (such as diabetes, vital signs or cardiac). - Virtual Health Pet, Brazil
  17. 17. Current mHealth Initiatives in Bangladesh• Remote Monitoring: Clinics are able to follow up on patients not keeping referrals or appointments by matching paper receipts with an electronic receipt sent to the clinic via a mobile phone.• Remote Data Collection: Equipping Child Healthcare Workers with mobile phones to gather patient information which allows for prioritized visits and assessment of p p patients at risk.• Diagnostic & Treatment Support: Telemedicine with physicians available on the phone 24/7 with connections to 250 diagnostic centers, 800 hospitals and over 8000 doctors.
  18. 18. Potential Services through mHealth • Registration • Education Education, • Registration • Registration • Education &Patients s Health Workers s Doctors s titutions s ernment t • Appointment Training & • Patient • Patients Awareness • Admission Re-Training Appointment Appointment • Notification • Reports • Telemedicine • Notification • Doctors • Remote Data • Search for Sea c o W • Teleconferen for Schedule collectionP Gove ce medication di i Inst hospitals, • Notification • Remote doctors, • Share etc for Monitoring medicines knowledge • Patients medication, • Training etc • Remote Data Records campaign • Disease & • Telemedicine Collection • Share etc Epidemic • Notification • Remote knowledge • Teleconferen Outbreak for Pill, etc.. monitoring • Remote ce Tracking • Buy/Pay monitoring • Share • Search for service thru • Remote data knowledge hospitals, mobile collection • Remote doctors, • Education monitoring medicines and • Remote data etc Awareness collection on Basic • Search for Health hospitals, hospitals doctors, medicines etc
  19. 19. Come See Build Scale S lSustain
  20. 20. Think People, First! Thank you!