Keynote: John Chambers


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Keynote: John Chambers

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Keynote: John Chambers

  1. 1. Creating Next Generation MobileInternet Experiences Together Evolution of the Mobile Internet John Chambers Chairman and CEO Cisco
  2. 2. Our World is Changing… Evolution of Mobile Internet Innovation Video Key Enabler New Competitors Speed / Scale / Reach / OpenEconomic Growth / Jobs Standard of Living / Productivity Social Networking All Industries, Governments Mobile Broadband Country Growth / Stability Information Economy Networked Economy e o ed co o y
  3. 3. Markets In Transition…Mobility Effect y Changing the Internet, Business Models Healthcare Music Movies Retail Books A t Autos Service News TV Providers Traditional Traditional Business Business Model ModelMost StressedM t St d Less St L Stressed d Airlines Utilities Pharma Banking Public Sector Always on Environment… Now Reality
  4. 4. Networked Economy 2010 Collaboration / Web 2.0 2008 Network is the Platform 2006 Network of Networks 2000 All in one Data / Voice / Video 1997“Market Transitions Wait For No One”
  5. 5. Users Demanding More… Any to Any Consumers Businesswant more personalized users demand greater experiences productivity experiences More Visual More Collaboration… Video More Social Productivity / Profits More Personal New Social Business Models All About Mobility Mobility Key… Always On
  6. 6. …the World is on the MOVE 5B+ Mobile Devices 6.3 Exabyte / month+1.5B M2M Devices .24 EB / month - 2010 2015 Video 66% of All Mobile Traffic Source: Cisco VNI
  7. 7. Mobile Operator’s Opportunity on the MOVE Cloud Increase Revenues B2B2C Business Model Data Traffic ata a c Enable Content and Ad Partnerships Mobile Reduce Costs Manage “Over The Top Over Top” Network Optimal use of expensive assets Fixed ARPU per bit Improve Experiences 3 screen experience and sessions Video quality experience ClientBreaks Existing Models… Models Moore’s Law
  8. 8. Move the Mobile Internet Monetization, Monetization Optimization and Video Experience Immersive Mobile Video Experience I i M bil Vid E i Monetization MOVE Optimization Comprehensive, Integrated, IntelligentMobility and Video Characteristics Every Service… Not Separate
  9. 9. Example Cisco Videoscape Experience Immersive and Consistent Infinite Managed and Content Sources Unmanaged Devices Managed and Unmanaged NetworksBring TV + Internet + Communications + Mobility… TOGETHER Enabled by Service Providers
  10. 10. Power of Cloud + Network + Clients Quality of Experience Assurance: SP Network Advantage Network Network Cloud Client Cloud ClientClient Connects with Cloud, But Quality of Experience Depends on Network Network I t lli N t k Intelligence Ensures the Quality Experience E th Q lit E i
  11. 11. Videoscape Architecture Conductor CloudCRS-3 Videoscape Media Suite Videoscape Media Suite CRS-3 Conductor Cloud Si
  12. 12. The Mobile Internet… Changing the Way We Work, Live, Play and Learn Work Live New Mobility and Video Experiences… Quality, Content, Openness, IntegrationIntelligent Networks Enable Service Providers to DeliverNetwork + Cloud + Devices… Growing Revenue / Profits
  13. 13. Thank you. you