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Future Architecture, Technology and Application Enablers Roadmap- 03


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Future Architecture, Technology and Application Enablers Roadmap- 03 hermann eul

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Future Architecture, Technology and Application Enablers Roadmap- 03

  1. 1. User experience in the mobile internet Prof. Dr. Hermann E l P f D H Eul President Intel Mobile Communications 17-Feb-20112
  2. 2. Leading-Edge Cellular Platforms from 2G to 4G Key products and applications Single-chip platforms Slim modems <7cm² 7 ² 7cm² LTE multi band Entry HSPA 8cm² HSPA+ HSPA+ 5 band Entry 2G HSPA 5 band ULC 4 band3
  3. 3. Three pillars for converging markets and devices Services Software Platforms Silicon Energy Efficiency Connectivity Security4
  4. 4. Unique benefits of mobile Mobile is the first personal mass media Mobile is permanently carried Mobile i M bil is always on l … Source: Tomi Ahonen5
  5. 5. Mobile is a personal mass media – Personal identity needs security Memory Application Processor Baseband Processor Memory Mobile Fixed network broadband network6
  6. 6. Mobile is always carried – Design and form factor matters 10 cm² ² LTE 8 cm² 3G Digital 6 cm² Multimode RF 2G 4 cm² Single Chip g p Phone 40*) 77*) 13*) 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 *) iSupply Q3/2010; 4G mobile phone shipments7
  7. 7. Mobile is always on HSPA data 4 hours UMTS call 6 hours WiFi GSM call Femtocell 9 hours Avg. battery lifetime of mobile phones Fixed entering the market 2010 normalized to 1Ah Mobile battery. Source IMC reverse engineering. network broadband network8
  8. 8. Summary: Superior user experience includesSecurity for personal devices –hardened software and crypto enginesSmall form factors for attractive devices –integration and multi-mode digital RF multi-Battery lifetime for always-on devices – always-energy efficient BB and digital RF9