Services and Service Enablers for LTE-01 reinhard kreft


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Services and Service Enablers for LTE- reinhard kreft

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Services and Service Enablers for LTE-01 reinhard kreft

  1. 1. From Theory to Reality – F Th t R litThe Roadmap to LTE Services Reinhard KreftHead of Standardisation, Industry Alliances & Academia Vodafone Group Technology February 2011
  2. 2. Launch phase p Roadmap – Next Generation Mobile Networks Operation, Enhancement, Voice+Service Introduction Research, Development, Standardization, St d di ti Launch Requirement Definition 2006 2010 2011 and beyond 3
  3. 3. Preparing for voice for LTE p g Solutions under Driving Factors Discussion IMS based Voice – GSMA VoLTE Technology gy (Voice (V i over LTE) LTE as all-IP network – Requirement of Circuit Switched Circuit-switched Fallback migration (CSFB) VoIP clients over LTE – Over-the- Business top solutions (OTT) Voice as key mobile service – Circuit Switched over Packet major share of operator revenue Switched, VOLGA (Voice over LTE via GAN) Opportunity of Voice + Mobile Data integration in NWs, devices, Fast Track Voice services … 4
  4. 4. A successful, global solution is a major challenge ,g j g Key Criteria for Next Generation Voice Solution QoS / Quality of service = as good as current Performance carrier grade Circuit Switched voice Roam between networks, across Roaming g countries, countries no technology fragmentation Ease of implementation / Smooth migration paths, limiting costs Low complexity Timing / Technology availability in line with Availability market requirements 5
  5. 5. Shaping development to meet industry needs p g p y VoLTE definition Requirements definition for migratory solution Roaming specification Voice Development Target performance IMS T t f Testing rules based voice Standardisation of IMS Certification of devices and migratory solutions (CSFB) 6
  6. 6. Defined roadmap for voice over LTE Circuit All-IP Switched Voice o. Migratory CSFB Industry 1) Support 71) Examples. List not complete
  7. 7. Migratory so ut o CS g ato y solution CSFB Circuit All-IP Switched Voice o. Migratory CSFB Commitment of NGMN Alliance Partners: − CSFB in all LTE devices t at suppo t GS or UMTS CS a de ces that support GSM o U S − CSFB as a minimum in networks with LTE plus GSM or UMTS aiming to provide non-IMS voice and LTE data (publication date: 02/2010) Recommendations on options for CSFB t R d ti ti f towards GERAN and CSFB d d towards UTRAN (publication date 12/2010) 8
  8. 8. Target so ut o VoLTE a get solution o Circuit All-IP Switched Voice o. Migratory CSFB Define User-Network Interface, Network-Network Interface and Roaming architecture - completed. Interworking between VoLTE and existing voice services currently being defined. Commercial framework under definition. VoLTE demo on GSMA, Verizon Wireless and Alcatel Lucent stands, with , , LG handsets 9
  9. 9. Voice development involves many stakeholders –Joint effort is key along the roadmap Overview: Role of Today’s Panel Participants in Voice Development Devices E2E infrastructure Service Provider SP and 3rd party IP Network Applications VoIP client Core Network solution Service 10
  10. 10. And t e e is much more to co e ... d there s uc o e come Rich Communication Cloud Based LTE Enablers Services Services Mobility Broadband Enterprise Rural M-Health Services: Unified Broadband Communications, Collaboration Low Latency Efficiency Converged Connected Services devices, embedded modules, M2M QoS 11
  11. 11. Thank you !